Open Chests In Creative Mod

Chests are by default not able to be opened while you are in creative mode. This mod changes this because it allows you just as if you were in survival mode to open chests and see. It gives you a better overview of what’s inside chests rather than breaking them to see what’s inside.

Creator: LTCat

ScreenShots013 ScreenShots014 ScreenShots015 download

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17 Responses

  1. Anonymous Person says:

    You can open chests now, in 2017 😐 no point for this mod now

  2. Crystal (AKA. TotesGirlyGamer) says:

    I totally disagree. This is an amazing site, and it’s the only site I can get add ons, mods, maps, and more. If you think that, just don’t visit.

  3. bandit 23 says:

    This websites stupid who made this !!! ?

  4. Sophie Smart says:

    This is awesome I’ve already got the mod and its cool literally cool there shouldn’t be any people that don’t like this mod !!! ?

  5. Maddie says:

    …so that’s it? After I download I can simply go to Minecraft and it will work??

  6. Lance the Lumberjack says:

    Installed the mod and everything was fine until I tried to open a chest in creative mode. Not sure what the issue is. Android running MCPE 0.13

  7. Aaron says:

    How do you install to ios. pls reply. i NEED THE MOD!!

  8. Stormdawn says:

    It is not allowing me to download the mod it goes to

  9. KingGamer says:

    It is cool but mediafire is not able to use and pls add craftingtable,stonecutter,furnace pls

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