One Night At Frankie’s Freeroam (Horror!) [Minigame]

This map is a horror game which is inspired by the popular Five Nights At Freddie’s video game. There have been three maps before it but this one is different. In this version you will not be limited to just cameras. No, instead you’ll be walking around inside inside Frankbear’s Pizzeria avoiding a scary animatronic.

Creator: CreeperGamerZXZTwitter AccountYouTube Channel

How does it work?

It’s late at night and you’re working the night shift. But you have to watch out. W.I.P. Frankie comes to life during to the night and will haunt you. You are equipped with a camera, but it doesn’t really do anything. It’s just looks cool. The objective is to survive for as long as possible.

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40 Responses

4.88 / 5 (26 votes)
  1. Unicorns are my fav says:

    Seriously how would you like that that.How about Frankie went in your room to murder you.Hows that good for you.

  2. Blakeplays128 says:

    Hi CreeperGamerZXZ It would be an honour for me to help you create any more Five Nights games. I have built so many FNAF or horror games and it would be so cool for me to help you. If you ever need any help just ask me.

  3. BrotherGUNNS365 says:

    Hope you don’t mind me asking CreeperGamerZXZ, but when is ONAF 4 coming out?

  4. Theblocksmacker says:

    I dug below bedrock. And I saw rage elixirs… rage elixirs EVERYWHERE
    best horror map ever

  5. Sturdyturnip24 says:

    Epic map

  6. Horror lover 56 says:

    Great map!If you continue the series I will download it and any other maps you make!!! Good luck on any new maps!!!🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  7. Unknown says:

    Make a slender man map just like dis

  8. Anonymous says:

    Excellent how come nobody is talking about this in the mcpe community keep up the good work nice concept

  9. Meancurve_Gamer says:

    Your maps are so amazing they are very fun and scary amazing job I rate it 5/5 stars 😀

  10. Creeper1O9 says:

    Make and update for the freerome ad the bathroom bedroom. A smaller pizzeria. And all the peaple from one night at Frankie’s 1 2 and 3 please do this update creepergamerzxz my brother

  11. Creeper1O9 says:

    Make a update on this please I wish it had more Frankie’s like the raccoon guy all of the guys is the 1NaF 1 2 and 3. Please read this comment. And make an expansion has in these rooms. Bedroom. Bathroom. A smaller pizzeria. And that will be the update I would like in the 2nd update.

  12. FlamingFistYT says:

    Great map! I am still a little surprised on the textures!

  13. OrangeWither999 says:

    BEST ONAF MAP EVER!!! Pleaseeeeeeeee add a resorce and behavior pack you can download..also MIND= BLOWN when you put the livingtombstones “FNAF” song out pf noteblocks…iv build fed x gamings but wow…PLEASE ADD THE BEHAVIOR PACK AND TEXTURES! 20/10 you have earned this creeper….please keep it up😀😀😀

  14. Ninjaboymaste says:

    Can you make a onif 4

  15. THAT DUDE says:

    How do you make these so quickly within the the time of the last one plez teach me how to command block and make maps my gamertag is Sparky4Lyfe98

  16. Luis says:

    This Map Is Cool

  17. Anonymous says:

    Make It 4! Five NIGHT At Frankie Four! 4!!!

  18. holuvavo says:

    Nice, but scary as hell! 😉

    Could you please make a ONaF in the animatronic factory? Would be E.P.I.C. !


  19. Creeper be be says:

    Who creepers are awesome like this one!😺😸

  20. Ian Dickson says:

    Dude this is the best and scary there’s no way I can out run Frankie and 5 🌟 for this map

  21. Night Fury 1307 says:

    Awesome, dude!!!!!

  22. Xjarrod21 says:

    Wow not even a week since One Night At Frankies 3 came out…. *clap clap clap* you are a great map creator!!!! also is this the ONAF 4? (p.s i rate 6/5)

  23. Captainfour4 says:

    Although this map is grand, I feel as if it is basically Run or Die. While I was playing, I constantly had to run while Frankie was just an inch away from my back, smacking me at every chance Frankie got. Soon, my hunger ran out and I was eventually slaughtered. Due to this, please make his AI more optimized. Maybe, you renew it and make it so he is able to teleport in front of you, and if have a limited amount of time to run away from him. Sometimes, he’ll teleport in front of you and “give you a big hug”. This is just a suggestion. Other wise, it’s a great map! Thanks for making the fourth edition. 😀

  24. Mr bacon says:

    I have thought about the future for this and next up I would like to see instead of a haunted pizzeria a abondond arcade

  25. ReadableBat3445 says:

    Not that scary but they are improving I like them make it’s one a bit more scarier. But other than that I like it

  26. Aarib_Aaqib[YT] says:


  27. Jonny says:

    Can you please make another map I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!

  28. Jum gamer says:

    Can you play it multiplayer or make it multiplayer

  29. In the beginning Description it says ‘Inside Inside Franbear’s’ which must be ‘Inside Frankbear’s’ 🙂

  30. DEADHOOK says:

    I like it

  31. Yash says:

    There is no camera!?

  32. Snake101 YT says:

    You kind of made animatronics look ugly why did you change their art style?

  33. XxMasrGLaDOS1xX says:

    Just played it,
    And I think this one is easily favorite so far. I still have to play 3, though.
    Anyways, great job on another great map, CreeperGamerZXZ. Well done.

  34. Juuno says:

    Dang! The maps are improving a lot! Kudos to you, Creeper. You earned it 🙂

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