Paradiscal’s Elytra Wings Pack

This is a skin pack which includes 29 awesome elytra wings. There is a great variety of colors and styles to choose from and you can easily switch between the packs in-game because they are installed similar to texture packs. Upgrade your wings to something more fancy!

Creator: ParadiscalTwitter Account
Updated: 25 February, 2017 (added 8 wings, fixed Dreamtime wings)

How does it work?

Click one of the .McPack links down below to download a skin pack. Once you’ve got it then just install it similar to a texture pack. If you don’t like it or want to change to some other then just import and install a new one.

Architects Wings (.McPack)



Fallen (.McPack)


GoldenHawk (.McPack)


GoldLeaf (.McPack)


Harpy (.McPack)


Leaf (.McPack)


McDonald (.McPack)


Night (.McPack)


Peacock (.McPack)


Shark (.McPack)


Sky (.McPack)


Sunset (.McPack)


Tattered (.McPack)


Barrier (.McPack)


Bat (.McPack)


Black Ice (.McPack)


Candy Cane (.McPack)


Dragon Skull (.McPack)


Ice (.McPack)


Dreamtime (.McPack)

Inferno (.McPack)


Watcher (.McPack)


Flash (.McPack)

Blossom (.McPack)

Dollar (.McPack)

Celestial (.McPack)

Lilypad (.McPack)

Cosmos (.McPack)

Orange Neon (.McPack)

Blue Neon (.McPack)

You can download a .ZIP which include all elytra wings here.

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93 Responses

4.58 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Aaliyah Chandab says:

    It doesn’t work I rate a 0

  2. Damar says:

    This for the wings but…. Can you make a earth elytra because I need one👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oooh! This looks awesome! Can you please make Mothra, Mothra Leo, and Mothman wings? That would be AWESOME!!

  4. THEDARKWOLF9669 says:

    Id love it if you would make it where its a seperate object like you have ayour norm elytra then you have another item and its like say the harpy one (fade bi flag) you know like seperate items

  5. Everlasting_Luck says:

    Could you make one for enderdragon wings and a phantoms wings? If you still make them…

  6. Everlasting_luck says:

    Could you make one that is like the phantoms wings? If you are still making them..?

  7. Hugh says:

    Black ice is perfect for THE BATMAN

  8. InsecureGaming says:

    So coooooool dude nice job

  9. Pati robins says:

    Have you seen tokyo ghoul? If so please make a Kigane one (dark red) the one kaneki has. Please? 😀

  10. ink Sans says:

    its to muths

  11. Raiyan mufid says:

    Why I can’t downlod it?

  12. Darius says:

    I love the peacock one

  13. CuteNarwhal says:

    thank you so much!!! 😄😄😄😄😄

  14. SaberSqwid says:

    Could you change the orange neon elytra wings from instead of black, white? Thank you ^_^

  15. Anonymous says:

    Add Paradiscal Tools like pickaxes and axes and shovels and stuff like that it would be so cool and i would get like all of them

  16. Caleb's Facts says:

    OMG Best Add-On I’ve ever got neon blue looks so cool THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS ADD-ON!

  17. Macca Pacca says:

    If you aren’t too busy already, could you please make neon wings in all the different colours? Like how you have blue and orange… I reckon green and pink and red would look awesome, I’m just saying this because I’ve found a super cool robot skin in about four colour variants and the elytra looks epic with the skin, if you want to check out what I’m talking about this is the website I found it on but I didn’t make any of the skins (not sure if I had to put that in there but better to be safe than sorry) anyway this is the link;

    I really hope you think about this because it would really mean a lot to me and I think lots of other people would like it too, thank you sooooooo much your creations are really inspiring!!

  18. TheRedDiamond08 says:

    Owner of this add on can u add Da Vin Ci wings from Growtopia game?

  19. Juuno says:


    May I ask you something?

    Where do you edit the textures of the elytra? I may help you in exchange 🙂

    • Paradiscal says:

      I use an app on IOS named ‘Procreate’ to make them, I port them to my pc and then I convert them to transparency with gimp and resize them to pack icons with ms paint.

  20. Endernbrine says:

    I don’t want to rush you though.

  21. Endernbrine says:

    I love the flash and the orange neon wings! Can you make a elytra texture that is like the blue water machine elytra texture, but orange Plz. I would go great with my skin!

  22. fan fun pan says:

    were the same suggestions!

