Owl Add-on

Halloween is near and it’s time to make your creations a bit more spooky. This add-on turns bats into owls. Personally, I prefer owls to bats because they are slightly larger and not as rapid in their movements (and thus less annoying). It’s quite simple but definitely worth downloading as it’s good enough to make it seem as an actual part of the game.

Creator: megfitz, Twitter Account

What does it change?

The textures of the bat have been completely redesigned to make it look like an owl. Also its size has been increased by two and its speed is only one-fifth compared to a bat.

owl-3 owl-2 owl-1

This add-on was created as a demo for a tutorial on how to create add-ons for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Make sure to check it out in case you want to learn more about that.


Option 1 (easiest!):
Download (.MCWorld) (World Download)

Option 2:
Download (.MCPack) (Behavior Pack)
Download (.MCPack) (Resource Pack)
(Remember to apply both packs for a world in-game!)

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Installation Guides

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14 Responses

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  1. Improvements says:

    You need them to be able to be tamed and sit on your shoulder or something! That would be cool! 😎

  2. Stitch😜Minecraft says:

    Dis is cool I LOVE OWLS

  3. AlohaMae:3 says:

    Would be better if you could tame and leash them.

  4. RareCandy10 says:

    DONi bobs would love this lol

  5. Pls says:

    Pls pls pls make them tameable

  6. DJ GJ says:

    It’s not spooky it’s SPOOKAY sorry

  7. Vega Savero says:

    i liked it, but.. its cooler if the owl follow you around, can you update so you can tame the owl?? please

  8. Tiger says:

    This add-on is AMAZING! It seems like it’s actually built in to the game as if it’s vanilla! I love ittttttt! Also amazingly easy to download!<3

  9. Kenzie says:

    It just crash my games

  10. S4/\/\ says:

    Thanks for finally releasing this addon as .mcpack ! Now I can finally put it into my other worlds (If I want to because the owl world is right now with the mine-car and Pc GUI addon also in it my favourite.) I hope you will release more great addons!

  11. Joe says:

    Good good add more kinds of owls

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