Parallax Shaders

What is Parallax Shaders?

Parallax shaders is a project that aims to bring the most dynamic and realistic shaders bedrock edition has seen. Many shaders are too dark or too washed out and that ends with parallax shaders. It introduces techniques that bring us the closest to static ray tracing through rigorous testing.


Realistic, Clear, Vibrant Weathers & Lighting!

Realistic Water Animations, Color, & Transparency

Realistic Shadow Casting & Illumination

Bump Mapping/POM (For ALL Texture Packs (3D)

Realistic Night Time & Darkness


Join my Discord server to share your own packs or to download others

Follow me on Twitter for updates & YouTube for videos

Terms Of Use

You are prohibited from creating your own link for this pack or using the direct link. You must link this page

You are allowed to edit this for your personal use without redistribution


Changelog View more

Added more links, remodeled the description, changed the terms of use

Updated the description of the pack none of the links - no need to update if you're seeing this and have the last version

  • Added a link to the console version
  • Removed my UI from the pack
  • Optimized it a tad bit more
  • Changed the sun and water texture a bit
  • Future improvements coming soon

Tried fixing a text glitch within the post itself for better readability.

Added a video and text tutorial to download the pack.

Changed download settings to be easier and less long to download.

Added an installation tutorial and a terms of use notice, along with updated socials

Updated the links per request and also updated the pack to improve performance and visual fidelity

Fixed the error you got when downloading. Changed some of the code so the pack can be better looking and better performing

Updated the social links, wrote more clear instructions, altered the description slightly. No new update to the downloaded content.

Changed brightness levels to reduce overexposure, along with some additional tweaks to improve the quality of the shader.

Made Nights Brighter Again (we're still too dark after the initial change) also updated the lighting for better consistency. Better balance between blacks and whites so things aren't under or over exposed. Download the latest version, there has been a lot of improvements.

Fixed accidental double spaced text in the description. I have OCD if you couldn't tell. Original

Changelog Since Release:

1. Made Nights Brighter

2. Reduced Orange Hue Slightly

1. Made Nights Brighter

2. Updated All Description Pictures To Higher Quality Images

Changelog 1.2: 

1. Made Nights Darker

2. Reduced Orange Hue Slightly

3. Added new picture/detail under description

Rewrote the shader from scratch, retook screenshots of improved shader and updated description.

Centered the text and changed supported version numbers. Changed Xbox to "console" to show support for PS4 and switch

Updated a broken social media link that I have changed. 

Changed accidental bold lettering, made things look nicer, and cleared up another mistake.

Changed the description to comment on the Xbox compatibility after the 1.13 update.

Changed the water color, made the sky more realistic (clouds, sun, moon) changed the water's transparency for realism. This update is huge! For the textures: changed the color map, it was too saturated before and updated some of the item textures

Removed 1.13 support, because it doesn't work on 1.13. I'm working on a 1.13 version and will release it when its offically out.

Updated the description, because I have OCD and have to correct the smallest misprint or typo.

Fixed some bugs, the high resolution background I had caused some problems for mobile users so I removed it.

Changed description to add a disclaimer, and added additional information regarding the pack.


1. Click on "Free Access with Ads"

2. Click on "Discover interesting articles"

3. Wait 10 seconds then exit out of the articles

4. Click "Continue"


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16


512x Shaders

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Installation Guides

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333 Responses

3.72 / 5 (178 votes)
  1. Sinmon says:

    whats the map link

  2. MinerGuys says:

    so does it work on windows 10 now?

  3. Poisonloca says:

    So awesome that i forgot to put five stars! Lol

    • Delta Wave says:

      sadly i cant put a new comment and i have to reply so dont mind my comment. Sadly the shaders don’t work on my device. although the textures work fine, i remember that there were both block textures and tool textures. now there are only block textures that are different from before, they go for more of a realism then an in depth vanilla 3d look.

  4. Poisonloca says:

    That is a awesome shader pack mate!

