Overpowered Expansion Last Update

Hello everyone I have started working on a new addon so I will stop working on this addon. 

Overpowered Expansion Addon is a project that will add over powered weapons. If you want to tell me about bugs or suggestions join my discord. If you want to be updated for new updates subscribe to my channel. I hope you all enjoy my addon.

Get all these weapons with functions 

/function giveOP

/function giveOP2

/function giveOP3

/function giveOP4

/function giveBlocks

Glitch Bow

Shoots glitches which explode after a short delay.

Glitch Armor

Gives all good effects and gives nausea 

The Hoe

Able to dig plants,leaves, and organic matter automatically

The PickAxe

Automatically digs everything, sometimes digs bedrock


Automatically digs sand, gravel, and dirt

The Sword

Gives you a lot of good effects

The Axe

The glitch axe automatically mines wood blocks and leaves.


When you eat it, it gives you full nutrition but gives you all the bad effects

Ray gun

Shoots a fireball which detonates after a while

Ultimate bow

Able to spam bows

Death Staff

Able to summon undeads to fight for you

Death Creator

Able to summon undead vortex’s to fight for you

Ender bow

able to teleport anywhere

DeathMage armor

Makes you OP and gives you all good effects


Gives you effects to be silent but deadly 


Regular projectile, but deals tons of damage

Explosive Shrunken

Detonates after a while

Decoy Shrunken

Summons a decoy to distract people

Explosive decoy shrunken

Summons a decoy that will explode on contact

Ninja Armor

Gives you the power of stealth


Used for crafting other wrenches

Arrow Turret Wrench

Summons an arrow turret to attack

sniper turret wrench

Summons a sniper turret to attack

Rocket Turret Wrench

Summons a Rocket turret to fight for you

Drone Wrench

Summons a drone to attack

Flamethrower Turret WrenchSummons a Flame-thrower turret to fight for you

Turret WrenchSummons a turret to fight for you

Machine Gun Turret Wrench

Summons a Machine Gun Turret turret to fight for you

Warning: There may be a texture glitch


Fast, but low damage


Deals Heavy Damage


Automatically mines blocks


Automatically breaks trees


Shoots explosive bullets

Cyborg Armor

Makes you machine and man

Tim’s Armor 






Please credit me when showcasing my addon

Changelog View more

Major Bug Fix

Fixed Function  

Final Update

Posted on MCPEDL app

Added Tim’s Armor

Added Scope

Added Night Vision Goggle 

Changed Sniper Mechanic

Began Working on new addon

Future Update

added many wrenches

3 guns

1 Armor 

Fixed Bugs 

There was a weird glitch on the post

I had to repost

The YouTube link was not right

and the thumbnail was not right

Added 4 new mobs

Added more projectiles

Fixed bugs

Have fun playing 


How to install addons

please enable experimental gameplay


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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51 Responses

2.8 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. LAgamer says:

    it looks like a good addon but when i tried to download it said “not a valid zip archive” i want to rate this addon higher but i cant because of that. please fix it!

  2. スミオ says:

    Oi. The code for the projectile weapons looks exactly like mine. At least credit me, mate. Very unpog

  3. AgentParadox says:

    hmmmmm i see u have used addon creator by PA technologies on google play store

  4. BumfuzzledCreeper says:

    NIce work!!

  5. Guest-2559709449 says:

    Can I use this in my survival world?

  6. ZeroGgamer says:

    Doesn’t extract all the way it gets stuck on 26%

  7. Guest-6177413256 says:

    Could you make a mob trading card mod and power cards when you kill a mob you get the mobs cards

  8. l_lRyanl_l says:

    Everyone this addon was made for IOS and Android… It has very much bugs for Windows 10 and I do not know why

  9. Guest-3927448774 says:

    when i first started the game with the addon it game me a ton of hearts, every good side effect and nausea. i started messing around the the way to fix it is by putting on a full set of armor. also its not letting me craft any of the things idk why

  10. Guest-1158020646 says:

    it doesn’t work for me (I used experimental gameplay) all that happened was I spawned with a few pots affects

  11. souxx_pro says:

    i spawn with all effects (I used experimental gameplay)

  12. l_lRyanl_l says:

    Guys first of all enable experimental gameplay
    And second of all there’s this weird glitch we’re stuff on the addon post wasn’t updated

  13. Guest-4917556439 says:

    my anti virus went mad

  14. Guest-2559031617 says:

    Is there anyway to get these items in survival with cheats on?

  15. P1xe1at3d says:

    I get all the effects and nothing else.

  16. Guest-2845280731 says:


  17. Guest-9532970962 says:

    It’s a really good addon, but why did you make the armour give you nausea

  18. Guest-5799592537 says:

    Good addon lookin forward to the next update

  19. Guest-6185239736 says:

    How can i craft

  20. Guest-5883881362 says:

    how do i get the items

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