One Punch Man Addon

The One Punch Man addon is a one punch kill modification. No matter which type of item you have in your hand you will always make 600 attack damage which is more than enough to one shot any type of mob in Minecraft. For example, you can use this mod to instantly kill the Wither Boss or easily fight your way through a horde of zombies.

Creator: LungNonZa

Horses are normally quite difficult to slay but no more! I admit that it’s not fair to kill horses as they are very friendly. I would much rather want you to use this ability against hostile mobs, e.g. zombies and alike.


To really demonstrate how this looks in-game an image doesn’t really help much. That’s why I put together this short video down below which demonstrates how it looks in-game.

Important Install Info:

This addon requires 0.16.0 beta (or above). It works on Android, and will work on iOS and Windows 10 Edition as soon as 0.16.0 is available for those systems which should be soon.


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Installation Guides

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20 Responses

3.8 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Edgar John ilag says:

    Aw snap I can’t download or translate trash it!

  2. Josh says:

    Can you one hit other players?

  3. Anonymous says:

    How to disable it?

  4. James says:

    Editor I got some of your addons 😀 all u need to do is press copy to Minecraft pe on the top of your iPad with the giant up arrow in the box

  5. Vamp says:

    Hey Editor, can you give me a link to it a behavior pack thats a .mcpack since 0.16.0 was released ages ago its annoying to keep on seeing zip files on stuff called addons but domt have mcpacks only others do ios da worst

  6. Johan Marxh Bardos says:

    You can just set your strength to 255

  7. Sansy___Gaming93 says:

    How do I install it to Minecraft (PE) i pressed download and the green colored (0.16.0 ) text

  8. Adrian says:

    I can’t install it on mcpe 0.16.2 on ios 10. How do I fix the addon?

  9. ModerIOS says:

    Does this work for iOS if not PLEASE make it for IOS

  10. Anonymous says:

    Does it work with a bow?

  11. Twan013 says:

    Where should the folder go? I have put both the zip file itself and the extracted folder to behavior packs, resource packs, and the main com.mojang folder. I’ve gotten to the point that I can apply the add-on in the game (via resource packs) but when I start a new world, I still can’t one punch mobs. Does it with with all mobs or just hostiles?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Amazing uh!, its really like the anime of OPM

  13. Amszy says:

    why when i already puts addon/resource pack go in my world but it now working! why?

  14. Jonathan Clendenin says:

    What launcher do I use I tried block launcher and it didn’t work

  15. GamemodeSkull says:

    Pretty cool but all the mobs do not have 600 health

  16. RishiGamingPE says:

    Great mod,useful for survival

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