    • Delta Wave says:

      sadly i cant put a new comment and i have to reply so dont mind my comment. Sadly the shaders don’t work on my device. although the textures work fine, i remember that there were both block textures and tool textures. now there are only block textures that are different from before, they go for more of a realism then an in depth vanilla 3d look.

  5. AristoLynx says:

    The game crashes while it attempts to load the world. Any tips to fix that?

  6. PixelParrot says:

    Hey I love this a lot but I don’t like the shiny glass thingy it looks weird from far hoe can I delete it pls tell of course for personal use

  7. TREMORZ says:

    Doesnt look as the screenshots :/

  8. JasLu3451 says:

    My game couldn’t recognise the file.

  9. 2rc3mijehtgcryjehawe says:

    Not sure if this shader is good
    but the showcase picture is good

  10. Boxiel says:

    When will it be for win 10?

  11. fuchink says:

    Sorry, I won’t get malware for a shader. I downloaded the Linkvertise exe file and scanned it with my anti-virus to make sure and it is heavily infected. Sad.

  12. IShawWhale says:

    Can the shader run with texture pack at sametime ?

  13. Guest-8617915010 says:

    Thx for the Shader

  14. Zach Marc says:

    The “Parallax Blocks” look like Realistico Demo,
    Im serious

  15. Guest-1530392327 says:

    My potato iPad went at literally one FPS. Could there be a way to get the old version, that isn’t as laggy?

  16. Guest-1485689706 says:

    What’s up my people’s

  17. Guest-1485689706 says:


  18. Guest-7332888238 says:

    Can I get the palace in a

  19. Guest-5035101219 says:

    well it worked for once except the only thing that changed was the sun and moon lol

  20. Guest-8215689018 says:

    The best shaders I’ve found for Bedrock! Absolutely amazing, love the water! Love your texture pack too, especially the modern verison! But dude you ruined it recently by changing the “MINECRAFT” at the main menu to your name… I get you may like to see it there when you boot but for most people its jarring and ugly. The logo is terrible, very cheesy and doesnt get you in the mood to play Minecraft. Looks like I just booted a browser game. Please undo this terrible, vain, change so i can continue to sing your praises!

    TL;DR You spent so much time making awesome packs to pull me into my Minecraft experience, but pulled my out by slapping your name and logo on the main menu. PLZ FIX

    much love from NY!

    • Guest-9129653416 says:

      I have a version without that

    • Guest-1238889588 says:

      can give you it

    • TheHybred says:

      Hey there, I don’t make any money off any of my content. Its 100% free with zero ads and I have almost 20+ packs for minecraft currently that I worked hard on and this change was done to help people recognize not only that specific work but me so that people can find my other content. I just want people to download my stuff and I’ve found that this helps a bit, but also another reason is people reposting my pack and removing me from the description it helps prevent that a little more but you can always go into your folder and delete the texture that changes the logo for your personal use

  21. Guest-9575349957 says:

    Does it work on xbox??

  22. U said u will bring win10 supp in update and didn’t. 0 star is good for lieing

  23. Guest-8819295941 says:

    I don’t like it. I can’t open my Minecraft anymore because of it

  24. Guest-4638027151 says:

    Could there be a way to turn off bumb mapping?

  25. Oh-Hey-We-Couldnt-Skype-Tonight says:

    This Is The Type Of Shader I’ve Been Looking for, I got the shader the texture.I wish I could Get the sounds but I’m on IOS,This Parallax is the best texture and shader I’ve ever seen on Minecraft bedrock.Everything about it is AMAZING and I love how I have ZERO lag this is the greatest texture and shader I can use on anything, Even for pvp.i hope whoever made this keep up the amazing work and please make the sound resource an mcpack if you can. If You can’t then I understand..

  26. Oh-Hey-We-Couldnt-Skype-Tonight says:

    This Is The Type Of Shader I’ve Been Looking for, I got the shader the texture.I wish I could Get the sounds but I’m on IOS,This Parallax is the best texture and shader I’ve ever seen on Minecraft bedrock.Everything about it is AMAZING and I love how I have ZERO lag this is the greatest texture and shader I can use on anything, Even for pvp.i hope whoever made this keep up the amazing work and please make the sound resource an mcpack if you can. If You can’t then I understand.

