Paradise Cove [Custom Terrain]

Paradise Cove is a large lake in the center of the map. Surrounding the lake is a consistent and dense jungle and rainforest with loads of extreme mountains to be climbed. In and around the mountains are multiple caves leading down to tunnels which means the map can be explored on multiple levels.

It’s an extraordinary forest with the most magnificent terrain you’ll ever come across. The map is perfect if you are looking for a survival challenge or just enjoy the survival part of the game.

Creator: PEBuildingBros

paradise2 paradise1


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30 Responses

3.72 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    looks really nice but for some reason the world is very… limited . There’s a void surrounding the water fall and I can’t even walk past it. To be honest I can’t even see the waterfall.

  2. JustAsSimple says:

    It works, but if I convert to infinite, thr world really slices it off

  3. TheLabScientist says:

    Please Provide An mc.world And 5 Five Stars Is Yours! Please?

  4. Jeff Cosall says:

    MC.world pleaseee

  5. Help says:

    Were you can click the Downlowd Button`?

  6. JustAsSimple says:

    Problem: the world is no infinite,when I go on the borders it crashes my game, could you fix it

  7. Anonymous says:

    It wont work on ios

  8. Goodbye213 says:

    i dont see a .mcworld download can you please add it in so us windows 10 players can try it? it looks really nice and i would love to have this world. please do everything you can to make it available to us windows 10 players ty

  9. Infinity says:

    Please make this a .zip or a .mcworld please! It looks so interesting!

  10. ragingPotato says:

    plzzz update this plzzz im begging you. I really want this map. if you update it i will love you foreverrr…

  11. Isaiah says:

    I really think this is the best map ever

  12. Freestyle Gamez says:

    Hey, im starting a Minecraft diaries roleplay, and can I have permission to use this map?

  13. Sugar suprise says:

    Um… How do you download word?

  14. imKent Minecraft says:

    Can I use that terrain for my map?
    I’ll just credit to you the terrain 🙂

  15. Joe bradshaw says:

    Pleeeese make it for iOS too!!!

  16. mtn dew master says:

    It doesn’t work. It doesn’t have the correct files for 1.0 or higher cos it uses the old world files not the new ones sadly 😢

    • EpiKatHD says:

      So that’s why I couldn’t join the world! My game crashed when it was loading in. Makes sense, but I am highly disappointed now. I was wondering if it was due to the version. I am loading it in 1.0.4, so… yeah. No use in trying to use this world now! I just hope the creator makes a new one, if he has time to do it again.

  17. AntiBoredomClass says:

    Mcworld link please i really want this map

  18. DarkAmulet says:

    Hey can u make it were u can download it for apple also? I cant download it on apple to minecraft it makes me download it to drive and stuff i usasally use media fire to download it to minecraft can u do it?

  19. simonsays says:

    make it easy for ios pls

  20. Evan says:

    This does work on

  21. Ranchbearer says:

    A .mcworld link please

  22. Roxykate says:

    How did you make a map

  23. A iOS man says:

    Can you make it for iOS


  24. Max The Wolf says:


  25. Muhammad says:

    What version is this and can you put a tutorial on how to download it

  26. Daniel Merritt says:

    I want to make a Hunger Games map with this map terrain. Who would I contact to get permission to do it?

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