Odd Mobs Addon

The Odd Mobs Addon changes some of the hostile mobs abilities to make them a bit more interesting. If you’ve played Minecraft for a long while then this is definitely a nice refreshment and also a way to slightly increase the difficulty of the game. One really cool feature is that creepers have finally come to their senses and will now drop TNT bombs instead of instantly dying.

Creator: Sirconol, Twitter Account

What is new?

The creeper has finally figured out that it doesn’t need to kill itself to harm other beings. From now on it will instead drop TNT bombs which explodes after 2-3 seconds. Sometimes they accidentally stand too close and kill themselves anyways, but it’s definitely a step forward in their evolution.

The blaze basically functions as a flamethrower. 18 shots, that’s how many fireballs they’ll be firing at you at a time and then they’ll have a short cooldown period before they start off again.

The skeletons no longer burn in sunlight. And wolves, as you might already know, are by default hostile towards skeletons. All that is the same but with the exception that skeletons are now hostile toward wolves as well.

All Mob Changes

  • Zombies have double health and deals a bit less attack damage.
  • Skeletons can’t burn in sunlight and are hostile towards wolves to avoid getting eaten by them.
  • The Wolf health is doubled and so is the attack damage.
  • Wither Skeletons have been debuffed by making their status effect poison.
  • Creepers drop TNTs when at a certain proximity of their target.
  • Blazes are basically flamethrowers and their health is decreased.
  • Ghasts are neutral. But if they get attacked they essentially become Neo from The Matrix. It’s hard to explain, but let’s just say they are dangerous. Their health has been decreased by three points.
  • Endermen have 10 health but they can teleport every second. You probably won’t be able to kill them.


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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12 Responses

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  1. Milo says:

    Can you make skeleton dog and sonic the hegehog plz that will really make my day

  2. SwellMonster354 says:


  3. Redpowerranger001 says:

    Cool addon! I made a video on it!
    YouTube Name – RockYourWorld12

  4. ChayXD says:

    One of the most extreme Addons creators in the world

  5. FayeKer says:

    You have a good concept addon maker but you should try to remodel the creeper to 64 by 64 and can apply any player skin(i recommend the troll players skin).And try to change a bit of creeper bahavior to running away from tnt(primed tnt) like it was running away from iron golem from its original behavior.Cool Did i have better idea?
    I have a plan to make a group on facebook with my addon maker idols if its happened , im sure all our addons will be best and better than premium addons on MCPE Master.

  6. Toprak says:

    Debuffed? You mean “Nerfed”?

  7. Blazer055 says:

    That was rude. Also, normally editors want you to comment about the addon/mod.

  8. Muhtasim Rahil says:

    First comment yeeee. What ever cool addon

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