Pandora’s Box Mod

The Pandora’s Box is a mysterious and magical box in Greek mythology. Now it has been implemented in Minecraft Pocket Edition too. When activating the box many different things can happen. Some include diamond fountains, TNT explosions and flying pigs.

Creator: Metamorposis_2, Twitter Account

How does it work?

It’s similar to a lucky block except that it looks and behaves a little bit differently. After you’ve enabled the mod you will be able to choose from three different qualities: Bad, Good or Impressive. Choose one depending on the performance of the device you are using.

The block can be crafted in-game using the following recipe:

  • Pandora’s Box (200) – 4 wood planks + 4 redstones + 1 obsidian

Once you’ve got the block place it down on the ground and then tap on it with an empty hand to activate it.


Activating the Pandora’s Box can cause a bunch of different things: cows with TNTs attached to them, diamond fountains, TNT explosions, flying pigs and much more!

pandoras-box-2 pandoras-box-1

Download (MediaFire)
Download (Dropbox)

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19 Responses

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  1. mark says:

    why is u profile pic thomas sanders?!… stalker

  2. some one who wants to use this add-on says:

    it brings me to a are you shure you want to open this file because of a sucirity warning.

    so could you help me?

  3. Waternerd18 says:

    I can’t it’s a restriction on my iPad

  4. Night Fury 1307 says:

    But Pandora’s box is supposed to give only bad things……

  5. Anonymous says:

    Will this be available for iOS ??

  6. lee says:

    how do i open it I’m using windows 10 its a java script

  7. Brooke_star says:

    This mod sounds amazing I watch FearADubh and IballisticSquid with Pandora’s box

  8. Rheyhan says:

    I very love MCPE Master and the Mods

  9. bruh says:

    Greaat mod its like a lucky block. except without an annoying question mark on it

  10. Carson Brooks says:

    Won’t install next time just add a install button

  11. Avril says:

    Its cool i like it

  12. Emely Siri says:

    This Mod Is Amazing Because So Many Cool Things Happen When You Tap It!! I Really Enjoy This Mod And I Also Recommend This Mod!! Plus It’s Like How One Of The Goddesses (Pandora) Opened The Box, The Creatures Came Out But This Is Cool Stuff In Mine craft Which Is Better???? Amazing Amazing Mod!! LOVE IT

  13. Ember says:

    OMG I SOOO WISH I COULD GET MODS… i wuv fwying pigs… XD

  14. EpicBrost69 says:

    Great Mod,Dude

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