Ophix: Earth | Blocks, Items and More [Update 1]


If you’re already a bit bored of the Minecraft Vanilla experience, you’re in the right place. Ophix is an addon that adds new blocks, minerals and recipes (monster eggs, and others).

Si ya estas un poco aburrido de la experiencia de Minecraft Vanilla, estas en el lugar correcto. Ophix es un addon que agrega nuevos bloques, minerales y recetas (huevos de monstruos, y otros). 

Important/Importante: Delete previous Ohpix versions. Borra versiones anteriores de Ohpix.

[ENG] Ophix adds many new blocks, some of these, are generated underground and rewarded with new minerals. New Biome: Inferno (WIP).

From left to right

[ESP] Ophix agrega muchos nuevos bloques, algunos de estos, se generan bajo tierra y recompensan con nuevos minerales. Nuevo Bioma: Inferno (WIP).

De izquierda a derecha

  • Petroleum/Petróleo (Animated/Animado)
  • Inferno Grass/Pasto Inferno
  • Inferno Dirt/Tierra Inferno
  • Inferno Stone/Piedra Inferno

Blocks and Ores/Bloques y Minerales

From left to right/De izquierda a derecha

  • Argon Block/Bloque de Argón (Emits light/Emite Luz)
  • Titanium Quartz Ore/Mineral de Cuarzo de Titanio
  • Copper Ore/Mineral de Cobre

New Items/Nuevos Items

Now the monsters drop Minecoins (Gold, Silver and Bronze), and it is the new exchange currency.

Ahora los monstruos dejan caer Minecoins (Oro, Plata y Bronce), y ahora es la nueva moneda de intercambio.


  • Enderman Soul Shard/Fragmento de Alma de Enderman
  • Argon
  • Minecoins (Gold, Silver and Bronze/Oro, Plata y Bronce)


  • Zombie Soul Shard/Fragmento de Alma de Zombi
  • Minecoins (Gold, Silver and Bronze/Oro, Plata y Bronce)


  • Skeleton Soul Shard/Fragmento de Alma de Esqueleto
  • Minecoins (Gold, Silver and Bronze/Oro, Plata y Bronce)



  • 9 Bronze Minecoin = 1 Bronze Minecoin [B]
  • 9 Minecoin de Bronce = 1 Minecoin de Bronce [G]


  • 1 Bronze Minecoin [B] = 1 Silver Minecoin
  • 1 Minecoin de Bronce [G] = 1 Minecoin de Plata

  • 9 Silver Minecoin = 1 Silver Minecoin [B]
  • 9 Minecoin de Plata = 1 Minecoin de Plata [G]


  • 1 Silver Minecoin [B] = 1 Gold Minecoin
  • 1 Minecoin de Plata [G] = 1 Minecoin de Oro

[ENG] Recipes for monster eggs are added, also the recipe for the monster generator. Now the monsters drop Minecoins (Gold, Silver and Bronze), now it is the new exchange currency.

[ESP] Se agregan recetas para los huevos de monstruos, también la receta para el generador de monstruos. Ahora los monstruos dejan caer Minecoins (Oro, Plata y Bronce), ahora es la nueva moneda de intercambio.


Enderman Soul

  • 5 Enderman Soul Shard + 4 Argon
  • 5 Fragmento de Alma de Enderman + 4 Argón


  • 5 Zombie Soul Shard + 4 Argon
  • 5 Fragmento de Alma de Zombi + 4 Argón


  • 5 Skeleton Soul Shard + 4 Argon
  • 5 Fragmento de Alma de Esqueleto + 4 Argón





OHPIX: EARTH is still in progress, more items, textures, recipes, features and biomes will be updated later. If you experience bugs, please report them on comments.
OHPIX: EARTH aún está en progreso, más elementos, texturas, recetas, características y biomas se actualizarán más adelante. Si experimenta errores, por favor repórtalos en los comentarios.

Changelog View more

Ophix en su segunda versión, se balancea la obtención de minecoins y se agregan nuevos objetos, recetas y espadas.

