OSBES v0.11.2a (Apple Devices Fix and Improved Water)

This is an Open Source Bedrock Edition Shader.

OSBES v0.11.2a (alpha testing)

This shader is not compatible with currently existing custom texture packs 

Alpha testing means that you can find some bugs

If You find a bug please let me know about it by creating an issue on this shader repository page

or in this shader discord server

If you have any suggestions feel free to leave your thoughts on this shader repository page too.

Open source means that you can contribute to this shader development. On repository page you will find some contribution recommendations and instructions

Every contributor will be listed as a developer of this shader

no matters how much you have contributed 

Features of this shader:

– advanced lighting

– normal mapping

– different materials

– water effects

– weather effects

– wind effects

– airy clouds

– Better quality-to-lag ratio

Windows 10 support is planned

(check roadmap in this shader repository for more details)



– fix disappeared clouds and terrain on iOS devices

– fix draw distance issue on iOS devices

– improved water

– a bit brighter nights, hell and torches

– a bit darker days

– new cool pack icon by LSumma

– some textures fixes

– better daytime, weather and “under water” detection

For texture pack creators:

It is possible to create custom texture pack compatible with this shader if follow some rules

discuss it with me in this server in texture-packs channel

Changelog View more

- fix disappeared clouds and terrain on iOS devices

- fix draw distance issue on iOS devices

- improved water

- a bit brighter nights, hell and torches

- a bit darker days

- new cool pack icon by LSumma

- some textures fixes

- better daytime, weather and "under water" detection

- fixed sky light disappearing on high brightness levels

- fixed low frame rate water, clouds and leaves animations again (probably)

- fixed strangely looking blocks when destroying them

- fixed strange textures on dimension loading screen

- fixed puddles appearing on sunrise/sunset when it is actually not rainy

- fixed visible sun through clouds when it's rainy

- improved and tuned water color

- fixed invisible terrain on some devices

- fixed leaves and underwater animation

- fixed textures in MC

- improved texture mapping on Mali GPUs

- reduced package size

- fix link to repository of this shader

- add info about known issues


Download .mcpack file

Open it with minecraft

Select this shader pack in settings


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)



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192 Responses

4.47 / 5 (57 votes)
  1. Elwen.g. says:

    hello creator, here’s Elwen.g. your work is a wonderful shader in McBe! May i publish it on Chinese Netease addition or relevant minecraft platform? i will credit you in the “Creator Description”. thanks!

  2. Ggara says:

    i surprised this amazing shader works on my device

  3. Son Goku says:

    Can u pls add realistic shadows to blocks, mobs and player it would make this mod more realistic 🙂

    • Jebbyk says:

      Hi. Im communicating with one of modding core developers. Maybe there will be implemented some special functions allowing to create normal shadows, reflections and post-processing effects.

  4. AlbertossaurusJWFK says:

    Does this package not work with Education Edition? And not even with addons?

  5. AlbertossaurusJWFK says:

    Hello, I was very interested in shaders, but when I went to open the world, all the buggy textures appear. I really wanted you to fix it. I am in the official version 1.16.201

  6. T4XITY says:

    it’s really good and I’m really impressed with it however, it appears to be too white, maybe you cou.d add a slight yellow tint so it feels like daytime instead of white and black

  7. Chenfengpro says:

    Hey this is really cool. One thing which I hope can be fixed tho is that I sometimes spawn and some blocks like the wood and quartz blocks are glitched. It would be really good if you could fix that. Also could you add a moving player shadow like the ones on java? Thanks!

    • Jebbyk says:

      Hi. Thank you for your feedback. Please make sure there is not addons or texturepacks enabled globally or in your world. I’m still thinkign about adding player shadow. May be it will be implemented in a future updates

  8. shader says:

    Cool shader when Windows 10 get added will my laptop support:

    Hp pavilion 1035gi I5 with 1.9 GHz boosted up to 3.6
    12 GB

  9. JustASteveGut says:

    On IOS/Apple Devices on ios 13 or later, it won’t even render.

