Paladium Ore Add-on

Bored on Minecraft with only diamond, emerald, iron and gold? Here is the Paladium Ore, a new ore that allow you to craft enchanting apples and new items! Have fun!

Here is the Paladium Ore with which you can craft new special items!

Before you start, put your world in Experimental!

The Paladium Ore is like any ore, you can found it by mining, you can put it in a furnace, you can transform the Paladium ingot to nugget,

To craft paladium blocks use 9 ingots and place them like this in the crafting table:

You can also craft an Enchanting Paladium Apple:

The Paladium Apple give you useful special effects:

You can also craft a Paladium Sword like a normal sword.

Hope you enjoy!

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Craft of the paladium apple fixed !

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -

Solved the pixel bug

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


Once you clicked on the link, wait 10 seconds to unlock the mediafire link !


Supported Minecraft versions


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26 Responses

3.47 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. THE_BLUE says:

    The Paladium server is originally made by Fuze III. You need to credit him !

  2. Lantsey says:

    Everybody is here like omg porn! I can’t handle this! How am I gonna live after seeing this monstrosity ?!? 15 yo me who still plays mc cause it’s a great game: meh

    Pretty good addon btw, I can’t find them in surv even tho I toggled EXGP on am I just unlucky or do I need to do something else ?

  3. Yeet says:

    *clicks on it* my nine year old self:cool
    *clicks on behavior pack* my nine year old self fr*ck

  4. the_jam_man_69 says:

    Let me tell y’all a story:
    – Be me
    – Browsing mcpedl with the fam
    – I see a mod that reminds me of terraria
    – heckYes.mp5
    -Click the recource pack download
    -Clicks on the behavior pack link
    -Asks to turn off adblock
    – Turns off adblock
    -Suddenly out of nowhere porn ads show up
    -Parents yell at me while my 6 year old sister is crying
    -That feel when grounded for a week
    -That feel when banned from computer forever

  5. ?!"',?.:;- says:

    I’m only 8 and I wanted to download this mod but this “” is not letting me download it and it is not a place for any age near mine.please fix.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The behavior pack wont let me download it, it keeps taking me to a bad site, pls fix

  7. Not gay says:

    The behavior takes you to a porn site

  8. Anonymous says:

    Paladium : PvP Faction Moddé !

  9. Unknown says:

    Remind me of TERRARIA

  10. Zdk says:

    Can you transfer this addon to version 1.13.x?

  11. PaladiumGuest says:

    The sword didnt had many demage

  12. Squally says:

    Could u switch to adfly? the current site is too… strange.

  13. Curious Man says:

    Does this replace an ore?

  14. Hayden Ben Kelly says:

    Thank you so much can you add a emerald sword addon?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Cool mod

  16. Fix your link says:

    Change the download link!
    I went to download it but instead got a file called “Your file is ready.exe”… The website tried to download a virus onto my computer -_-

  17. Hazza says:

    Even the wooden sword is better than the paladium sword. And what layer’s can I find it ? Fix this pls this.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Great addon! Sword and natural generation for ore doesn’t work though.

  19. human says:

    make behavior pack link lead to mediafire link plz

  20. RobloxianXP says:

    Added shovel!

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