Omega SkyBlock!

This is a skyblock map that has a giant buy shop and money to spend! İt has some mods for you to use! Like tree capitator and more nuggets (Thx to creators of mods) This is the perfect map for you to get nearly all the items and blocka in skyblock!

There are  elytras totems lava water everything you can buy to make your own skybase!

It has money and pennys you can change 100 penny to a dollar and a dollar to 100 penny.

This map allows everone to play without cheating in a skyblock and gathering all the items they need like sky factory!

This is a skyblock map for people who wants to get nearly all the items in skyblock! Also you can get money by selling

This is the beta so you can only sell logs for 5 penny you can change 100 penny to a dollar and spend it on goodies like diamonds/iron/beacon even an elytra!

I will update this map in the future and make the sell shop and mob shop! Also make reviews i can look at them to add some new things to the map!

This map is multiplayer sported and can be played with friends there are some treasure at islands for you to find! Next update there will be more sellable items and mob shop! This map will make your skybase dream at skyblock in Bedrock Edition come true!

This map is like skyfactory because you start with nothşng and need to gather things with just logs! This is with market! You have to gether tons, tons and tons of logs to generate enough money to buy you first valıable stuff like diamonds!

For people who likes quests here is a list for you!

  • gather 64 logs
  • make enough money to get 5 dollars
  • make a cobblestone generator
  • make another island
  • create a mob farm
  • get 3 iron and make a pick
  • build a 12×12 platform to make a base
  • blew up a tnt
  • make an enchanting room
  • go to the nether
  • kill a drowned with a trident
  • die in lava 🙂
  • gather 128 dollars
  • play with 5 friends
  • summon and kill a wither
  • make a fully upgraded beacon
  • buy an elytra
  • give 5 stars and make review! 🙂

If You Make a video on this map plz post it to reviews by link i will add your name to credits in youtube section.

whats new? Added more islands, and spawn eggs!

Changelog View more

Added #OwlHouse and #Amphibia to şncrease the popularity of those underrated Disney animation shows,

Added some stuff,

changed text,

requested sport for Svtfoe my sisters favorite animation!

Added more islands:



water temple,

Added spawn eggs for passive mobs!

added text improved it and added chjannel to improve evrything.

Added some tweeks, text and saying hi to friends and people.

Fixed bugs,

Made a great spawn,

deleted signs to improve the island!

Fixed The Buy Section!

Fixed The Sell Section!

Added some stuff!

Big Bug Fix

Fixed the bug not to buy items in buy

extended sell but not working right now!

New bug fix really sooon!

Added more pictures to make more description and better quality.

Changed discription and added quest list for the map for people who wants! (You dont need to complete the quests they are for fun)

I changed the discription!

Once again for it to be not denied!

I added more description and details for the map.

changed description.

changed introduction.


To install just click the link! Also this map cant be copied and let me know if you do! And thx to the creators of mods that i used!

If You Make a video on this map plz post it to reviews by link i will add your name to credits in youtube section!

The map is claimed by me!

Made by RebornTrack970

Hi, i just wanter to say plz support Star vs the forces of evil season 5, its my sisters favorite animation tell them to make a season 5!




Hi its me ömerD


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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79 Responses

4 / 5 (32 votes)
  1. Guest-3297078752 says:

    will this get fishing randomizer? that would make the game much more fun

  2. Guest-6007599904 says:

    Hey about to do a video. Dmsflcl on YouTube. Check me out. Uploading now.

  3. My next mal will be 2020 Parkour dont miss it!

  4. Guest-4241308895 says:

    Good Evening Mr.Creator .
    I’d like to inform you that i actually made some additions and edits to your map
    1-i have finished the Egg shop
    2-finished sell Shop (And expanded it also)
    3-i tried making some additions to the money exchange but the game started lagging strong (i was using a strong PC so Hardware isn’t the case)
    4-was playing on the map it self so you may need to reset it
    5-Loved your map
    6-Sorry for not getting your perms to make changes ( i was offline and wanted to play)

  5. Guest-1743648274 says:

    Hello, i have an issue with the nether, i entered the nether and cant get out, everytime i jump back into the portal game crashes so im stuck in the there a fix?