  10. Aan9999 says:

    This Shader is look great, but can you fix the villager texture? There are no profesion texture of villager, it look like they no have profesion

  11. Ace Gaming says:

    The shader didn’t work on my phone 🙁

  12. oh, wow!! this is actually really good!! i never thought i’d be able to run something like this on my phone.

    it looks every bit as good as the screenshots and more (the clouds are friccing animated!!)

    that being said, i do kinda think the fire should be more orange than yellow, and that the black pixels that appear in blocks farther than two blocks away from you look weird.

    other than that, though, it runs super smoothly and looks great, so the unoptimized leaves are probably the only thing keeping me from using this pack in regular play.

    • Jebbyk says:

      Hi! thank you for your feedback 🙂. you can create an issue with screenshots or videos on this shader GitHub page. It will be easier to me to fix bugs than.

    • Kirby420 says:

      The weird looking leaves that shine is the only thing that keeps this from being an extremely laggy shader. If you use any modeling software you would know how much plants can affect performance.

  13. UltiamtegamerXD0404 says:

    I’m on iPad gen 6 with Minecraft 1.16.201 and OSBES 1.11.2.a and when I turn on the pack from global resources and go out of settings it gets stuck on the loading textures screen but the part where it says “loading textures” and gives all the hints and stuff is flickering on and off.

  14. Vinzpro190 says:

    If this shader is support the texture packs
    I will use faithful texture pack cuz it’s better than default its have 32x and 64x for Android

  15. Vinzpro190 says:

    There’s a bug on minecraft it’s have no cloud and sun is massive but I am on android can you fix this? Anyways nice shader

  16. ItsEestiMC says:

    Hello! The shaders are cool! But yeah ut made me kinda blind. This is like a 1990’s shader actually! Its so awesome! Perfect for my new map!

  17. This is the only shader that has actual PBR which is in RTX!! I mean take a look on a crying obsidian block, it has those bump things and sunlight, which is pretty cool really recommend this for those who don’t have RTX like me.

  18. Okkammi-Chan says:

    Theres Some things i want to be Added and fix…

    “Creator” Its your decision to Add or not…

    Pls Fix
    * Night time i can see stars through the clouds…

    Things i want to be added..

    * Code generated Sun and Moon

  19. Editor [Admin] says:

    Nice work on making this available! By the way, I noticed it got some good attention on Twitter. 🙂

  20. Wewooo says:

    To fix dont enable any texture pack only osbes to fix texture problem also creator can you add a setting were you can enable texture packs without bugs thank you very good shader to

  21. Ender5643 says:

    Completely glitched out my game, don’t download

  22. LiamTheDiamondPlayer14 says:

    Hey i realy love this shader it works fine and its so realastic its like a shader from java minecraft the reflections the water the lighting its so amazing
    Although theres a issue in the sky becouse theres no clouds its only white and it has a very humongus sun other than that this shader is amazing

  23. Dimitrius Films says:

    ah DANG IT this shader does not work for Windows 10 though that’s a bummer at least it’s being planned 😀

    • Jebbyk says:

      Ye i need to do some code refactoring before start porting it to win10. And also I need a friend who bought mcbe win10 or have to buy it myself. I think win10 implementation of this shader will be ready in a month or two 🙂

  24. I can’t speak right now because THIS SHADER IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!! Good job for your hard work bruh and it works on my OPPO A3S 2GB RAM phone without lag seriously!! Other “realistic” shaders can not beat your shader!! I really recommend this for those who have a low end device. I strongly recommend it THEBMG approved!! I will also make a video of this in my YouTube channel go subscribe to my channel.
    Here are my suggestions for this damn good shader:
    1. Add player shadow and mob shadows realistically.
    2. Add a shadow mapping thingy like the shadow moves whenever the sun moves.
    3. Can you make the brightness low its so bright my eyes literally burned.
    4. Can you make the water on the ground more realistic like the water ripples.
    5.Water drips on the screen when it is raining like in Java edition.
    6. Can you get rid of grass and gravel texture? I don’t like I want full vanilla Minecraft with this damn good shader.
    7. Can you make the night a little bit bright its too dark I can’t see.

    P.S. Can I be a developer of this shader because of my beautiful suggestions please?

    • WarpedStriderPacks says:

      Pls dont remove the grass and gravel because I like the vanilla feel to the textures

    • Jebbyk says:

      Hi. I should contribute something in a shader to be listed as a developer.
      1. player shadow is possiblle to add. realistic mob shodows are impossible i think
      2. it’s not possible due to the game limitatioins
      3. brightness pereset are planned in sooner updates
      4. if I understand you correctly (splashes on the water) it is possible and probabaly will be added.
      5. probably it is possible but Im not shure should I add it or not. I will think about it
      6. currently I dont understand it. I thoght im using vanilla textures
      7. see №3.

