I have made a simple Overlay pack that’s easier on the eyes and overall changed the UI to an orange theme, I also changed the tools textures as well as the enchantment color, enjoy.

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Iv'e changed the Shovel and Hoe textures, and cleaned up the files a bit.
i have changed the main pic that features the pack in this website

I have removed the road textures and changed the enchant effect a bit

I have removed the swords from the pack so now you can overlay the swords to whatever you guys want

I have changed the Border for the hover over inventory 

I don't really know what happened but the new update 1.13 changed some of the shades, so the word "pack" was blended in with the background menu and I also changed the look of it a bit while I was at it.

The breaking animation is finally transparent thanks to a comment left by "F1R3" thank you so much for sharing this information 

The breaking animation is finally transparent thanks to a comment left by "GamingKing2436" thank you so much for sharing this information 

The breaking animation is finally transparent thanks to a comment left by "GamingKing2436" thank you so much for sharing this information 

The chatbox is now more suitable for people that do commands

Title changes

Outline changes

Inventory changes

I  did some color tweaking...

Title outline

Loading screen Outline

Enchantment color has been changed


Download this pack by clicking on the green text that says "Orange pack.mcpack" once downloaded  just double click the "Orange pack.mcpack" and it should run automatically


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13



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29 Responses

4.72 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Greatest pack of all time, that and my favorite color is orange 😀

  2. Can’tTellyoulol says:

    Hey, I am on apple. I downloaded it and it says failed to import unknown name unknown I’d unknown version

  3. GamingKing2436 says:

    There is a bug that when I break stuff, the destroy animation makes the whole block black except some transparent blocks. Fixed it by replacing the transparent parts with white

  4. F1R3 says:

    This is an awesome pack, any chance that there would be another that is purple or blue?

  5. WoolyMammoth says:

    Could you, please, make something to allow us to change the color. By the way I have a lot less headache since I use it. Thank You

  6. BetelzFox says:

    Really nice texture, but can you add more color like, red, green, etc it will be really great and very solid texture pack

  7. Tiger190 says:

    Looks really nice, I have one question though
    what did you use to create this resource pack?

  8. Bushy says:

    This is great! You should make other colors of this!

  9. Bahaa says:

    Cooool, but can you add another packs….. Blue, Yellow. Because it is soo nice and awesome

  10. JustARandomNameOkay123456789 says:

    Looks cool.

  11. Bait says:

    Great, but long swords suck.

    • LUN5HTIME says:

      I’ve removed the swords textures and now you can overlay the pack with to whatever you like, I did make a pack called “Mini Blades” it’s getting reviewed Right now so it should be out in a day or so
      Note. before downloading this updated pack make sure to delete the old one.

  12. Julius says:

    Cool! Can you make Blue/white combination for this?

  13. LinkSans2000 says:

    Very nice! Keep at it and this could become of full texture pack someday!

  14. skewer_nl_gg3rs says:

    are you planning to make different colors?

  15. Kaza says:

    Woah, simple but effective. Love the tool designs too. I’d personally look into doing this for every color, that’d be neat.

  16. ariel says:

    umm ok this is amazing from the pictures but how do I download it

  17. GamingKing2436 says:

    The glazed terracotta textures have been replaced with lines. I assume it’s form another texture pack, but I would like you to add the missing lines

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