  27. Guest-2227655544 says:

    The shader’s not perfect, sand and crops is so bright tried to lower down brightness its so dark, i think its focused on night time cause other says night time so dim so they bright it up… So i just thought i modified the files (just for my own usage) and get rid of everything exept the sky, sky is the best thing about this shader so unique cause its moving, thats all…

  28. Guest-2042467368 says:

    If the blocks are invisible… Is it because my phone isnt compatible?!

  29. Guest-8879117605 says:

    I tried adding resource pack to settings you made my game constantly crash

  30. NotPug says:

    Can u fix the water pls I hate how it moves when I move

  31. TheHybred says:

    Applying any resource pack with a large file size to your world makes the world size bigger. The bigger the world size the more issues arise, it is a minecraft problem not the texture pack. In order to have UHD textures it requires a lot of space there’s no way around that, apply it in global resource packs if your minecraft world won’t launch or crashes.

  32. Guest-6955190046 says:

    Why do you steal some parts of other shaders ? You’re noob !

  33. Please add older versions link(That work on win10) also update it faster. I am waiting for win10 version

  34. Guest-5196508142 says:

    Your not the only one

  35. Guest-3230775841 says:

    Do you happen to know when you could release support for windows 10 and other devices?

    • TryHardJibs says:

      Render Dragon allowed every shader in MCBE to not function properly, so just wait for 1.16’s full release and the creators to update their shaders so that you can go back to being awed by beautiful lighting again.

  36. Guest-8310675548 says:

    My xbox cant handle the texture pack

  37. Guest-1596043898 says:


    • TryHardJibs says:

      Sorry, shaders don’t work on Xbox because that version of MCBE has render dragon, so the best thing to do is to wait for 1.16 so that TheHybred can optimize this shader for platforms other than mobile.

  38. Guest-6790872281 says:

    I like it, but with a texture pack, it is laggy.

  39. Guest-5897120955 says:

    Hey, so the shaders work on xbox one but when I try to load the texture pack (with the shaders on as well) it gets as far as the loading screen and even changes the background and text font but crashes right before it loads the world. Is this still because it doesn’t work on console? and if so, when can we expect the update to be around?

  40. PavilionMCPEYT says:

    Woo Hybred! You brought back Parallax Shaders with REFRESHED Graphics! I love this shader since Sep 2019 when it was released!! Awesome. Five stars.

  41. Guest-9207160996 says:

    On Xbox and maybe others consoles and Devices The blocks are blurry from far away as well as the blocks are also blurry in your hotbar

  42. TryHardJibs says:

    Windows 10 version … please

  43. Guest-1760971979 says:

    It looks cool but when ever I try to use it my Minecraft goes black and just quits the app.

  44. FLARXXS says:

    That would be great if this shader were not plagiarized!

  45. Guest-6572811861 says:

    How do I get rid of the water I do not like the water and I get laggy when going near water

  46. Pls fix where the top textures of all blocks renders as black..

    Device: Vivo 1606
    Ram: 2GB
    Android version: 6.0.1

  47. GD Stalker says:

    Whenever I have the texture pack on, I cant join servers.

  48. Guest-5071812312 says:

    I’ve just come to say that this is perfect, the lighting and the detail put into this is flawless. This is the best pack I had come across so far.

  49. Guest-9417324956 says:

    looks rather identical to freshwater shader by eneruzia

  50. HLSL shader for Windows 10 pleaseeee

  51. Guest-5727054135 says:

    It’s not working for me on Windows 10 Bedrock, like it does nothing.

