Parallax Sounds

What is Parallax Sounds?

Parallax Sounds is a pack that aims to change EVERY sound in Minecraft with something more realistic. Zombies are more terrifying, portals are creepy and mysterious, weather is beautiful and destructive, animals sound like animals.

This works with addons, texture packs, shaders, and even on servers. It changes 550+ sounds and I will be adding more! All sounds are high quality with digitally enchanted surround sounds, and it works great with Dolby Atmos!

Parallax Sounds Preview:

Disclaimer: Since the video was recorded the pack has been updated regularlily with improvements. Some sounds have changed & new sounds have been added


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Terms Of Use
You are prohibited from creating your own link for this pack or using the direct link. You must link this page
You are allowed to edit this for your personal use without redistribution


Changelog View more

Remodeled the description again. No need to redownload the pack, just making things look better.

Added more links, remodeled the description, changed the terms of use

Updated the description of the pack none of the links - no need to update if you're seeing this and have the last version

Changed the hit sound effect based on feedback and changed the swing sound effect. Also added a disclaimer

Tried fixing a text glitch within the post itself for better readability.

Updated description, minor bug fixes, minor sound fixes, more updates coming soon

Added a video and text tutorial to download the pack.

1. Changed and improved existing sound effects

2. Added more sound effects

3. Reduced the loudness of certain sound effects

4. Removed the enough loud click sound

Added an installation tutorial and a terms of use notice, along with updated socials

Updated the links per request and also updated the pack to alter 1.16 sounds!

Fixed some bugs and added more 1.16 sounds! Enjoy the nether

Updated the social links, wrote more clear instructions, altered the description slightly. No new update to the downloaded content.

Changed the download link so that it works this time and takes you to the downloads. I reorganized mediafire and it changed where the links take you.

Fixed the download link to work. It messed up when moving folders around.

Updated the social links, wrote more clear instructions, altered the description.

Changed font size of description and download link name  to something else

Updated the support version to discontinued, and added a disclaimer to where you can find my content.

Updated the supported versions list to outdated and added a disclaimer to my pack.

Updated a broken social media link that I have changed.  And also changed the format of the description

Changed the description and images to better fit the packs purpose.

Recorded a video and attached it to the description for a Preview.


1. Click on "Free Access with Ads"

2. Click on "Discover interesting articles"

3. Wait 10 seconds then exit out of the articles

4. Click "Continue"


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16


128x 16x

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70 Responses

4.59 / 5 (39 votes)
  1. Seefahrerkatzi says:

    A friend of mine took the most sounds of this resource pack and implemented them in his own resource pack. Is that okay?

  2. NoxFox says:

    It’s a awesome pack, but one problem I have with the pack is that it crashes my Minecraft on Xbox and erases my items in my inventory when I have the addon enabled

  3. Poisonloca says:

    By far the greatest sound pack i have ever heard!

  4. Ender_Philip says:

    I give this 3 stars because one the hit.ogg sounds like you are placing block the original sound of placing block(stone)

  5. NecroBones says:

    This is the best sound pack I downloaded in my entire life! I mean seriously, Ive been finding a good sound pack in my life!

  6. joe847802 says:

    I love the new sounds, but my one huge criticism is that when you have a farm of animals, it is completely unbearable. To much noise to the point of annoyance from cows, pigs, sheep, and especially the chickens. Can you update it so its not as annoying like the vanilla version? The rest of the pack tho is extremely well done.

  7. Bluekatelyn9610 says:

    Works great

  8. 2rc3mijehtgcryjehawe says:

    Can you stop using Linkvertise plz

  9. lilmaniac07 says:

    The skeleton had the sound from skyrim

  10. bestGaming132 says:

    I like this but I prefere minecrafts original sounds

  11. Dustboy says:

    Bro, you’re the first person I see here that doesn’t use redirector with a ton of adware. That’s actually nice pack, thank you for this, you’re a legend!

