Paradisia Lingusta [Adventure Map]

Paradisia Lungusta is a very popular adventure map. Have a look and try it out. Don’t forget to read the storyline and installing the texture pack which comes with the downloaded mod package in the bottom.

You are waking up and find yourself on a raft. The first question that comes to mind is how in the world did you get here? You start thinking some and your memories soon come to light.

There was heat surrounding you, probably a fire, to your left and right you could hear the scream and cries of people as shots flew just above your head. That’s the only things you can remember until total darkness wraps around you and it is taking you with you to the depths of the ocean.

You are trying to forget the horrible memory frames and think clearly of what actually happened. Straight forward you stare and try to focus your mind and now it hits you like a bolt. Pirates, it was pirated who attacked the ship which you and your friends were on.

The only thing that saved you from dying was this raft which you was luckily flushed on and stranded on this island. As soon you realize this you can help but smiling a bit since you are actually all alive and well, at least that’s what you think for now.

As you go for a walk around the island you come across a house and inside it is a diary by a friend of yours who also was on the ship. The diary tells you that he was also stranded on the same island and apparently it is the home of the same pirates which attacked you, he has found out. And currently he’s out there looking for the pirates who killed many of your friends and made your ship sink.

There is really nothing else to do that go out there and help him, you think for yourself. And out you go and start discovering the secrets of the islands and that the pirates are actually the smallest problem here.

Creator: Tenguspl1


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14 Responses

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  1. Someone says:

    I hate zip 😠😠

  2. Benjamin says:

    When I download the file it’s only 1mb and when I unzip it the Macworld doesn’t exist

  3. Rhys misa says:

    @help:/ same, it is a bad zip file

  4. Help :/ says:

    Do you have a link with .McWorld instead of .zip?

  5. iDragons says:

    Can you play this map without the texture pack?

  6. Pls halp says:

    Can someone help me… I downloaded this map and did everything according to the guide and I could not find the map in my worlds

  7. Nevertheless says:

    CAN U PLAY WITH 3 ppl

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