  52. doctorjun2_gd says:

    This shader is very, very perfect

  53. Candy H. says:

    Hey! Also wow!!! I just downloaded the Shaders on my Android device, with the mc pack and it looks Spectacular!!!
    However it does need a bit of works such as:
    •Fixing the part where whenever you move so does the water.
    ~These are some adjustments that I would like to to personally have be made on the Shaders ~
    •Can u please add a sunlight beam for whenever you look around Especially towards the sun/moon it would look even a bit more realistic.
    •Also Please do keep everything else the same Especially the waving Plants/flowers, reflective/moving water, and Ect.

    Finally Thank You so much for updating and making this Awesome Shader! I can tell you have been working very hard in these Shaders and I will continue to support you! Stay Safe and full of Love! (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。

  54. kadvaru says:

    what? the latest update straight up removed support for console/win10? tf….

    • LoAlCo says:

      When talking with the Dev in the Discord, the win10 support is being rewritten. If you have the old versions, those still work. The textures work fine on Win10 though.

  55. does not work on windows 10 edition

  56. Anonymous says:

    Nothing renders with this shader. *sad*

  57. XcunS1 says:

    is it normal that the sand looks to shiny and the world?

  58. DRAGONiaj says:

    One of the best bedrock shaders I have ever used! Even on a laptop that sometimes can’t even handle normal Minecraft, the shaders work perfectly without lag!

  59. Xbox Player says:

    Don’t advertise it working on consoles because it doesn’t. You need to update it to accommodate the new RenderDragon Graphics Engine. Still think it’s great when it works though.

  60. Zanekeandespinosa says:


  61. Shader Man says:

    Any shaders with the normal clouds?

  62. Reeeeeeeeee says:

    When will xbox be supported again i know im being pushy but want a good shaders (update estimate)

  63. Twisted Bonnie4 says:

    how can get tecnical support for this because I think I did something nwrong during the instalation process.

  64. willem says:

    why is evrything invisible

  65. Bruh says:

    Probably the best shader on bedrock at the moment, although I did encounter a bug with how the light is shown on chests. This probably has something to do with how the game perceives chests as an entity, so the light doesn’t really shine on them. Still a great shader nonetheless.

    • Tony says:

      By any chance can you contact me on a different social media to give some information or help on how to install this shader? It’s been a long time and I have decided to get back into Minecraft and start from the ground up

  66. Pajarito16 says:

    Well in the images looks beautiful but, when I download it, the blocks are invisible and so is my skin, so I don’t know what’s the problem, I already try to download it like 4 times and still the same, help

  67. ft2809 says:

    Fantastic shaders but hard to download

  68. Creepergamer9000 says:

    @THEHYBRED can i use this shader in one of my PE videos cause today I want to make a lifeboat vid so just asking it’s kinda Ben a while since I used my channel so yeah just asking😇

  69. WildDemonLord says:

    When I try to use this shader, every single block is invisible. Can you please fix that?

  70. LennyGames12 says:

    I’m trying to use it on my IPad and eveything is invisible, any way you can fix that?

  71. I will put it on my server! she’s gorgeous!

  72. LinkSans2000 says:

    Hey, uh… I’ve got a slight problem…

    Whenever I install these, they make everything invisible.

    The shaders used to work though

  73. Bairon says:

    Hay alguna forma de que el shader funcione para ps4?
    Lo intente y simplemente desde la consola no se nota cambio, pero en android si se ve muy bien

  74. Bairon says:

    Hay alguna forma de que funcione para ps4?
    Lo intente y simplemente desde la consola no se nota cambio, pero en android si se ve muy bien

  75. alan says:

    this don’t work, i liked that but i cant load this in my worlds

  76. kyle says:

    The shader seems to work as i can see the change in the sun and moon. but the water doesnt change at all. why is this? also playing on xbox

  77. Calvin says:

    This has to be the best shader for Minecraft bedrock there is. paired with the sounds and the texture pack makes this a truly amazing experience. I would highly recommend this to any of my friends and colleagues.

  78. Sans says:

    Use eclipse 2k texture pack with it creator, it makes the texture pack to have some more quality with your shader and that the shader looks good with the texture pack.

  79. WildDemonLord says:

    I like the looks of this shader however, every single block is invisible when using this shader.

