OreSheeps Add-on v2 [SWEETUPDATE]

Here I bring you a magnificent sheep complement created by BrunoBeer and MarcoGamer,

OreSheeps a complement that adds 15 new entities and provides you with many minerals for your survival or to have a good time having fun with these magnificent creatures

It is a complement that adds 15 new sheep (entities) that at the time of killing them release minerals of all kinds, which give you an extra bonus for the survival game.

SHEEP CANNOT BE REPRODUCED (they must not be abused during survival)

Sheep contain the normal life of a minecraft sheep.

There are 15 new types of Sheep:

-Carbon Sheeps (Gives between 2 and 5 carbon minerals)

-Gold Sheep (Gives between 2 and 5 gold minerals)

-Iron Sheep (Gives between 2 and 5 iron minerals

-Sheep Lapis Lazuli (Gives between 6 and 12 lapis lazuli minerals)

-Emerald Sheep (Gives between 2 and 5 emerald minerals)

-Redstone Sheep (Gives between 3 and 9 redstone minerals)

-Diamond Sheep (Gives between 2 and 5 diamond minerals)

-Sheep of quartz (gives between 8 and 16 quartz minerals)

-Netherite Sheep (gives between 0 and 1 Netherite Scrap)

-Random Sheep (gives all minerals between 1 and 3)

-Cactus Sheep (gives 3 to 5 cactus)

-XP Sheep (gives 1 to 5 bottles of experience)

-Sheep of grass (gives 5 to 10 grass)

-Ender Sheep (day 1 and 3 ender pearl)

-Bread Sheep (gives 1 to 3 bread)

Photos taken by the tester: Lechita

By: MarcoGamer
By: BrunoBeer
Help Tester: Lechita


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  • New

  • -We added sounds to all mobs!
  • -New Links for download
  • -New Description
  • -Bugs fixed


Download 2 links
Open file .mcpack (Open Game)


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  1. KatoGS123 says:

    I can’t download it

  2. Adr857 says:

    can the ore from the sheep come back when taken?

  3. Call Of Nothing says:

    It Doesnt Work I Think You Compressed The Files With Rar YOU CANT DO THAT YOU HAVE TO USE ZİP

  4. Destroyer70812 says:

    i just need to know with all your ore mob addons do we experimental gameplay on

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