Ore Crop Mod

Ever wished you could grow diamonds and gold in your backyard? That’s a lot to wish for but today it’s possible by using the Ore Crops Mod in Minecraft. Basically four new seeds have been added to the game (diamond, coal, iron and gold) which grow much similar to wheat or vegetables like potatoes and carrots except that these seeds can be used for growing much more valuable items.

Creator: Arthu25

Growing Ores

To grow some ore crops you will need some ore seeds. The ore seeds can be crafted with some wheat seeds, ingots, diamonds or coal.

  • Diamond Seeds (486) – 8 wheat seeds + 1 diamond
  • Coal Seeds (487) – 8 wheat seeds + 1 coal
  • Iron Seeds (488) – 8 wheat seeds + 1 iron ingot
  • Gold Seeds (489) – 8 wheat seeds + 1 gold ingot

Next you will need to build some farmland where the crops can grow. Make sure each plant have access to some water.


Harvest them as soon as they have grown to their full height. Collect the essences and seeds.

  • Diamond Essence (490) – harvest diamond crops
  • Coal Essence (491) – harvest coal crops
  • Iron Essence (492) – harvest iron crops
  • Gold Essence (493) – harvest gold crops


Use a crafting table to craft the ores.

  • Diamonds (x3) (264) – 8 Diamond Essence
  • Coal (x16) (263) – 8 Coal Essence
  • Iron Ore (x8) (265) – 8 Iron Essence
  • Gold Ore (x5) (266) – 8 Gold Essence


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20 Responses

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  1. Hamza says:

    The mods work with innercore ??

  2. KarmaKid2019 says:

    Can this be 4 iOS?

  3. Kathy10lol says:

    Would there be a link to download the mod automatically?

  4. GG5 says:

    Hey, Can you please have a link for MC.World? Thanks!

  5. Minecraft Master says:

    Hey Editor plz give me a mediafire link to this mod plz bc dropbox doesn’t work for every device i used it on but plz only a mediafire link thats the only one that works for me

  6. AgentCPU0 says:

    I want to make a mod pack, and I really like this mod. However, the textures are having some issues, and I’m gonna want it for 0.15. Do you think you can help me out?

  7. OtakuPlays says:

    I think this is really awesome! I’ll technically gonna try this …. if its possible that is :/

  8. Maces006 says:

    While its a good mode, i wish the plants wouldn’t grow almost instantly/ in a few seconds. Each plant should take just as much time as wheat to grow fully.

  9. WinnieK says:

    I can’t use the mod in blocklaucher.It open a page and said this **Error message**

  10. WorldOfGaming says:

    Almost exactly like the Magical Crops Mod in Sky Factory Modpack for PC Minecraft

  11. OliveGaming says:

    I can’t get to the download page. I know where the download button is. It’s just the website doesn’t redirect me to the download page.

  12. Void53 says:

    Cool mod

  13. irfan zairul says:

    Is this map need texture?

  14. AUTUMN says:

    give me Dorp box,ok? Thank you!

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