Old Style Ferry Add-on

Do you need some big ships for you map? This This addon adds two ships into Minecraft. You can craft a big ferry for faster sailing speed. Or there is a smaller one, but it is larger than vanilla boat!

This Add-on is a commission requested by Nooblivious. Please check out his Youtube Channel!

Here comes with two kinds of ships. Both of them can be crafted and controlled by player.

Look at the wheel of the ferry while riding on it to open the chest.

Also, This Add-on is multiplayer friendly. It works on Relams.

First of all, the normal ferry has 5 seats and 26 slots. It is faster than the small ferry.

You can craft it with woods, ships and wools. Please note that you should not craft it with different kinds of ships.

Second, small ferry only has 3 seats and 6 slots. Though it is smaller, it is faster than vanilla boats.

Craft with wool, boat and woods. (Unshaped)

At last, don’t forget about the captain! He will get on the ferry automatically, but you should drive it yourself.

Skins and the ferries are all made by me. Please feel free to use it in your own map and remember to give me credit.


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27 Responses

3.8 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Collective says:

    When you stand on the boats you fall through them and thats the main thing. Model great but physics isn’t that good.

    • KoalaGaming says:

      bedrock edition does not have many coding capabilities, java has the best mods/addons since its more open and easier to code. there are very few probably no bedrock edition mods/addons that u can stand on the added thing (unless its a added block which then u can stand on it)

  2. StormLondon says:

    Does not work, crashes my game before the world even loads in.

    • KoalaGaming says:

      what version are u on, it could be because the download glitched or u are on another version of Minecraft. pretty sure since its posted in November 2020 u need to have 1.16 or above and on bedrock/pocket edition of Minecraft

  3. Hipher says:

    Hey, could you make a spitfire?
    btw this addon is so cool

  4. Carlin2020 says:

    THIS IS AN AMAZING ADDON!!! unfortunately i can’t play on beta versions 🙁

  5. PPgFR_YT says:

    my boat is seaking and i canot us it

  6. Keylaplayzs13 says:

    Fix it please it makes the game crash

  7. The Rogue says:

    i dont know why but if i put it in a world and try to enter it crash my minecraft (1.16.40)

  8. Vacity says:

    Make more boats very well done bro this is insane can’t wait for the beta to be done

  9. DrPhilipTheMiner says:

    Is there any way to make this addon work for 1.16 (not beta)?
    If there is, then please fix it, i will give you full stars when this updates.

  10. DevastatorX5 says:

    Dude u could have at least put 1 16 BETA support XD

  11. PanicCastiel says:

    Oy mate it’s not working the world crash when I enable it! I’ve been waiting for such addon long time ago please do something about it I want to sail ?

  12. Lucas Afonso says:

    O addon é tão bom que crachá meu Mine heheheh

  13. Please continue the Warships Addons! I loved the Yamato Addon and I would love to see more! Want to love this too, but I rather choose the Warships…

  14. DevastatorX5 says:

    Now that is the best pirate add-on I have ever seen

  15. Torete9106 says:

    This addon crashes my minecraft 🙁

  16. Thuris4x says:

    O like the concept but not works for me experiment gameplay on or off i tried both. Version1.16.40 if you update this can be good my friend.

  17. Ubersonic Gaming says:

    nice job making the boats 🙂

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