  80. kadvaru says:

    the shader works in 1.14 but the colours are very washed out, anyone having this issue on 1.14?

  81. anonymous says:

    why does this shader cause all my blocks to become invisible? am i applying it wrong? im on the latest ios version and mcpe version

  82. InquiringMinds says:

    I don’t know why other people are having problems with this pack… probably either operator error or their devices can’t handle it. I personally have the textures, the shaders, and sounds on alway and I love it.

  83. CB says:

    This shader doesn’t work on my S9 phone. I’ve tried both the .mcpack and files, but whenever I open a world all I can see is the sky. All of the blocks are transparent. I can also see the torches in my house sparking, but that’s it. I really hope this is a fixable issue because from what I can see in the screenshots, this looks like a really great shader. I gave it 2 stars because the sky looks really nice.

  84. Alex says:

    I never actually leave comments on these things, but just wanted to let you know that this is the best shader pack ever.

  85. Blue Cheese says:

    Half of the blocks are glitching in 1.14, plz fix

  86. Anonymous says:

    Best texture pack i have seen in my ;ofe

  87. Anonymous says:

    The Shaders is pretty good but the problem is that items and mobs glitches especially when far in distance

  88. Anonymous says:

    Not working in mys i feel like i cant have good shaders that anybody has welp im just gonna stay on no shader mcpe just dull and unhappy sometimes christmas is not that happy always sometimes christmas could be bad sometimes it GOOD maybe right now i think people my not make of this cause they rather focus on others and thats all no one likes poor end devices only rich ones wich is savage😔😔😟😢

  89. Anonymous says:

    It doesnt woirk it erases the textures of that blocks and water sad thats how life is if u expect to get something and you cant have it its just dissapointing to it welp i think i cant have any good shaders😔😔😔😔😔😢

  90. Maxwell says:

    Wow it’s good

  91. Comphurtzone says:

    And here I was told that this shader was better than most others, not gonna say any names bu…*cough**cough* CODEX! *cough*. Sorry about that, had something foul in my throat. As I was saying this shader is as broken like every other right now. Oh yeah, that second star is the pity I feel the for the creator of this shader that probably doesn’t realize some of his/her commenters are talking bad about other creaters content. But what do I know, apparently I’m just 8 years old and all I do is play fortnite.

  92. eoaga says:

    to everyone complaining about xbox support, it wont be supported for a while due to render dragon only being on xbox and unable to get the shader files

  93. Anonymous says:

    This is working on Minecraft PE 1.14 Beta!

  94. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t work for 1.13. Don’t get unless updated for future updates

  95. Trips says:

    This shader no longer works on xbox 1.13. Please fix. This was my favorite add on 🙁

  96. PLEAS UPDATE says:

    Yes on the Xbox one it is also not working. The shaders do not work in the new update. I wish I could enjoy it but this needs and update.

  97. Usman says:

    Worked perfectly on 1.13 beta on win 10!
    Its great. Clouds were static though otherwise great work!

  98. ReactiveTiara53 says:

    How do we download it

  99. nate says:

    On xbox one version 13.0.13 or something like that game out and there is no waves or no clouds in the sky and the kelp has a green border around it and i installed the textures and the shaders so please fix soon it looks awsome

  100. Nothing says:

    Can you Fix it. it does not work on Xbox one Minecraft 1.13.0 .13

  101. Anonymous says:

    Does not work on Minecraft 13
    Fix it plz

  102. DubstepGamerPro says:

    The latest update caused most of the added shaders & textures to no longer work. Needs an update with some added improvements.

  103. Benji says:

    One of the best Shaders I’ve ever installed!
    And completely changed my world, always my first pick for mega projects, but my game updated today and completely destroyed everything game looks gross now lmao
    if you can please update it so it can support
    1.13 that’ll be much appreciated 🙂

  104. Loo says:

    Partial broken in today’s update on Xbox. The water shaders seems to be mostly working and the sun is different, but the actual shading no longer works. Love this shader so Please update.

