Over Powered Weapons Addon v1

This addon adds 8 weapons! Which are overpowered With the end sword that deals 100 damage! And a bloodbath sword which deals 90 damage, this addon is full with awesome swords!

This addon adds 8 weapons

The Nocturnal Sword-deals 45+ damage and gives you a absorption buff when you hold the sword

The Radiance Sword-deals 45+ damage and gives you a speed buff when you hold the sword

The BloodBath Sword-deals 90+ damage and gives you a speed and absorption buff when you hold the sword, has a particle effect

The End Sword-deals 100+ damage and gives you a regeneration buff when you hold the sword, has a particle effect

The Blade of Grass-deals 15+ damage and shoots little daggers can be obtain only by trading with a wandering trader and traded with 60 emeralds

Dungeon Sword-deals 14 damage and can only be obtain by chests on strongholds and dungeons

Lapis Blade Sword-deals 10+ damage and the easiest sword to obtain 

Ancient Netherite Mace-deals 20+ damage and slows enemies with the radius of 5 blocks

The Ancient Netherite Mace effects Slowness 4 to enemies.

Crafting recipes:

It takes 71 diamond to create the bloodbath Sword and 81 diamonds to create the end sword,

The bloodbath sword texture pack is originally from terraria

Others skins are based on addon creator app

This addon will have continues update! The next update will have: something!

The Ancient Netherite Sword Only works on ver. 1.16.0

Try /function opsword (only works on 1.13 and above)

Watch A Showcase Video Here:


Youtube:Vos glactic

Feel free to suggest in the comments. If encountered any problem please contact me at twitter

Do Not Edit The Addon

Do Not reupload the addon


Changelog View more

-added new weapon (Ancient Netherite Mace) deals 20 damage and slows enemies

-new updated links

-new thumbnail

-new updated links and files

-new sword lapis blade sword deals 10 damage

- updated obsidian blade crafting recipe for it has a bug

-new links and now more supported to all mcpe platforms

-added particle effects on the end sword and bloodbath sword

-added daggers on the blade of grass when sneaking

-added dungeon sword

-added new sword the blade of grass

-added a video link on how to download the addon

Binded end sword 

New sword end sword

New updated links


Updated the feature image looks more minecraft type, renewed links


Need help download?

Watch here:

How to Download 

Download behavior pack and resource pack wait for 5 seconds then press skip add 

Files are in mediafire site

Behavior file name:

OPWeapons Beh.mcaddon

Resources file name: 

OPWeapons Res.mcaddon


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)

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Installation Guides

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60 Responses

3.47 / 5 (30 votes)
  1. Guest-6931045584 says:

    NVM i just didn’t understand this mod this actually great love it alot for people who had issues downloading from the link just download Minecraft mcpe from Google play or the appstore

  2. Guest-7805769470 says:

    Hey just tto let you know if you want the damage to work make it give you strength to do so

    • Guest-3807944699 says:

      The only swords that worked for me were the dungeon sword, the end sword, the blood blade and one of the black swords (don’t remember which one). I also couldn’t craft any of them but I was able to find the dungeon sword

  3. Guest-1121976694 says:

    What did I have to put in /function for it to work

  4. Guest-4675452324 says:

    The link shortener does not work for me sadly. I bet the addon is great though!

  5. Guest-3303776467 says:

    Can you add Alicorn Sword with 200 damage with effects and particles So can you add it

  6. JuniperHeart says:

    Does not work for current version, please update~

  7. Fosster says:

    Guys!! The obsidian sword crafting recipe is correct If you look closely at the picture.. The sword is made using 2 Obisdian blade only not 3 the 3rd piece on the bottom right corner is the one made using 3 diamond blocks and 3 obsidian

  8. João Henrique says:

    why aren’t the swords doing damage?

  9. iiExotic says:

    I thought this addon was going to be good but its so broken when I switch between weapons I keep all the healing and other potion effects and when I stop using a sword the effects are removed. Also when I die or leave and join my world the damage of all the swords goes to 1 and the effects are removed. Please fix this and I will certainly give you a 5 star rating for this addon.

  10. awsum300 says:

    is it possible for the future to make it so you can craft the bloodbath sword and the end sword together to get all three effects and maybe 130+ damage?

  11. BDAWGSBOY says:

    When i try to craft endsword the o sidian stik witch require 6 of obsidian and 3 of diamond, it doesn’t appear crafted to grab it

  12. MAEW1530 says:

    This very OP guys!