Blocks and Ores/Bloques y Minerales

  • Salt Block/Bloque de Sal


  • Esqueleto Inferno


  • Whiter Sword/Espada de Whiter
  • Iron Knife/Cuchillo de Hierro (No function/función)
  • Copper Sword/Espada de Cobre
  • Titanium Quartz Sword/Espada de Cuarzo de Titanio

New Items/Nuevos Objetos

  • Salt/Sal
  • Strainer/Colador
  • Crucible/Crisol
  • Mortar/Mortero
  • Chocolate
  • Inferno Bone/Hueso Inferno
  • Inferno Bone Meal/Polvo de Hueso Inferno
  • Empty Stick Mold/Molde de Vara Vacío
  • Full Stick Mold/Molde de Vara Lleno
  • Clay Stick Mold/Molde de Vara de Arcilla
  • Polyethylene/Polietileno
  • Plastic/Plástico
  • Spider Soul Shard/Fragmento de Alma de Araña
  • Spider Soul/Alma de Araña

The download link of mcaddon was changed, there was an error with the name of the addon and it did not allow to install the packages correctly. Links were also added to download a zip file.

Se cambió el enlace de descarga de mcaddon, habia un error con el nombre del addon y no permitia instalar correctamente los paquetes. Tambien se agregaron enlaces para descargar un archivo zip.

Changed download links. (Zip file containing behavior and resource packs inside)


                1. Dowload Ohpix
                2. If you have downloaded the zip file, go to step 4, otherwise, follow with step 3
                3. Double clic on Ohpix.mcaddon, follow with step 6
                4. Right clic on Ohpix zip file and extract
                5. Double clic Ohpix [B-x.x].mcpack and Ohpix [R-x.x].mcpack
                6. Make sure you have imported both packs
                7. Create a new world and activate experimental gameplay
                8. Activate Ohpix[B-x.x] and Ohpix[R-x.x]
                9. Enjoy!


                Supported Minecraft versions


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                23 Responses

                4.71 / 5 (7 votes)
                1. Guest-9106294707 says:

                  doesnt matter what you mine the ore blocks with.. even your hand mines them..

                2. Guest-9677542007 says:

                  Plz learn better English

                3. Guest-1180086677 says:

                  Hola, quiero saber para que las monedas? Sirven para intercambiar con los aldeanos o solo para el rollo?.
                  Esta muy bueno

                  • XiphoSV says:

                    Hola, gracias por descargar Ohpix. Efectivamente, las monedas (minecoins) son utilizadas para intercambiar y se eliminó el uso de las esmeraldas con los aldeanos. En una futura actualización las esmeraldas tendrán nuevas utilidades.

                4. Guest-8596467911 says:

                  this is a good mod, but what do you do with the ores?

                5. dreamguxiang says:

                  This is a great and interesting addon. Can I reprint it to other platforms and share it with more people.

                6. Guest-5219211641 says:

                  do you can add a bosses can be make like the wither boss but we use the spirits and dunguns to get the powrful spirits to make the boss ?

                7. Guest-2312978528 says:

                  I do not have any error in the complement good work I want you to add and improve the Inferno biome I would like new types of enemies

                8. XiphoSV says:

                  Links updated, waiting to be approved.

                  • Lili5510 says:

                    This is a very unique addon! I’m intrigued to see what you can do with biomes and such! Totally recommend for anybody looking to spice up their world a little bit!

                9. Guest-5678958163 says:

                  whenever i download it and try to put it in minecraft it says import failed “Unknown Pack Name”

                10. limao1403 says:

                  Não estou conseguindo colocar nomeu jogo, esta dando erro. Arrume isso por favor.

                11. Guest-6074138360 says:

                  Csn you put more blocks in it and Mabye some other things like pc

                  • XiphoSV says:

                    Hi, thank you for download Ohpix. This is my very fisrt addon and of course, i’m creating new stuff like blocks, items, recipes and biomes. More updates are coming 🙂

                12. Guest-1286018850 says:


                13. Guest-5776682239 says:

                  Very good

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