Omega Dungeon [MiniCTM Hardcore]

The Omega Mob Dungeon, the mortal dungeon. This place represents hostility that Minecraft Bedrock edition can have.

You have to take the wools and come back. Sounds simple, but is not very easy.


    –    Skeletons can’t move

    –    Zombies does a lot of damage (be careful with baby zombies)

    –    Wither skeletons have resistence

    –    Recomended to play with brightness at 20%

    –    The sewer way is easyer but also longler 

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Last update's title was: Omega Dungeon - MiniCTM Hardcore

And now is: Omega Dungeon [MiniCTM Hardcore]

I put the world with the behiavour pack (I havent put it at the last version)

I had put effects to mobs, now is more difficult to complete the map. I also put the classic textures because I think that's more epic with them, but you are allowed to delete them from the world (but only that pack, you can't remove behaivour pack or hardcore hearts texture pack)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.101

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  1. SrInakiMC says:

    I’ve seen your map and haven’t seen any of my photos on it. Maybye I haven’t understood you I’m not from an english speaking country

  2. Funky467 says:

    Bro a app named addon is used your mapa and they put the photo of my map in your mapa can you check that plis

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