OzoCraft (& Shaders) [32×32]

This version of the OzoCraft texture pack is medieval inspired with rustic textures and a shaders giving it a slightly more realistic feel. The details to each texture is amazing and everything fit so well together.

Creator: Dark_Seer

It’s a great pack for building old-looking buildings like churches, castles and so on.


Also nature looks really beautiful.screenshot-2015-02-18-10-43_2 screenshot-2015-02-18-10-42download

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11 Responses

2.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Eddy says:

    Creo que el link está caído 🙁

  2. Hdsh says:

    This doesn’t work on my iPhone x

  3. Shaniya Faith Hendricks says:

    Dose this work on iPhone 7 Plus?)

  4. Fiqih says:

    So good

  5. SlimeAtlazs says:

    Does this work on Pocket Edition?

  6. imAoesome says:

    Does It Work For 0.15+?? please it has to work ahhh

  7. NickTimelord says:

    Does this work for iOS?

  8. xRiiot says:

    I am on a iphone 4s. Does it matter if its 32×32

  9. CrazyThunderGaming says:

    What is the version? v 0.10.X or v 0.9.5?

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