Over Powered Nether Swords Addon

With this OP sword you will rule minecraft! This addon adds 3 swords which 1 of the swords does 90+ damage and gives a speed and absorption buff and the other 2 swords deals 45+ damage

This addon adds 3 swords

The Nocturnal Sword-deals 45+ damage and gives you a absorption buff when you hold the sword

The Radiance Sword-deals 45+ damage and gives you a speed buff when you hold the sword

The BloodBath Sword-deals 90+ damage and gives you a speed and absorption buff when you hold the sword

Crafting recipes:

It takes 72 diamonds to get the bloodbath sword and for me its worth it to get, but if you just want to have fun with the sword do /function nether to get all the items at once ( I think it only works on 1.12 ) 

Watch A Showcase Video Here:



Youtube:Vos glactic

Feel free to suggest in the comments. If encountered any problem please contact me at twitter

Do Not Edit The Addon

Do Not reupload the addon


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How to Download 

Download behavior pack and resource pack wait for 5 seconds then press skip add 

Files are in mediafire site

Behavior file name:

Nether Sword Beh.mcaddon

Resources file name: 

Nether Sword Res.mcaddon


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 (beta)

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Installation Guides

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9 Responses

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  1. Gallox says:

    I would like to download this world on my realm, my only problem is the damage it makes, how much damage does it takes to kill a full dimand player ?

  2. Ya Yeet says:

    The last one has the same design as the titanium sword from terraria except edited

  3. Logicalbuthappyandsad says:

    That last sword looks like a recoloured version of Terraria’s Excalibur. It would be appreciated if I could know if it is, and if it is, then why did you not source the material? I know you have a right to owning your Addon, but you act too stingy for your own good. Just putting bars before your warnings is… the right thing to do, not highlighting it in ominous red highlight. BTW, why not just incorporate both packs together in one file and, or link? The textures (resource pack) won’t work without the behavior pack anyway.

    • Vosglactic says:

      Hello, I just used a app which is addon creator and I use the textures there as a basis, I did’nt really know where it really came from especially i dont play terraria, But thank you for pointing out!

  4. Bailey says:

    Hello i would like to make a mvpe addon but i dont know how to use java script i would appreciate if you helped me make a trading card addon with booster packs and custom cards (that i would provide you with)

  5. Angry Boi says:

    I can’t download it. It sends me to a site and then says I have to install a vpn to watch something.

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. NotGood says:

    Doesn’t even work, it just spams a bunch of “Failed To import” And “Not a Valid zip archive”

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