  105. Skycraft says:

    Tried this on Xbox One and crashed before loading the game. I put the .mcpack file into folder ‘resource_packs’, could I perhaps be doing something wrong?

  106. Skylight says:

    Pls make an update to this it has so many bugs the front character is dark and the back one is light

  107. Jordan Chessell says:

    It didn’t work for me, everything turned out invisible.

    Windows 10 Edition

  108. Jordan Chessell says:

    When I loaded it up it didn’t load properly and didn’t work. 0 stars for me.

  109. Marshyy says:

    It’s still crashing on my Xbox one S before the world even loads. Does anyone know what I can do to make it work? Do I need to delete stuff in my Xbox or something?

  110. lollolo says:

    LOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOL You are the maker of noob shaders who have cooked cooking ESBE Shaders continue to steal Realistico as well as NOOB.

  111. Hysteria says:

    Can you make the flowers and crops sway in the wind also?

  112. OldeJanky says:

    there is a lighting glitch with the chests. They are not being affected by light…

  113. XxKILLERPRO950xX says:

    All I see is esbe shaders with a cube map and HD textures

  114. Thartify says:

    Can i get this in my global resous tab in setting and if i can how i woul like to use this in reamls im on xbox. Looks grate though 5 strar.

  115. Joshie says:

    I noticed during my gameplay that shawdows were little broken. Maybe you can fix that. Otherwise this shader is great.

  116. Davve says:

    By far, imo the best shader 🙂 Looks super cool with FlowsHD or PureBD textures on my Xiaomi android device.

  117. Annoymous says:

    I does not seem to load on xbox now, it’s in my resource packs, and can see it in the worlds texture packs, but when loading into the world nothing happens.

  118. CODEX! says:

    Finally, RTX for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Thanks. 🙂

  119. Slylecoco says:

    Thx for this sharders!

    Works fine on NVIDIA Shield TV,

    With MCPE 1.12.1

  120. Craftedjedi66 says:

    Everytime i load worlds with the pack enabled, Minecraft crashes. Anything i can do? On Xbox btw.

  121. Milton says:

    It does’t work on my device.I can’t see the blocks.I’m using minecraft pe

  122. KarmicTrack3016 says:

    It does’t work on my device.I can’t see the blocks.I’m using minecraft pe

  123. KarmicTrack3016 says:

    It does’t work on my device.I can’t see blocks when i enter the world.

  124. Mikel says:

    How do I download this on Android I don’t see a download button anywhere???

  125. Person trying to get shaders says:

    The download link is broken. It kept saying “not working. Repair your download”.

  126. Eduarda says:

    Alguno sabe porque mi iPad Pro Estella de la versión primera me da lágrimas¿ iPad Pro 11 512gb va lageado se llama lates download sin en cargo el shader not recomendad va mejor qué raro

  127. Jmackley says:

    I’m trying this on my Xbox One S on Minecraft version 1.12.1 and applying the pack causes the game to freeze on the generating world screen and then crash.

  128. eoaga says:

    This does work for 1.14 but the shadows don’t move throughout the day

  129. You should make a mega blocks texture pack

  130. CODEX! says:

    This is Ray Tracing PE! xD

  131. tyler says:

    For all the people saying the creator stole from ESBE take a second and actually compare them. They definitly share some similarities but there is no thievery. Poepl will say “bruh he stole the water” No he didnt its the same consept done differently. If we all went around around saying junk like this then i guess both ESBE and Parralax stole for msimple shaders because they both have shadows, right? Wrong. THats not how stealing works, get your facts straight.

  132. TheRonimal says:

    The Bedrock realm I played on added them and I can no longer join the world. My minecraft BR edition is fiully updated. I am playing on the Nintendo switch. Does anyone with the Switch have similar issues?

    • Mike smith says:

      Little late for a reply.. but I added them to my realm then tried joining on my switch… downloads the pack then crashes. Not compatible with the switch so had to delete! Shame as it’s a nice shader.

  133. Cawalls Deep says:

    Can you add dynamic lighting? It would be amazing as I cant find any pack that can.

