OptimaCraft Texture Pack

This texture pack changes various things in the game. The bow and crossbow get a change that helps for combat/PVP. Various items and some blocks get a different texture. Leaves of trees now have a different color that can be biome dependent. This texture pack is finished, but may get updated eventually.

The dyes have been changed to have this consistent look. The sprites shown here are actually just the dye sprites from Terraria (With some slight editing). This makes the dyes look more uniform while also looking colorful.

The colors of leaves have been changed to look more colorful. Here you can see the birch leaves transitioning in color from blue to magenta. The color of the leaves will depend on the biome.

The color of spruce leaves has been changed slightly. It is not very noticeable,  but the leaves now transition from green to a blue-tinged green.

The bow will change color on the string depending on how far it is pulled back. This can be very useful in combat for knowing when you have the bow fully charged or not. Red means it just started getting pulled, and green means it is fully pulled back. This works for the crossbow also.

This texture pack also changes the textures of other items. The shield now looks more like it is made of iron. The diamond sword becomes a rainbow sword, to show how it is the endgame sword of Minecraft. Enchantments also get changed slightly, but not much.


  • Download OptimaCraft2.mcpack from the Google Drive link.
  • Open it in Minecraft.
  • Apply the resource pack to a world, or apply it in Global Resources.
  • Enjoy!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.9



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15 Responses

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  1. ash_master says:

    can you make this texture pack for 1.16 pls

  2. DCGYToff says:

    I try to download it , then it sends me to Google Drive , then to WPS office , it tells me the archive doesn’t exist and then it sends me to Google Drive again and I get in a cycle. Please can u help me?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m confusion it says file not supported when I use google drive may you plz help me

  4. Luna Oswald says:

    I love this pack and I think I can suggest an idea that can make it better, could you add connected glass like so glass looks much more smooth?

  5. EthanTGE says:

    Hey dude! Really cool texture pack! Just gonna add a suggestion, can you make a 16×16 version of this pack? It would be really great to add this option. But all in all its a wonderful pack!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Really cool

  7. david07 says:

    of the thingsa i can see in the phoros you did….
    you changed the minecraft dyes to terraria ones????…..?

  8. ReyRex233 says:

    Por favor sube el Link a mediafire

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