  23. fan fun pan says:

    can you add these?(elytra textures)
    1. fire related textures(ex great fire)
    2.nether related textures(ex nether madness)
    3.light related textures (ex seus elytra)(make this one as addon tho)

    • Paradiscal says:

      1. Inferno elytra is already here
      2. Nether is fire themed, in which case ^
      3. There’s no way to make an addon w/ elytra, I have no idea what a Zeus one would look like anyway

      Well, if you can give me some more details on the 3rd one, I might update this thing again.

  24. Tobuskes says:

    Add a mod about the anime black butler

    😉 I have been a good buskers armen

  25. Rustelk2930 says:

    Nice job, I’m definitely using these on my worlds. Hey Editor, how do you change the image of your avatar? I can’t find the settings.

  26. Endernbrine says:

    I love the flash elytra wings. Thank you for making them. I added the fire enchantment resource pack with the flash wings and it looked great.

  27. CreeperCraft18 says:

    Can you plz plz plz plz do a creeper and a lava creeper? That would be AWESOME

  28. Noah🐯 says:

    30 different capes OMG! 🙂

  29. Mcpe_Dylan_HD says:

    Nice Idea McpeMaster36138

  30. Mcpe_Dylan_HD says:

    I Like Alot Of The Textures Plz Make More

  31. Cayennemia101505201 says:

    Make a gender addon can you I’ve been waiting for one so long but nobody’s making one
    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 from: AlmostKilledJakeTheWolfChild
    to: maker of this

  32. Mcpemaster36183 says:

    Make a elytra pack with mob heads at the back plz I beg u

  33. Helena Fitzgerald says:

    Ok I already tried that but can you make a Ferrari or a Lamborghini on the MCPE app

  34. Helena Fitzgerald says:

    Hi I’m a big fan of your work but my wish is that you make a giant robot a giant one please. Best of luck hope you read this and reply 😀😀😀😀

  35. MCPEPlatPlaye1 says:

    Awesome! Love it.

  36. LexiPie35 says:

    It looks very cool.😎

  37. Nate says:

    When I press jump to fly it quits me out of the game

  38. Ella says:

    Hi I got it and it works like a fast computer

  39. S4/\/\ says:

    Is it possible to make an addon where you can fly infinitely with the elytra?
    If yes can you make/ask someone to make an addon and upload it to this website?
    Thx! 😄

  40. Lewis says:

    How does it work?

    • Ella says:

      You download it and then it with say minecraft … And tap on that then it will take to to Mcpe and the one you chose will be there and if you have elytra wings and add play and you’ll see it

  41. Farlander says:

    Can u add the wings of the swooping evil from fantastic beasts please? That would be epic!

  42. Popular gamer41 says:

    Do more

  43. ErnestGamingEC says:

    Thanks for fixing the link for harpy this addon texture was the best

  44. RedLeader1015 says:

    Can someone create a Star Wars add on for the original trilogy, pleassssseeeee.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Very nice wings

  46. S4/\/\ says:

    Awesome! I hope you make more! And is there an App on the Apple Store for making Texture Packs, where the file is .mcpack and not .zip (without needing to change it myself)?

  47. Mr robin tbg says:

    Make a iron golem face elytra I will love it

  48. XXwinterwolfXx5 says:

    I love this

  49. Aidan says:

    Make the elytra wings like Ant Venom’s… he is a youtuber

  50. TheFlames says:

    Aw man, there isn’t water wings! 😢

  51. VideoGameDude12 says:

    Do you take requests?

  52. TheAmazingGamer // TAG says:

    The gold leafs .mcpack file doesn’t work plz fix it

  53. Paradiscal says:

    Ty for accepting it on the website, I’ll be working on some other things soon.

  54. Endernbrine says:


  55. Endernbrine says:

    Fix the goldenleaf texture please? I can’t download it!

  56. Endernbrine says:

    Can you fix the goldenleaf elytra wing texture please? I can’t download it!

  57. Frosty says:

    When i tried to download Harpy it leaded to goldleaf wings pls fix it.
    Also first :3.

  58. AseemDaSpark says:

    How do you change what the elytra looks like
    I want to make my own design on my computer

  59. Herobrine says:

    Can you do the elytra with a creeper in his back plsss

  60. Ultrix says:

    The harpy one takes you too the goldleaf wing pls fix 🙂

  61. Zara says:

    It is AWESOME

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