  13. Metcreature2182 says:

    This is awesome

  14. Liam says:

    I hate this

  15. Xbox User says:

    OMG it works

    • Guest-5189934152 says:

      How? I tried to command /function end_particles, nether_particles, and net_mace. But it didn’t work. I can’t craft any of them

  16. Jayden says:

    Over powered swords addon is missing the obsidian blade recipe

  17. Rain dark says:

    Over powered swords adddon is missing the obsidian blade recipe

  18. Anonymous says:

    Over powered swords addon missing obsidian blade recipe

  19. CleansedGrapes says:

    It keeps scamming me and won’t get me to the final download page

  20. McNoob says:

    Anyone know how to use in PE 1.12.1 on Android? The behavior and resource packs are loaded. Do I craft on a crafting table? It’s not in my inventory in creative either. I ran /function opsword and it doesn’t error.

  21. McNoob says:

    Anyone know how to use in 1.12.1 PE on Android? Do I use a crafting table? I tried /function opsword but nothing happens. The behavior is there. Can’t find the item in inventory in creative mode either.

  22. Daniel says:

    Oye, no tengo idea del por que el item “Obsidian Blade” no me aparece en la mesa de Crafteo, estoy seguro de colocar bien los bloques de obsidiana y diamante pero el item no aparece, sera un fallo del mod?

  23. Ronan says:

    Why do people always use the SPAM servers to host their downloads? It really gets annoying having to cancel and reload pages sometimes 15x before actually getting to the download link.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I’m fine probably your console’s trash.

  25. riley says:

    good swords

  26. Kyel Tomlinson says:

    For me the mod worked, I enjoy it, but I do have one problem, the grass sword is glitched for me and melee damage is very low, and you can’t craft the blades for the end sword

  27. TombRiserGM says:

    Dosen’t even work I added the pack but it just dosen’t work

  28. Confused person says:

    The file is invalid.

  29. Reddit User says:

    Invaild zip code?

  30. Noob says:

    Ugh it says invalid zip pack

  31. Eh says:

    All the swords does like 1 damage

  32. Annonymous says:

    How do you get the behavior pack without the wrong link. After I clicked the skip ad, it gives me a wrong link to a chrome extension.

  33. Iwiper says:

    How do i fix the invalid zip pack????

  34. iWIPE says:

    The pack is invalid…

  35. LinkSans2000 says:

    Um… I open it in Minecraft and It refuses to work, saying “not a valid zip archive”

  36. Nie says:

    Sword is have too much damage the strongest mob in the Minecraft have oly 200 hp

  37. Gigan gamer says:

    Please make it work for kindle fire 1.12.0 please!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Literally tells me to skip ad for download, then sends me to another ad. The mods on this websit are bullshit.

  39. Gallox says:

    I would like to download this world on my realm, my only problem is the damage it makes, how much damage does it takes to kill a full dimand player ?

  40. Ya Yeet says:

    The last one has the same design as the titanium sword from terraria except edited

  41. Logicalbuthappyandsad says:

    That last sword looks like a recoloured version of Terraria’s Excalibur. It would be appreciated if I could know if it is, and if it is, then why did you not source the material? I know you have a right to owning your Addon, but you act too stingy for your own good. Just putting bars before your warnings is… the right thing to do, not highlighting it in ominous red highlight. BTW, why not just incorporate both packs together in one file and, or link? The textures (resource pack) won’t work without the behavior pack anyway.

    • Vosglactic says:

      Hello, I just used a app which is addon creator and I use the textures there as a basis, I did’nt really know where it really came from especially i dont play terraria, But thank you for pointing out!

      • anonymous says:

        Hey, I just want to say that before adding new things to this mod, I really want you to fix the “invalid zip archive” since a lot of other people are having the same problem. If you fixed this it would be much appreciated.

      • Gay shit says:

        Can u pls stop ignoring our questions about the invalid file and only answer the questions about the weapons? There’s more people needing to download the file than there are people who have questions about the swords, and they are much important!

      • TerrorizerE says:


  42. Bailey says:

    Hello i would like to make a mvpe addon but i dont know how to use java script i would appreciate if you helped me make a trading card addon with booster packs and custom cards (that i would provide you with)

  43. Angry Boi says:

    I can’t download it. It sends me to a site and then says I have to install a vpn to watch something.

  44. Anonymous says:


  45. NotGood says:

    Doesn’t even work, it just spams a bunch of “Failed To import” And “Not a Valid zip archive”

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