Published on August 07, 2022 (Updated on July 10, 2023)

Ozocraft Remix - Bedrock Port (UPDATED TO 1.20.1) - BETA UPDATE

Ozocraft Remix is a 32x32 fan updated texture pack picking up where the original Ozocraft left off around 1.14 (ish). As far back as I could remember, it has been my favorite "go to" resource pack as it provides a rustic feel that isn't overkill. This isn't a hyper realistic texture pack, it's a nice middle ground in a resolution that seems to be ignored.  Updated textures and format corrections for the latest version of Minecraft are included, bringing the texture pack up to speed.There are minor adjustments still to be made over time, but as of this release, it seems to be complete for this version. Some discrepancies may exist for newer items as I figure out how I'd like to address them. That being said, this is the custom pack that I personally use as my daily driver in Minecraft. Along with the typical updates and setup for Optifine features, I've included Better Trees.

Select version for changelog:

  • UPDATED OzoCraft Remix To 1.19.2
  1. Fixed Doors and Trap Doors (Blocks and Items)
  2. Fixed Rabbit Stew & Suspicious Stew
  • End Portal Texture Revamp


  • UPDATED OzoCraft Remix To 1.19.4
  1. Updated Signs (New Look) + Prepare for Hanging Signs
  2. Updated Cherry and Bamboo Blocks in Prep for 1.20
  3. Fixed Saddle and Phantom Membrane (Reverted them by accident)
  4. Added Camel

Other 1.20 Preparations will occur after 1.20 is settled and released. 

*Note - The creator may redo the signs again later for legibility. He has not decided yet.


  • UPDATED OzoCraft Remix To 1.20.1 (BETA)
  • Updated Links To The New 1.20.1 Pack

Caught up with most parity for items etc


  1. Cherry Items
  2. Bamboo Items
  3. Signs (Hanging)
  4. Sniffer, Egg
  5. Pitcher Flower and TorchFlower
  6. Pottery Shards, Brush, Suspicious Sand etc
  7. Camel
  8. Armor Trims*
  9. Templates

*Note -  Armor Trims are added in this version but may clash with the custom armor from Ozocraft Remix.

Also, Helmet Trims may not show through second layer of helmets.  The creator chose not to take away the Ozocraft armors.

1.20.1 version should work backwards to 1.20 (obviously).

This is a release version but the creator may have missed some items along the way, so there will always be random updates.

I didn't see anything for the new Sculk so I just assume it's internal combo with Amethyst and Recolored Restone.


Supported Minecraft versions


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Going to boostellar it says page not found
dl says page not found?
would love to perhaps have a go at making a texture pack , and yours is a favourite lately. want to collab?
This comment has been removed
Sure go ahead, but be sure to mention the ORIGINAL CREATOR

I was wondering, what shader do you use in the photos?
The images are took on Java Version of Minecraft. Also for the shader i use my custom edited version of Sildurs Vibrant Shaders
Daaamn Ima gonna use this for my survival world. Let's see if this a good texture pack or
i want to try this out
Thanks for wanting to try it out, simply download and follow the instructions at the bottom of this page(INSTALLATION) to install
Where do I find husks?
I really like this it look like a medieval pack, it's so beautiful, thank you so much!
So happy you like it, i only take credit for porting it to bedrock though, full credit is to the creator for making such a beautiful pack. Truly an artist
Coolio, ese. It's good to see this texture set get an update. 👍
Thanks for the 5 stars ese, much appreciated