Published on March 07, 2015

Opal Craft Mod

I Cannot Download The Mod
Hey looks awesome but unfortunetly there is too much traffic on the link, would be great if you could set it up elsewhere! Keep making awesome mods :)
It doesn’t let me download can you fix it, it looks like a really cool mod but I can’t get it :’(
Wish I could download this mod. It looks amazing, but the link says you hit you traffic limit.
I can't download it
Editor,you should have more parkour map or dropper map or maybe puzzle map for iOS
Here are two parkour maps I added .mcworld download for:
The link has traffic, could you move it to mediafire please? I am using mods to experiment on a modpack.
How come I can't download?
What happens when you try to download?
Will you update it?
Nice mod, but it doesn't let me put on the armor.
Hold the armor item in your hand and tap the ground to equip the armor.
Oh, thanks!