Parachute Mod

The Parachute Mod adds four difference colored parachutes to the game which can be used to safely jump off cliffs and other similar events. It’s one of the best parachute mods because it looks quite realistic and it’s easy to manage as it adds just one new button to the screen.

Creator: rainbowyoshismbx

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Classic Parachute (370) – 3 wool + 2 strings + 1 leather
  • Red Parachute (371) – 1 classic parachute + 1 rose red
  • Green Parachute (372) – 1 classic parachute + 1 cactus green
  • Blue Parachute (373) – 1 classic parachute + 1 lapis lazuli

How to use the parachute?

Begin by crafting a parachute. It functions similar to an armor item so make sure you wear it before trying to use it.

When you jump off a cliff or similar you will be able to tap on a parachute button in the bottom-right corner of the screen to activate the parachute.


Look in the direction which you want to go. Tap on the jump button to release the parachute and free fall.



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24 Responses

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  1. Anonymous says:

    no me funciona el enlace de descarga

  2. Ggfam says:

    Guys guys settle Down

  3. 🎁 says:

    😭 I am sad it is not working for me I wish it was a addon

  4. Dantdm fan says:

    I wish it was a addon 😭

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can you turn it into a js file?

  6. Hi says:

    How you con installed it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Get blocklauncher download file on blocklauncher go onto mods and then local storage then click downloads it should be there

  7. AgheeraAkela says:

    How to download it?

  8. John Cedrick says:

    How to install it

  9. EchoOfDawn266 says:

    Poor man’s elytra! I like it! Never mind, not available on iOS. 😤

  10. BEAUboothrylett says:


  11. Ben says:

    Not for Amazon?

  12. dude says:

    di you need blocklauncher

  13. Ilman says:

    Can you make this mod work for mcpe 0.14.0 ? 🙂 pliss

  14. Lol says:

    Dose this work on a iPad

  15. ilman says:

    Do I need a texture to use this mod?

  16. Eren says:

    This works 0.13.0?

  17. rjkansi says:

    plss make this aparachute

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