  6. Guest-2777426564 says:

    Amazing Map, however some of my redstone doesn’t work so I can’t buy a lot of the things in my shop, I was wondering if you know why this is happening because I’m in love with this map and want to keep using

  7. Guest-6455171766 says:

    Hi I knoe I sound stupid but I don’t know how to use the shop please can you explain and I looked through the comments and saw something about a texture pack… is there meant to be one because it isn’t on the map for me.

    • Hi,

      First, there is money in chest,
      You can go to the shop using the bedrock platform.
      Then enter the blue place in the shop, there are signs and button. Click the button of the item you want to but. If you want to buy cheap stuff, go to the red place and click convert it will turn your dollars to coğns so you can buy cheap stuff. Click the button at middle of shops to go back to island.

  8. Floshox says:

    It’s looks amazing ? I think I will play your Map with some friends xD
    Note : I’m the BetterBedrock and WorldBorder Addon creator, do you recognise me ? ?

    • Hi thx for the review im gona make a big update to this map so it needs to wait for 1 month or so to be updated ! There will be new lobby! New things like arena and mobs will be fully unlocked!

      Also i love your world border addon can you add a 256x and 128x one?

  9. Guest-8493690465 says:

    can’t buy mobs but otherwise it has nothing bad

  10. Guest-2871815997 says:

    I have a lags on the shop.

  11. your dad says:

    Material package error,Excuse me, what is the reason

  12. Anonymous says:

    Unable to play on 1.12

  13. Kit says:

    For some reason texture doesn’t work properly on mine

  14. Squidy says:

    Hi! Gonna make a series on this soon on my youtube channel! Mind seeing it?

  15. Harold Ceron says:

    Your map have much potential, when the store is finish it will be the best skyblock map.

  16. Ish_ak AcE says:

    Can you tell me what are the features of the “New Utility” behavior pack

  17. Jellyblobbob says:

    To everyone on Xbox that wants to download it but cant because there is no media fire link, just hover over the file download, press the menu button (button with 3 lines) then press copy or whatever the button you have to press is.

    Hope this helps

  18. Nugget says:

    Man I can’t receive the elytra when I by it, can you please fix this ?

  19. Tristan Klett says:

    Make a Zip file, then I can play it :3

  20. Tristan says:

    Can you add another way to download, I tried everything to download it and it just won’t work.

  21. Ahmad999Gamer says:

    Hi, I am a YouTuber and I would like to make a video, but I’ll do it when the shop is fixed so can you please inform me when the shop is fixed.

  22. Marc Justin V. says:

    Ok not game Divers just minecraft

  23. Firing Skull says:

    next update please add more islands and there is one big problem. I am experienced with tree capacitor and i am pointing an issue that it works on experimental game play only so next time you upload put it on experimental game play

  24. SunnybunYoutube says:

    It says there’s a new version pls fix

  25. Oooiu says:

    Please mediafire link

  26. Anonymous says:

    I don’t like it the ship won’t work either

  27. Grace says:

    I like the map, though there was a huge issue for me with the shop. I couldn’t make any transactions, and when I went in creative to see what the issue was, it said in the command Input that I didn’t have any emeralds to trade. I was attempting to buy some coal which was 90 cents, and I had WELL over 90 cents. I can transfer money to pennies and pennies to dollars, but I’m unable to buy anything. Suggestions?

  28. CalvinGameing_YouTube says:

    This map is heaven

  29. Hi this is my first map in mcpedl

  30. anonymous says:

    Thank God you don’t have link <3 map is very nice

  31. Someone says:

    laggy, you should’ve used buckets instead of just the water/lava tile.

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