One Player Sleep System for Muliplayer (Add-On) [v1.11+]

OPSSFM Add-On allows you to help your friends which is away from you (in-game) against the dangers of the night! Apply the add-on to your world, and take on simple instructions to try! Designed for Minecraft: Bedrock’s mobile platforms (Android* & iOS), which does not use Scripting API!

created by: r4isen1920

pack version: v1.1

Usage & Instructions

I. Acquiring Bed

  • 1a. Gather 3 pieces of wood and wool of the same color
  • 1b. Make a Crafting Table
  • 1c. On the Crafting Table, craft a bed.

II. Using the One-Player Sleep System

  • 2a. Find an unoccupied bed to sleep on (in-game).
  • 2b. Step on the bed’s pillow, before clicking the bed to sleep. 

  • Note: don’t do something like this, otherwise it won’t work; 

  • 2c. Patiently wait for the time cycle, you will hop out of your bed once it detects its already daytime!

Script Version

  • There is another similar version of this add-on which uses Scripting API. Currently, Scripting API works on Windows 10 as of now. So alternatively, I created this add-on to allow mobile platforms to experience this feature.
  • You can download that version from here, created by BlkCatGmg.


Effective for the current (release) version.

  • *ANDROID: There’s currently a bug where the add-ons, which mainly involves animation_controllers (like this one), on Android. In some cases, add-on may not work on Android. With this, there is currently nothing I can do.
  • iOS: Add-on should work fine. Compatible
  • Windows 10: Add-on should work fine.  Compatible


  • Please take note the Compatibility may differ between devices. It shouldn't affect your gameplay, but your usage and experience with the Add-on, that is.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12 1.13

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Installation Guides

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10 Responses

4.2 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. DHG Bright Wind says:

    I can use the add on just fine in a local game but it won’t work on my realm. Any thoughts?

  2. Minecraft player 1047582010484656271891109 says:

    Awesome I use this on a multiplayer survival and it works like a dream
    But if was faster would be better

  3. Yungz efrain says:

    Behavior or resource?

  4. thatweirdredditor says:

    does this also work on Xbox?

  5. neoncord says:

    Leads to adfly which is ok but also leads to virus page.

  6. BlkCatGmg says:

    Hello great job on this. Can you contact me at my email? I’d like to help you with making this more efficient.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good job man. I’m going to advertise this on my post. Also, thank you for leaving credit.

  8. GogettaGaymer999 says:

    Da risa como pone (En el juego) jajaja encuentre una cama (En el juego) Ni modo que en la realidad xD
    Esta chido el Add-on para mi Realm GogettaLand

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