One Way Glass Addon

This addon add a new variant of glass blocks, the One Way Glass block. This is a decoration block that you can use in your world. This blocks covers the front side of the block but transparent in the back.

The image above shows the one way glass block believe it or not the blocks on the left and the right are the same.

For now these are the blocks that can be use for one way glass blocks.


These is an example recipe for the one way glass block.

Just change the oak plank to any compatible block to craft the one way glass.

You can see the full list of blocks/items here -> FULL LIST

Showcase Video

I would like to hear the blocks that you want to be added so I can prioritize those blocks in the next updates.

Hope you enjoy the addon 😀

Changelog View more
  • Added wool
  • Added terracotta
  • Added concrete
  • Added other blocks
  • Now compatible with texture packs


  • Experimental Mode is required for this addon.


Supported Minecraft versions


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51 Responses

4.9 / 5 (29 votes)
  1. Mastercore17 says:

    I have tryed with and without experimental gameplay and i cant get it to work 🙁

  2. Luisangel says:

    Maybe add,A block facing up

  3. BlueIcezen says:

    Can you make it put on the floor and the texture is not really vanilla feeling it’s a little bit different and can you make it’s own crafting table please do this suggestion

  4. KinjiBloodfall says:

    Update: January 14 2021

    Currently Works on version 1.16.200 (im using windows 10 edition)
    tried and tested with addons installed

    ->One Way Glass Addon by: Amon28
    ->Ghost block Addon by: Vechrozilator

  5. BlueIcezen says:

    Is there a way that this three mods combined together
    1.the camaufladge door sided glass
    3.ghost block
    To make the spying mod

  6. SpotTheWolf1 says:

    Would you be able to make this texture pack compatible? If so, my rating will change to 5 stars

  7. RAC1000 says:

    Cool addon, except it really needs to work with different textures, I’m pretty sure its a quick fix, but still. Like what if a friend I’m playing with is using a texture pack than I put a secret base into theirs, but because of their texture pack they see the glass block. Pls fix… Otherwise, great addon!

  8. Pengfire1029 says:

    Pls make linkvertise link linkvertise is easier to use and less spammy and does not give me fifty fake links when you click skip ad and does not make you allow notifications for the website

  9. BlueIcezen says:

    Concrete ,Wool’s , and Terrecota team go
    So he made it

  10. Rustcarton90290 says:

    YAASSSSS!!! Finally, The second one-way glass mod on this website AND THIS ONE ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!

  11. BlueIcezen says:

    I really like the mod but when I used it the texture is not prttey similar to vanilla minecraft can you fix it because now my friends know about the mod but the crafting recipe is still a secret

  12. Ministreem says:

    Pog addon dude I really like it ;/

  13. CoolGuy1234345 says:

    Thank you for this addon now i can spy on other players 🙂

  14. NickGamerMCPEDL says:


    Minecraft PE
    Minecraft BE

    Read more…

  15. BlueIcezen says:

    This is perfect it’s matches with the camaufladge door mod but can you make wool’s and concrete’s varietion

  16. XkingcubeX says:

    Can you add that you can put them on the floor

  17. Fnaf dude using tynker says:

    How about a door that is disguised or a bookshelf you can pull a book and the door will open in this case you tap or use the left bumper or left click to open the door next to it how about stair door?

  18. ItzKash Gaming says:

    Wait can I rename the mod so when my friend is gonna download gonna think its named something else?
    Edit: god damn it its 1.16.201 not 1.16.40 the bestio

  19. Rohaan241 says:

    Dude this add-on is insane…but make an adjustment or two and it’d be perfect…1st the blocks can’t be used as roofs or floors as they don’t camouflage upside and downways…2nd pls one way doors,trapdoors,buttons e.t.c…thanks for making this addon dude love it

  20. iiPlasma7 says:

    Do S p o n g e

  21. RatMaster999 says:

    It is a awesome addon and would be perfect for spying on your friends and making secret bases especially the grass block one. Please stop using adfly though. It downloaded a virus the last time I used it so I’m not downloading this addon. I would like a direct link please.

  22. Ftere says:

    I had the same idea some time ago… I am now working on ghost blocks

  23. a random pigeon says:


  24. Kawaii Ken says:

    How about concretes and terracottas?

  25. AgentH14 says:

    Nice addon. Just saw a video on this from Skeppy literally yesterday! But he was on java. Cool Addon either way.

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