OP Items V1 (Official Release)

Hey there are you tired of boring Minecraft swords? Well, not today this addon adds 5 items in the game 2 weapons 2 foods 1 seeds. PVP battle with it and have fun with it 

It’s colourful and sick only for 1.16 bedrock and PE turn on ex mode on to experience the items l good textures on it

  • light – katana
  • Doritos – chips
  • Infinity – Gauntlet 
  • sword – seeds
  • invisible sword

oh ya i have permission thx to MINECRAFT PRO the one who made hack client

and included to my addon for watermark 


light katana makes you bigger and gives you jump boost and slow falling II

gives you big shadows very powerful you will be stuck if your using this underground or a cave or inside

its a bug 

Infinity Gauntlet gives you speed and hastes u have to eat it to get speed and hastes

ill fix one infinity gauntlet soon u will able to attack it and ill add stones SOON this thing will boost you up powerful and strong can play with it or roleplay with it making movies making it 3d soon 

Doritos – Chips its just a food doesn’t give u anything just for snack

for fun took take when your crafting or mining surviving flavour chilli heatwave 

The seed sword its a just a seed for display funny XD  ill fix it soon probably in a week

i think you can plant with it when your in first person it will look like your holding it but wont have damage and abilities you can use it for roleplay els well same as INFINITY GUANTLET 

oh ya zombies can equip sword els well but they wont attack with it

🙁 ill do it on v2 maybe zombies cant get abilities and powers just they will hold swords and punch players with it 

CREDITS-Thebeastgamer – textures

Minecraft pro -watermark

Charles venom – script

that’s all ill see you in the next vid subscribe me on YouTube to 1000 sub we need ill make a special reavel video also in v2 ill make 3d swords maybe cause it will mess up a bit ill need help to do oh join our discord for more addons and stream we have all addons there and betas for beta testers

THE ADDON WONT WORK ON MCPE BETAS ONLY WORKS 1.16 Please do not reupload this and credit me properly in your videos


video of me playing OP ITEMS

Minecraft pro hack client

you can add this addon to your map but credit me if your going to publish it you can either DM me or send message in the comment or in YouTube so I will respond do not post it without permission if there is a problem with addons tell me or u probably have the betas I think but enjoy the addon use it for roleplaying and movies or PVP battles with friends multiplayer is included els well  join here we are working hard on addons and maps ill update this soon to 1.5 for bug fixes and functions ill see you in my next project or video peace 🙂   

raw footage of 0.5 beta or this is instruction how to play


please don’t spam its not working its probably a bug ill fix it in we need a vote on it go to discord to vote 

ill see you soon in my next addon or maps

oh ya i do have permission oh the watermark by minecraft pro

go to to see hack client cause it wont let me post the proof pic and see the comments or message sayin can i use your addon as a watermark for my addon

Changelog View more

- got proof of permission check the link and see the comments or messages

- link fixed

- got permission from the content creator

- link fixed 

- created more submission

- link has been fixed changed to MCADDON to make it easier 

- more submission 

- file updated 

- link fixed

- multiplayer on


- click on both link

- it will take you to

- then click on download both of them

- then when its finished click on the download

- then it will say importing file


Supported Minecraft versions


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    Hello my friend bossximport when is v2 of the addon?

  2. don’t forget to sub this guy who teached me in yt i now get it i know the codes thx to DanRobzProbz

  3. join our discord u get direct link

  4. the watermark will be updated on v1.5

  5. Thebeastgamer1522 says:

    Noice v2 coming soon addon

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