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Published on May 12, 2015 (Updated on May 12, 2015)

One Way Glass Mod

The One Way Glass Mod lets you create walls of glass which can only be seen through in one direction. A fine example of where such glass is used in real life are in interrogation rooms where detectives can stand outside the room and view the suspect without the suspect knowing.

It's a handy and unique block which makes it possible to build more advanced structures such as an interrogation room or something else.

Creator: wilco375

Block ID & Crafting Recipe

  • One Way Glass (252, 253, 254, 255) - 7 iron ingots + 2 glass blocks

In the example below we've placed some sponge and lapis lazuli blocks behind the one way glass.

If the sponge and the lapis lazuli block were alive beings they wouldn't be able to watch us, but we would have been able to watch them.

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Can you make this for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition.
bruh relax
Can you make it a .mcpack so i can actually use it. Please.
So this looks cool and all but after getting through all those adflys just to go to a page where theres 3 DOWNLOAD BUTTONS? Make up your mind do you want me to get a virus or download your mod.
I can't download it when i click the download button it takes me to adfly and when I skip the ad it doesn't take me to any download page or anything pls help
i was just wondering if you can add that the glass can be other blocks like dirt or sand
I've never been able to use mods on my IOS tablet, but I still like to try to see if one will be different... This one is different, because I think it started a virus on my tablet. LOL. But, seriously, a page popped up telling me that trying to download this gave me a virus and to exit the screen at my own risk. It said that this could cause problems with my SIM card, which would be serious, although I haven't noticed anything so far.... Just watch out.
Bruh, you need BlockLauncher for it since a script, and, when it said you had a virus, it was just an ad, trying to get you to install an ACTUAL virus.
Make this addon for ios to so people can use it because some people don't have an android
tablet so make it happen or I'll go to your home and kill you violently in front of your family
You'd want to because you don't know that iOS purposefully made mods unavailable on iOS because they don't like it being tampered with. If you want a mod, jailbreak your iOS device (don't ask me how because I have no idea how to jailbreak)
get a therapist
How many times do people like you need to be told that more don't work on iOS because the code was purposefully messed up. Also chill out.
Hello! This looks like an amazing addon but could you please make a .mcpack download? I play on windows 10 edition with my friends so I would love to get this addon. Thanks!