Ores To Gem

You always wanted new ores in minecraft with armor set and tools and blocks but mojang is not going to do that in 1.17?well this texture pack is made for you!


This texture pack replaces the next things:

-Wood tools,lapislazuli,lapis ore and  block to Granate.

-Stone tools,chain armor,redstone ore and items to Uranium.

-Gold tools,armor,horse armor,ore and block to Copper.

-Gold nugget,gold nether ore and cinceled stone bricks to Topaz.

-Iron tools,armor,horse armor,ore,block and items crafted with it to Sapphire.

-Iron nugget to Pearl.

-Diamond tools,armor,horse armor,ore and block with Amethyst.

-Netherite tools,armor,ore and block to Ruby.

-Netherite scrap to Ruby old texture.

-Netherite ingot to minecraft earth Ruby texture.

-Emerald ore and block to Onix.

-Bread to Cheese.

-Totem to Copper totem.

-Sponge to block of Cheese.

-Elytras to Angel wings.

-Fire to Dark blue fire.

Here you can se some comparatives of how it look before whitout the texture pack and after with the texture pack:

So,what are you waiting for?,go and download this textire pack to feel the experience of new ores!

Note: versión is requiered to install this texture pack.

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I'm now working in a update to change the redstone particles and redstone wire color :)

Added a guide of steps of how to install the texture pack here in this post


When download it just right click on the file,select open with and select minecraft,after that Minecraft should open automatically and it will be already installed,just enable it in the resource pack section.


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  1. Marioplaysminecraft says:

    cool addon.

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    Excelente trabajo Kike, sigue asi 😀

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