  134. CODEX! says:

    Guys, It does work for beta 1.13! I ran it on Minecraft : Windows 10 Edition Beta v1.13.0.5!
    Dell Inspiron N4010 14 inch

    4 GB RAM DDR3

    Intel Core i3 M380 @ 2.53 GHz

    Intel HD Graphics

    Windows 10 Pro x64 v1809 build 17763

    Minecraft : Windows 10 Edition Beta v1.13.0.5


  135. Bruh says:

    Does this shader pack cause the game to crash when pushing blocks with pistons? Looking for a shader that doesn’t but looks really good.

  136. Yes says:

    Make a world link to that world, that is awesome!

  137. Kevin says:

    Would it be possbile to tone down light blocks? Everything that emits light makes everything around it look washed out. Other than that its a great pack.

  138. Kevin says:

    Would it be possible to tone down light source blocks? Anything that emits light makes everything around it look washed out. Other than that it looks great.

  139. Seasick says:

    Bruh u stole from relistico and esbe

    • CODEX! says:

      NO HE DIDNT, THIS IS AN AWESOME SHADER!!! By the way, I have some special love for these shaders!!! Also Did you know it runs on 1.13 beta!!! It worked for me on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta v1.13.0.5!

    • Eddie.The.Bruh says:

      So? He didn’t steal anything. He’s just building a pack for bedrock that uses the same idea as the creator of realistico.

  140. SkyLP says:

    It’s not a Parallax Shaders, its ESBE Shader
    and it’s not a parallax texture packs because the texture pack have no PBR or POM texture.

  141. Me says:

    Didn’t work for me on xbox :/ just crashes

  142. Some guy says:

    Finally a good freaking shader. All the other “shaders” don’t even work for Windows 10. This one is perfect.
    It can run well on mobile too, but the lighting is a little weird. All light sources seem brighter, yet they don’t light up as far as they do without shaders, but other than that it is pretty good.

  143. mekazuchi says:

    its overall really solid but the one thing bugging me is the water with its wierd outlines on the edges of chunks

  144. EnderFall1089 says:

    Hey, So, You made this shader, So i’m wondering, Will Render Dragons Capabilities help people make more realistic shaders like on Java edition?

  145. TheFoolishTrickster says:

    need abit of help? all my blocks are clear when i joined my friends realm?

  146. RE-Gear says:

    The plants’re waving a bit terrible
    But all is good

    LOVE 👍

  147. i have installed the texture already, but my question is this: how do I install the shader itself?

  148. Octoboi says:

    I just want to clear this up, this is not an copy of esbe, this shader has very nice and clean shadow casting they have some differences the creator did not copy esbe’s idea. He was probably making this before esbe even came out.

  149. Ben says:

    It just makes x ray for me its strange

  150. kadvaru says:

    this is definitely one of, if not the best shader for bedrock edition currently. overexposure is nowhere near as big a problem as it used to be in pretty much every other shader, but the only complaint i have is that torches are way too bright and tint their surroundings to the point where it seems really unrealistic

  151. Kamron says:

    Got this shader solely for the brushed texture on the blocks as shown in the pictures. was disappointed to see it was not a part of it, and the water isn’t actually that good, i recommend ESBE, it’s a better shader.

  152. grass man says:

    the moving grass, leaves, and other things look choppy I am playing on a good phone

  153. belkov says:

    Great shader, I now use it permanently!

  154. InfamousBlueTie says:

    Great shader pack. Best one so far.

  155. GhosltyShibe says:

    this sadly doesn’t work on the minecraft beta 1.13.13 but i will give it a 4 star because you you put time in this shader and you are a very great creator.

  156. Tristan says:

    It does not work for me on Windows 10. The only thing that looks different is the water. Nothing else has changed. Not even the HD textures.

