Paradiscal’s Paintball 2: Apocalypse (Addon) [PvP]

This map features a paintball arena which is suitable for 2-4 players. The map automatically includes an addon which replaces some of the items in-game with tools and weapons related to paintball. All of the block textures have also been customized to suit the apocalyptic map theme. It’s a great map if you want to play paintball with some friends in Minecraft!

Creator: Paradiscal, Twitter Account
Updated: 16 January, 2017 (bug fixes)

How to play?

This map requires at least two players but if you are more players then that’s better. Split up on two separate teams, gear up and then head into the arena.

  • Paintball Launcher = Bow and arrows
  • Handheld Paintballs = Snowball
  • Visual Barrier Paintballs = Eggs

Start a countdown from 10 before starting a round. Use the Paintball Launchers to shoot the other players.

It’s a small map with just a few structures which you can use as cover. This will hopefully make the gameplay a bit more intense.


  • You are allowed to use a melee dagger (wooden sword) to hit other players. But if you want to go for maximum damage then you should use the paintball launcher (bow and arrows).
  • Handheld paintballs (snowballs)
  • Visual barrier paintballs (eggs)
  • Custom food item textures


People must ask Paradiscal ([email protected]) and credit him if they want to use his concepts, resources or artwork to make a paintball map.


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23 Responses

5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Haven’t used yet but this is the first addon I have seen that doesn’t redirect through various sketchy websites XD

  2. DarkService8 says:

    So fun

  3. DarkService8 says:

    It’s so fun map nice keep making addons

  4. Zehasep says:


  5. Anynomous says:

    Again, great idea, crappily carried out

  6. Mtn Dew Master says:

    Why is the paint ball gun affected by gravity so much?

    • Paradiscal says:

      It does more damage, so I didn’t want it to replace the handheld paintball in game, it’s for close-range ranged damage, an alternative before you start using melee with the dagger, I recommend spawning some view-blocking paintballs before use, as you can aim at their feet.

  7. Mtn Dew Master says:

    You should make guns addons

  8. Someone says:

    Hes a noob at paintball my frien

  9. Just_epic says:

    U said that the addon is included with the map it is not fix it now.

  10. BrettSchally says:

    What do I do for the link If I want to share a world?

  11. Cody2074 says:

    Nice Job! I’ll submit mine very soon!

  12. ImJustIron says:

    When I got the map the Addon was not included 🙁

  13. Anthony says:

    Hi I always wanted this add on and this is my first time I’m gonna use it

  14. Silver hero says:

    When I downloaded the map the resources didn’t load

  15. Derp says:

    It is very cool! nice work!

  16. Paradiscal says:

    The world was bugged in this version (had the old addon), although the addon is fine, I uploaded a new version with a non-bugged world.

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