Optimizer+ PE (Boost FPS)

Optimizer+ was a pack that minimizes lag in minecraft by reducing some of the things ( particles, animation, etc.) that can cause minecraft from drop FPS.

This pack also give some features that might increase your in-game FPS.              


  • Old Minecraft Water ( Boost FPS )
  • Fast Cloud ( 2D Cloud )
  • Remove Stars ( Night Time )
  • Disabled Animations ( water, fire, redstone, flames, void particles, rain splashes, portion particles, terrain, textures, explosions, smoke, and etc.)
  • Fast trees ( Opaque leaf blocks that transmit no light.)
  • Disabled Particles
  • Fast Short / Tall grass ( Default old textures )
  • Hide Button , Dpad ( MCPE Only )
  • More features soon!!
Here some screenshot!
Old Minecraft Water ( Before Aquatic update. )

Opaque Leaf ( Fast rendered )
Old Water ( Underwater )
Night Sky Without Stars ( BOOST FPS )
Click settings icon -> YOU ABLE TO HIDE DPAD, CHAT, MENU BUTTON AND ETC. make it looks like (Win10)
No Particles.


You not allowed to..
▪︎Reupload this pack to this site / upload to other sites
▪︎Redistribute the code and use for your own packs


Changelog View more

▪︎Fixed bugs                   


Fixed brief          



▪︎Fixed bugs      



Open description in the video

Download Optimizer+.mcpack file

Apply it to Minecraft


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta)


16x 32x 64x

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Installation Guides

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28 Responses

4.41 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. Guest-4046315016 says:

    I think you shouldn’t delete dragon’s breath and shulker’s shooting particles, those particles are important, everything else, great.

  2. Guest-5494719082 says:

    Awesome, MineAge. Good solution to No Lag!

  3. Guest-6864523922 says:

    I like the blue water

  4. SpaceBoy0906 says:

    Thanks for the texture pack that boosts my FPS! It really helped me in PvP

  5. Guest-7496515993 says:

    old water is not not good can barely see underwater and being outside cant look whats in it. but everything else is just great

  6. Guest-5152768001 says:

    What do you mean so this is not fps boosting on w10?

  7. Guest-9513721993 says:

    2D clouds don’t work in 1.15 beta

  8. Guest-8193237809 says:

    If you add more features i’ll download it

  9. Eldeston says:

    Great pack! it’s almost like Java!

  10. Guest-9334221055 says:

    Remember when these options existed in the settings?
    I would prefer to just get rid of status particles. They are annoying and completely useless. It would make sense for idk:… Potion of Obstructed View

  11. JustinHacker209 says:

    Can You Add This In Next Update
    1. Add A Option That Will Remove The Clouds
    2. Add A Option That Will Remove Splash Text In Floating Window
    3. Add A Option That Will Remove 1 & 2
    3. Fix Some Lag When You Opening Inventory And Chat
    4. Fix Some Lag In Floating Window
    5. Fix Texture Bug In Magma Block And Honey Block

    Thank You, I Hope You Will See This

  12. JustinHacker209 says:


  13. MrNear says:

    sou seu maior fa

  14. Guest-9942653499 says:

    Excelent i love it

  15. DTechGamer says:

    Wow is this your first texture pack you upload in MCPEDL?? Wow! I your biggest fan!

  16. Hayden lavarias12 says:

    What is this mean

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