Overlord Great Tomb of Nazarick (Slightly Accurate Version)

The updated version of the Great Tomb Of nazarick from the Anime series Overlord

i finished the walls and made the dummy nazarick as i promised in the version 1.00 of this build,i also added some minor details.

BIG THANKS to all those people who downloaded this map amd was nice enough to rate it (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ.

this is the completed version of the Great Tomb of Nazarick 

here’s some screenshot

thanks to optifine i was able to finish this project.

what’s next?

I’ll upload other anime related maps next while im searching for references to build the accurate nazarick

and when i say accurate i mean as close as possible to what the Novel,Manga,and Anime portrayed but the thing is that the whole entirity of Nazarick isn’t really shown in either of the sources i even looked in wiki,so I’ll need to fill up those gap with my own imagination,and i can’t really call that accurate

I’ll be doing some research so i can make the layout of nazarick,it’ll probably take months or even a year before i can upload the “accurate” version.

thanks for your patience😅

and thanks for downloading😃

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here's what the update contains:

•finished editing the Wall

•added Dirt Mound around the Wall

•added a Library

•added the Dummy Nazarick in a nearby forest

•removed the Barrier in the gate

•cleared a large portion of the Forest outside the Walls

here's what the update contains

*added Round Table

*added Treasury

*added the 4 small tombs outside the 2nd Ring

*edited the walls

*edited the Royale suite

*added barrier blocks in the gate

*added wood Hut outside the ruins

*removed unnecessary blocks and emptied some chests

the 1st floor should only contain the

tombs,underground passage,and the giant statues

the Royale suit which is the 9th floor,and the Throne room which is the 10th should be underground but since i already made the first version with the throne room at the 1st floor i didn't change it,besides i can't build a model of nazarick with all 10 floors yet,so i only added the iconic places that was shown in the anime like the

Throne room,Round Table,Royale suit(includes Ainz's bedroom) in this build

oh and since i have no way of making the Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown i just used commands and redstones


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.16

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14 Responses

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  1. NeJi111 says:

    ummm…i won’t be able to make any creations since I’m having problems with the device I’m using so i can’t play mcpe,really sorry. (╥_╥)

  2. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    NeJi please create Roswaal mansion or another structure from Re: Zero 😊

  3. NeJi111 says:

    I’m very sorry if this causes confusion but i kinda fked up in uploading since i was in a hurry not only did i forget to change the name to (completed) version i also put 2 links,the first link leads to the v2 and the bottom link leads to v3,i’m really sorry

  4. IShawWhale says:

    Thank for nice map. Keep it up. I’m waiting for ur next update. :))

  5. stealthcattue says:

    Oh hell yea!

  6. DarkNeko says:

    It’s looking great.

  7. NeJi111 says:

    I’m not confident enough to build an adventure map right now 😅maybe I’ll make one after i uploaded more maps

    • Blue7S says:

      Do a fully accurate version lol

      • NeJi111 says:

        after finishing update version #3 of this I’ll make an accurate one,right now im still undecided on whether i should build it in a flat or an infinite world,if i chose flat then I’ll make all 10 floors stacked,if i chose infinite I’ll need to place the floors in different areas thousands of blocks apart and just use command blocks to tp cuz it’ll take a long time if I’m going to dig down,besides i wont be able to replicate the sky in floor 6 if its underground,
        but I’ll be sure to make one soon so stay tuned

  8. NeJi111 says:

    as of now I’m fixing the map,a also looked for references and rewatched the Overlord anime series,the updated version will include:
    the guild room *shown in S1 EP 1
    the Treasury *shown in S1 EP11

    and I’ll try to remove as much unnecessary objects as possible

    and if my device doesn’t die on me I’ll try to include the dummy Nazarick in a nearby forest

  9. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    It would be cool to make an adventure map by overlord…

  10. ASADVENTURE says:


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