Overboards Mod

The Overboards Mod adds six different colored overboards and one segway. The vehicle has many names like mini segway and self-balancing scooter. Some people even insist on calling them hoverboards but since they’ve got wheels that doesn’t really make any sense. If you like the idea then go ahead and give it a try in Minecraft!

Creator: Juan Zavala, Twitter Account


How to ride the overboards?

The overboards and segway can be accessed by using some different commands. At this point there is no possible way to get off it, but it will be a likely feature in the future.

  • /h – view all available commands
  • /hred
  • /hblue
  • /hgreen
  • /hgold
  • /hblack
  • /white
  • /s – ride on the segway

Install Guide

  1. Click the download button further down.
  2. Use ES File Explorer (or any other file manager) to extract the downloaded zip file.
  3. In the HoverboardPEMod folder there should be two files: mob.zip and HoverboardMOD.js.
  4. Start BlockLauncher and install the mob textures zip.
  5. Import the HoverboardMOD.js mod file.
  6. Restart BlockLauncher and you are done!


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20 Responses

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  1. dfghjkjhgfds says:

    it wont work for me what should i do?

  2. Killabruh says:

    How do i get block launcher for 1.0.3 and I’m on iOS

  3. Ayden says:

    Why does it change your skin

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love it

  5. Rayniel says:

    Hey how to craft overboard ?

  6. Skatergirl19 says:

    Every time I press download it does not work

    • Editor says:

      It should redirect you to an adf.ly page. Wait for the page to load 5-10 seconds then press the “Skip Ad” button in the top right corner to be redirected to Dropbox. Download it from there.

  7. Nano says:

    How to do you get blocklauncher for mcpe 0.14.0

  8. Turkish says:

    how can i leave overboards ?

  9. Haley says:

    What is with the legs on the overboard mod like really

  10. Lamo says:

    Why My legs seem weird? Is it a bug?

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