      And big thanks for feedback 🙂

  25. Mine Tutorials says:

    If i delete the textures folder in my file manager
    and compress it
    Can it work with other texture packs

  26. itsfunnime says:

    It’s fine for me and it’s good i play at mobile and i’m at a low end device and it works well =)

  27. Legendarynoobi3 says:

    This is the best ultra realistic shader to me, even in my low end device its working properly without much problems. But i have suggestions could you reduce the brightness in daytime and i think when night time its pretty dark especially when raining its very hard to see if you don’t have a torch or any light source, and could you add a reflection of sun in the swords and armor it will make this shader super realistic. And lastly can i have a permission to copy the shader and texture packs on my texture pack?? And modify it little bit cuz it’s colliding to my texture pack and causes some errors like some blocks are purple and black, don’t worry cuz im the only one using it, its a customized compiled texture pack that will work really well on my low end device. That’s it keep up the good work.

    • Jebbyk says:

      Ofc you can modify it on you own 🙂

      • Legendarynoobi3 says:

        I forgot to mention a issue, when im playing in my world where theres a lot of command blocks for my map, i noticed that there are times when the command block texture are being glitch when walking and also mob heads in the inventory are also glitched. That’s all the issue that i found out. And also thx

        • Jebbyk says:

          Ok I will check a command blocks. Thank you

          • Legendarynoobi3 says:

            Hello again, i recommended this pack to my friend and he tested it and said that this shader is good but he found the same issue that i posted here, but he found another one and he said that the bed is bright even its night time, i think imma send the screenshot and video in the discord, but where imma send it??. Thats all

          • Jebbyk says:

            Technically bed is an entity if im not mistaking. So correct lighting for entityes is not implemented yet but it is planned in v0.13.xx

  28. I have issues with the Shaders as I was playing around with it: The mob heads as items in the inventory have glitched textures, the Conduit has glitched textures as a block and as an item… Other than that, nothing else is broken.
    Suggestions: Add light rays during sunrise, sunset and day.

  29. Mine Tutorials says:

    I like this shader so much
    But i think if this shader has a player shadow
    This shder has ultra realistic water
    Ultra realistic sun etc.
    Like bsl shaders of java edition
    Can you please add player shadow.

  30. JerelLightning says:

    This shader is a big step in the right direction for shader packs. However, I’m having the iOS bug others are having where the sky is wrong, and super bright. The render distance in the overworld is also very chunky, instead of foggy and gradual. Not sure if this is because the iOS bug, but the fog can be a little too bright and much in some places.

    The nether look is probably the best part (possibly because the iOS glitch isn’t allowing me to see the true beauty in the overworld). The lava is amazing, the darkness, and coloring is correct in every biome. The only issue is that it only uses the basalt delta particle effect.

    The last issue I’m having is that some textures aren’t there, or are very jumbled up and grey looking, such as basalt, obsidian, and glass.

    But besides those issues, this is definitely good, unlike other shaders I’ve seen which may not have as much bug like issues, but have many visual issues.

    • JerelLightning says:

      Also shadows could be a little darker in day time, and the light could be a little less bright. Or maybe just changing the shadows will make it look fine.

      Also the overall color of the overworld is a little too afternoony/orange in my opinion.

  31. Tom Tom Tom says:

    Is it a bug or is is just me my low end device is running like a pc with this it is awesome if this is supposed to be a bug dont fix it.

  32. Wewooo says:

    Hey dude can you add allow texture setting where you can enable textures without it bugging good shader to

  33. Dimitrius Films says:

    LOL I could just take the file inside the .zip and put it into my resource packs file (I know it works cuz I do it all the time with Bedrock Edition)

  34. WarpedStriderPacks says:

    Hello, there’s a bug on iOS that the sky doesn’t work. It’s all white and the sun is massive. At night the sky becomes the color it’s supposed to be but there’s no clouds.
    I hope u can fix this is the next update.

  35. I Like Programmer Art says:

    is this laggy for low end devices?

  36. PrestigePlayz says:

    This shader is very very good! Love everything about it. Could you add blocks to cast its own shadow? And it’s still kind of lags when I’m looking at a ocean. And sometimes the texture become more raw and dark, could you fix it?

