Offset Fix

Minecraft Bedrock has a weird offset where the exp bar and the heart, armor, hunger etc.. icons is off by 1 pixel if use a classic UI. But for some reason, the offset of exp bar in pocket UI is align with the hotbars. This texture pack will fix the offset alignment when you use classic UI.

Default Minecraft Bedrock Offset 

Edited Minecraft Bedrock Offset

Note: If this is not showing after you applied it, close the game and run it again.


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Update mcpack link because somehow the link doesn't work when I copied it. 

Offset Fix V2

  • Remove unnecessary codes 
  • Added zip file
  • Download link is now mediafire


Supported Minecraft versions


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21 Responses

4.2 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. MADNESSman2411 says:

    This is dumb it moved to like not even a pixel

  2. EliteAnimators says:

    perfect or ppl with ocd just like me

  3. RusticHelmet83 says:

    it says cant download file…

  4. Redtron3000 says:

    what changed? i looked closely and there is no changed

  5. GuestBoi200 says:

    I cannot believe people are arguing over a small thing like this. lol

  6. Theblueman500 says:

    Perfection human be like:

  7. A35K says:

    I am sorry to say that but this pack is useless. it works and you made the effort but why?

  8. Arshle says:

    This just doesn’t work for me, but 4 stars bc u had a great idea!
    I’m running the latest version on windows 10, could you possibly fix it and get it to work??

    • allen023 says:

      Try removing your other texture pack or put it on the top of your global resource. If you’re playing with a map with resource pack with texture pack add it on your map resource pack 🙂

      Also try restarting your game.

  9. D507mc says:

    I love it, it’s so symmetrical

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