  157. I’ma totally try this later. Even though everyone says it’s a clone, if it works better than it works better.

  158. Megumin says:

    Xbox One S minecraft crashes.
    Like my game goes EXPLOSION

  159. Bebe says:

    Good old lag,2.9 fps,i have a good life

  160. Henry says:

    It won’t let me get it but it look amazing its probaly really good

  161. Anonymous says:

    Honestly, Although it is similar to ESBE 2G. We can all agree that the shadows is improved a bit. Therefore, Making it a bit more realistic. However, I can see the creator adding and changing things.

    But Its not an Exact copy of ESBE. It’s just a more realistic shadowy version under a different name. (I got a feeling someone gonna take that out of context)

  162. 7joelink7 says:

    One of the best shaders for Xbox one but my one complaint is I wish it had underwater shade like ESBE 2G does. Also what is that texture pack?

  163. MinecraftisdeadJK says:

    Doesn’t work with the newest iOS 13

  164. Anonymous says:

    how do i install it on xbox

  165. kindofanartist says:

    Every time I try and use the pack minecraft quits… ):

  166. I wouldn’t let this on be the site. It’s an infringement of ESBE as you can see on the water, and ESBE was always a DirectX pack option.

  167. Angel says:

    Do you know what map that is?

  168. ADMIN DANAR says:

    Is works for low end devices too?

  169. Phavarello says:

    This thing is lighter than Simple Shader while looking way better. What kind of witchcraft is this?

  170. Xynnful says:

    Nice! Been looking for some good shaders.

  171. Anonymous Miner says:

    Doesn’t even work, it just erases my textures in my worlds, pls fix

  172. lamPROs60 says:

    can u pls show a photo which shows the pack in the night?

  173. Randotyper says:

    So what would the difference be to esbe 2g? Thanks in advance

  174. NuggetBoy101 says:

    Awesome shader! Great Job! Just wondering whether or not you know the texture pack you used in the images shown, I really like them!

  175. LT says:

    The HD Textures as well as the shader were stolen, the origianl moving water was from ESBE 2G

  176. ChickenNuggetBoy says:

    Awesome shader dude!! Quick question, What texture pack are u using??

  177. EJ20Playz says:

    Love it ❤

  178. ILaz says:

    Best shader I ever downloaded 10/10

  179. Does it work in Beta?

  180. Anon says:

    Very well made! Wonder if maybe more of the vegetation would wave in the wind too? Like flowers and grass and such. Dynamic lighting would complete this pack, however!

  181. Cash says:

    Is there still a chunk line or water tear as some may say?

  182. yjy says:

    this is great shader
    only nearby surface of water is looks good (or has source of light under water)
    if this can be fixed i think there is no weakness with this shader

  183. Chris says:

    Best pack so far I’ve used for windows 10. But I got to ask you , did you use the code from the water from the other pack esbe 2.0 ? As that packs been out awhile now and the water looks identical and looks like the same code.

  184. Kshitiz says:

    The pack is not download

  185. AnonymousAccount says:

    Great shaders! Already one of my favorites. But I have a suggestion. Can you add dynamic lighting? Such as when you hold a torch it lights up the area around you.

  186. Anonymous says:

    Lol this shader is just a copy off esbe and plus in one of the pictures if you look at the water it’s not even on

  187. Yes says:

    Is this one better than ESBE?

    • Yeetusdeletusmyfeetus says:

      Ah yes the grass isn’t bright but…. if you look up close to the texture of the blocks it looks more realistic can you add that into the shader plzzzzzzzzzzz.

  188. Lamarplayz says:

    Does it support render dragon for

  189. Anonymous says:

    Cool shader,can be improved

  190. A rando guy says:

    So i’ll be the first to ask: How DIFFERENT is this pack compared to ESBE 2G? I just want to know before i download it you know?

  191. Anonymous says:

    Finally a good looking shader for bedrock. nice.

  192. Kenny says:

    Hello! I’m going to download this shader, but I was wondering, does this have texture pack support?

  193. TheHybred says:

    This pack was created for DirectX from the ground up which means it has full Xbox support. Only one other pack has done the same on here but it doesn’t have custom water.

  194. bug says:

    This looks VERY MUCH like the ESBE shader.

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