Ore Crushing (v. 2) Add-on

Many of us played Minecraft with the Industrial Craft mod or any other mod in which you can multiply the excavated ore by crushing it into dust.

We made an addition in which you can multiply the excavated ore in approximately the same way.

This addon adds 2 new items and 4 craft to the game.

Stone cutter:

1. Iron cluster: 

To get it, you need to dig the ore you dig (at the moment only iron and gold) into the stone cutter. With 1 iron ore, you will get 2 clusters.

2. Gold cluster:

To get it, you need to dig the ore you dig (at the moment only iron and gold) into the stone cutter. With 1 gold ore, you will get 2 clusters.


1.  Craft sieve:

2. The purification of the iron cluster :

3. The purification of the iron cluster :

Furnace/Blast Furnance:

From 1 cluster you get 1 ingot.

1. Iron ingot:

2. Gold ingot:

Good game!

Changelog View more
  1. Fixed a bug with the appearance of a beacon during crushing.
  2. Now you can re-melt clusters through a blast furnace.

- The ore crushing and refining system has been redesigned.

- Added a sieve.

- Added iron and gold dust.

- You will no longer be able to melt the Cluster of Iron or Gold Ore.



Supported Minecraft versions


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24 Responses

3.5 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. I would like to use your addon in a map that I’m making if I could use your addon that would be great. If i gave you credit could i use your addon

  2. Anon says:

    Update to add other ores maybe?

  3. Aysira says:

    It is giving you beacons please fix

  4. Aysira says:

    Please make a version that works like version 1 you did that was far better and actually useful. (the old version is broken)

  5. XxLLxX says:

    NO ONE EVEN LOOKED MY message😔 I LIKE YOUR ADD ON BUT….NO ONE EVEN LOOKED MY QUESTION CAN I ASK A QUESTION EDITOR?can you make a wither storm because it’s beautiful. it’s nice that the tentacles have animation and they have each stage. In any case no one answers my question no one even answers other editors I say but he doesn’t pay attention to the minute I go to him he didn’t see it

  6. RIMAVE95 says:

    I loved it, but it would be great if you can crush all the ORES, so you can use the beak with a silky touch

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can you please make it mcpack.

  8. Jace says:

    Based on the second screenshot of the gold in the blast furnace, you get nothing for it, lol. Just pointing out the need of a correct screenshot there :3

  9. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t work on Xbox. Running on v1.12.0

  10. no_name says:

    when I put the ore on the stonecutter it transforms into a bottle of milk and when I smelt it it becomes a gold ingot no matter what ore it was made out of

  11. Realcancov says:

    use a media fire link, it allows Xbox players to get the mod without a pc as well as the link won’t work for some players such as myself ):

  12. ThatGirl says:

    MediaFire please

  13. Blocky Gamer says:

    Works well love it can you please make it to where you can smelt the crushed ore in a blast furnace not just a regular one also for people saying to allow this to make alloy’s please don’t add alloy’s if you are going to do
    Add alloy’s can you do it on a separate add-on anyway if you have read this thanks for your time.

  14. Realms says:

    Have it where we can make an alloy out of this, this is kinda useless because its the same as smelting an ore this is like for a cursed image or something, but its a cool looking addon so work on this or others

  15. Anonymous says:

    Media Fire please

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