  37. UltiamtegamerXD0404 says:

    Minecraft loading animation flickers like a strobe light and the game crashes, when reopening the game it shows nothing but a white screen.

  38. Wewooo says:

    My phone is Samsung a10 and vertion is 1.16.100 can you fix the texture problem

  39. Wewooo says:

    Uh can you fix the block bug I’m on 1.16.100

  40. PAG_mc says:

    Textyres get messed up even if you don’t include costom textures.

  41. FoggyDuck says:

    When is it coming for windows 10 support i cant wait!

  42. Endermatt says:

    hey can you also add shadows and better rain it looks like the sky looks red or brown and make it were it looks gray overhaul this shader looks great!

  43. Eldeston says:

    The 1st ever Bedrock shader posted with actual pbr. I believe your pack will surely rival ESTN.

  44. Mine Tutorials says:

    This is the best shaders ever

  45. Mine Tutorials says:

    But why it doesn’t work with any texture pack ? When i tried it with faithful texture pack
    The textures comed into 4×4 cursed graphics .
    I make tutorials videos so i was looking for the realistic shaders when i find it i was so happy 🙂
    But this doesn’t work with texture pack 🙁

  46. jellan says:

    Cuando tendrá soporte para windows 10?

  47. Kermit05 says:

    This shader is so nice, but i can’t play on my device 🙁

  48. bug where textures are maped to 1/2 size, lighting doesnt work, waves dont work
    device: win 10 acer aspire

  49. Bailt 123 says:

    Everything is nice, but I feel like the water at the surface is in a grid pattern and that the lighting in the water is super strong. This is my feedback maybe to lower down the harshness of the lighting. Or if you are going theme that suits it is fine.

  50. mat1986 says:

    Galaxy A20, 3GB ram -> invisible blocks. Only I can see mobs and sky

  51. Toasty_ says:

    The water is so GOOD, its the best I’ve ever seen on bedrock

  52. SantiCraftSC says:

    so coooooooooool!

  53. Miss Kitty says:

    Does this work without RTX?

  54. ioxdx134 says:

    Porque mi mundo no se ve mas que el cielo y mobs? Mi cel es gama baja pero aparte de eso espero el soporte de win10

  55. Ape8ight says:

    I just logged on and nothing Is loading in don’t know if it’s me or the pack.

  56. The_NetheriteSG says:

    Does it change the textures of the wood logs like shown in the pictures or is that because of another texture pack u have?

    • Jebbyk says:

      No and Yes at the same time. I added normal maps to default textures to aply this effect. So u don’t need and even should not to download other texture packs (this shader not compatible with custom textures for now)

  57. Rizzz says:

    on my device the world is transparent except for the sky, please fix that in the next update ?

  58. Driftyz says:

    Yo,im driftyz
    Your shader is lit!!
    Can i do a video on it?

  59. hi, can you remove dFdx file? because for OpenGl 2.0 won’t work

  60. 眼球 says:

    It looks pretty good

  61. I can’t wait for the win10 support because I have a very low end phone and also I have a suggestion
    Can you decrease the brightness a tiny bit but still amazing shader love it

  62. TheRubyRedLeviathan says:

    Can’t wait to see this on Windows 10, this looks amazing!

  63. your shaders look really nice,
    the clouds and the sun are looking realistic.
    I tried loading it in a world with and without experimental features enabled.
    no other packs were used along with it.
    and the frame rates were really smooth.
    but it only rendered (clouds/sun/entities) all blocks were invisible.
    I play on samsung galaxy, android version 7.0

    I suggest you make a discord server for community feedback-suggestions 🙂

  64. Really cool! I recommend you making a Discord server to get feedback and community engagement easily.

  65. It didn’t work
    I loaded a normal world with and without experimental mode and everything was invisible except the sky and some mobs

  66. MONTH says:

    Please do for 1.14

  67. Jebbyk says:

    Please keep in mind that this shader pack is not compatible with custom texture packs

  68. Jeff202072 says:

    My phone exploded

  69. xXgomitazlocasXx says:

    tengo un problema con el sombreador, las texturas se ven color azul y negro, no hay sombras y el agua se ve azul con cuadros transparentes

  70. DiamondPickaxe23 says:

    Looks glamourous! Can’t wait for Win 10 support!

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