Orc Boss Addon

Tired of the typical bosses of your survival world?

your solution is here.

Face off against the orc chief and his minions the goblins, but prepare well because he will not be an easy enemy to win


The orc chief is a very powerful enemy who often steals villages and assassinates warriors to steal their women.

Grab your weapons great hero and defeat the ogre boss and his minions.


LIFE OF THE BOSS OGRO is 1000 life points


Every thirty seconds he will call his minions the goblins to ambush and surround you, so have your shield ready

This plugin is also part of a bigger bosses plugin, where SATAN will be included, and more I’m working on.

They can leave their ideas about some other boss and his special characteristics.

Now I’m working on a MINOTAUR BOSS, it’s fantastic.

And as always. It is forbidden to upload this plugin on another page without permission, and if you are going to use it on YouTube please use the links used in this post and not your own links



Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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  1. Guest-4191152417 says:

    Change the link plz

  2. Guest-9565786670 says:

    The link is dog Sh-.

  3. Guest-2963815527 says:


  4. Guest-7211722384 says:

    Can you make better link

  5. Guest-8278898152 says:

    Suggestion!! Make hobbits and goblins and that we have to defend from the evil mobs, make it Lord of the Rings alike, it will have great succes

    • Guest-7061052959 says:

      That doesn’t sound like a bad Idea… maybe Add boomerangs and a mace crafted by cobble or black stone that does 9 attack damage as two new weapons to your larger project… maybe change the satan boss’s name to simply “demon” since Minecraft doesn’t wanna get too religious. Then Improve the textures to fit Minecraft, add a few more bosses and some more mythical mobs and a zip file and you get the perfect addon.

      • Guest-7882608996 says:

        Also, Second off, I’d like to plan a new secondary Nether boss, aside from the demon, perhaps a Kitsune boss (Which It’s design could Inspire from both Japanese mythia and Pop culture, Where They take the form of Humanoids with 9 tails and A pair of ears) as a way to give piglins a new threat. it would carry a sword and Would pillage local Bastions as well as Hunt for piglins, hoglins, and the player. The kitsune could have 350 HP and have a melee attack as well as the ability to summon Kitsunebi, Special fire balls that circle around the boss and then are fired toward the target, along with the ability to Reflect arrows. This would add a more simple yet unique boss To your addon. I highly recommend you add this Kitsune boss and my other suggestions. But In the end, you dictate what to add. I’m just helping you make a Unique addon..

  6. Liam TDP says:

    That was a great boss addon like it 👍

  7. Guest-6779739768 says:

    It says failed duplicated pack detected , both download links seems to be the same file, there is no resource pack

  8. Guest-3544510351 says:

    This has great potential why not add normal orcs and goblins spawn naturally

  9. Guest-1703892262 says:

    Does it spawn naturaly?

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