Open GL 2.0 Shaders PE [16×16]

Open GL 2.0 Shaders PE is a great shaders pack optimized for the default textures of Minecraft PE. Compared to previously released versions it got a 40% faster render loading time. It also lags less because fog and other disruptive and not necessary features have been removed. Experience the world of Minecraft much more realistically with wavy leaves and grass moving in a more natural motion and an overall improved look of the game’s graphics.

Creator: Wackyhut

Too bright colors?

If you think that the colors are too bright you can turn down the brightness in your game options to find a level suitable for you.

Download (0.12.x) (Normal)
Download (0.12.x) (Dark)
Download (0.11.x) (Normal)
Download (0.11.x) (Dark)

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52 Responses

3.4 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Guest-4665756025 says:

    This pack only works on an older version of MCPE. Also back then you use blocklauncher to install this since there is no such thing as an .mcpack back then

  2. Arkethel says:

    File thing is wierd and seems to be missing some parts…

  3. randompotato says:

    Tried downloading, but the manifest is missing.

  4. MagnusTheReker7 says:

    Wher is the mcpack file I cannot download this on my device!?!?

  5. Kacinko says:

    It works on xbox one? someone tried it?

  6. OverPowersTitan says:

    I want my world to look good

  7. OverPowersTitan says:

    It look really cool

  8. aeron says:

    HI my name is AeronI download this zip or resource pack how can’t put this resource pack in my phone i try to extract but nothings happened?

  9. Fcz says:

    It does not working for my MC. I can’t see the manifiedt.json anywhere. What happened?

  10. WhereIsTheManifest says:

    What happened to the manifest.json? ?

  11. Enderess says:

    Can I use this shader on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition? If not, do you know any good Minecraft Windows 10 Edition shaders that I can use?

    Good job on the shaders, by the way.

  12. EmeraldRosewolf says:

    Please please make it compatible for versions 1.0+ there are no good shaders any more

  13. Akira Fenix says:

    it… didn’t work?

  14. IgNaS says:

    How to activate the shader??

  15. IgNaS says:

    Ummm… I have a question. How to activate the shader…. I only know that you can activate it from resource packs

  16. Kievan says:

    Don’t work on ios, it just says open in but it doesn’t say open in minecraft pe

  17. It's christmas says:

    Can u pls update this to 1.0?

  18. Sinful says:

    Update for 0.15.4 please

  19. FlyingSpies says:

    Hi. I really want to get this, but I’m very worried that Mediafire and the download link carry viruses/ Trojans. Is it safe?

  20. Level One says:

    I downloaded this shader pack and tried to import it into mcpe 0.14.2 Toolbox launcher, and it says that the texturepack is invalid. What’s the problem?

  21. Epyon says:

    Does it work with v 0.14.2

  22. Zac says:

    Can u get this with iOS

  23. Mike Struble says:

    Make this for 13.0 this is my favorite shaders pack >∆<

  24. BickDig says:

    WHAT is dark and what is normal?

    • Editor says:

      Normal looks to some very bright. But you can of course just turn down brightness in-game. If you want darkened textures without having to configure the brightness yourself then pick “Dark”.

  25. Ian says:

    This is a really cool shader pack, although my mobs, entities and drops is just black and don’t have a textue, can you help me?

  26. Denaci says:

    I want this texture pack but it says safari can’t download

  27. Wackyhut says:

    Well……. that awkward moment when I saw this for the first time. But what can I say, whoever made this did a great job. Well worded.

  28. Hi there! :D says:

    Hello! I really want to get this mod for mcpe but it says that safari can’t download it, what can I do to fix that, I want to be the first among my friends to have a mod for PE! Also I use an iPads ios, just in case of thats the reason

  29. Buddy stuudy says:

    Are using forge shaders in PC make for pe too

  30. I'm buddy says:

    Hei it’s me again with different name you mean tspe coterie beyond belief faithful r.a.s.p.e Ry’s choose the the name I will download it buddy thanks for info

  31. I'm you buddy says:

    Hey my good buddy can you make some PC shaders mod like shine and waving water and HD graphics wind blow grass no more pixel hopefully you can do that thing good job my buddy 🙂

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