  12. Theblueman500 says:


  13. Guest-2541748682 says:

    Love the sound effects great job

  14. Guest-4579009764 says:

    What textures are in the thumbnail

  15. Guest-2665555791 says:

    Please fix the download link

  16. Guest-3693422408 says:

    Download link not working

  17. Guest-7173107291 says:

    Cool sounds!! 5 stars

  18. Guest-2380264532 says:

    Can you add in the next update,
    The echoing in cave it gonna be cool

  19. Guest-3517771107 says:

    Its little bit buggy
    When i walking theres no sound i tried to delete in and import again and no sound

  20. Guest-8343991195 says:

    Hey, what’s your Twitter? I really wanna download this pack on my xbox

  21. Tlyer says:

    What happen to your shaders and your texture pack?

  22. Burylown says:

    Thanks for making this pack! I hope you keep updating it because it sounds really good and actually makes a difference. Rain sounds lovely on the server

  23. Soggy says:

    I’m not here to Nick pick but LOL after reading the changelog I don’t think any 9 or 10 year old is going to Care to update your add-on for a description change. Just a suggestion I recommend in the future adding the small changes to your next big update so people will actually download it I don’t think your downloads for this update or going to be as good as prior for people who already have your add-on… sorry for rambling I’m just trying to speak nicely for saying your update was a waste of time I’m not trying to be mean or anything just in the future when you make little changes added to an update that people will find worth downloading

  24. Athens says:

    How do I download it on Minecraft pe, it’s just going to my files???

  25. ethanthepro333 says:

    Sounds very entertaining

  26. Thehybred says:

    Of course, but you must indicate the source of the work and the name of the author.

  27. InfamousBlueTie says:

    Great pack! The sounds are pretty entertaining! I am keeping this on for a while

  28. Vans says:

    Sounds like walking with high heels

  29. I will put it on my server! she’s gorgeous!

  30. qwq says:

    Hello author, your work is great, I can be reproduced to the Chinese version of MC?Let more players experience excellent works.
    I’ll mark the authorized author.(͔▪̆ω▪̆) ͕

  31. Clouddspiderr says:

    Fantastic addon! Definitely a must have for me.

  32. TGC_YT says:

    Absolute love it! This just became a must have for me. Great work.

  33. kairusds says:

    yup this is audiocraft with a modified name and no credits to the original author

    • Anonymous says:

      Except Audiocraft is java edition and does not even originate from this pack.

      • kairusds says:

        you know you can just extract a Java edition resource pack’s files, add a manifest json and a pack icon image then done you made it compatible with bedrock edition but not modded resource packs. the sounds on the resource pack are similar to audiocraft’s, so is it a coincidence? I think not, unless you know how to reverse search audio files that is

        • Aaliyah says:

          Or maybe the some of the audio is from the same sources? Don’t immediately label someone as a moocher. I don’t think you’re being totally unreasonable with your criticism though, addon/mod creators are easily vulnerable to theft and people should be asking questions more often.

    • TheHybred says:

      Audiocraft hasn’t been updated in over a year, and I’m adding sounds for bees in the next update. So if you enjoy realistic sounds in Minecraft stay tuned.

  34. zhdepi says:

    how to get it,In China,don’t get it。

  35. mat383 says:

    This is just amazing. Great work!

  36. SOTC says:

    The download speed is insanely limited.

  37. Otto says:

    It would be extremely nice if you could make the rain sound more aesthetic!

  38. Otto says:

    Wow, this is probably my favorite thing I have installed yet, absolutely beautiful good job!

  39. Pyro says:

    Sounds awesome but can someone tell me what the texture pack is in the picture?

  40. Kevin says:

    I have a question. Why when I download an addon and when I go to files always says upload error ?

  41. Vanya46 says:

    The mod is cool. I’m glad you made such a wonderful mod! I hope in the future you will fix bugs and errors

  42. kadvaru says:

    these are some nice sounds.
    btw, sorry to bring up something unrelated to this pack but would it be possible for you to update parallax shaders to support 1.14? so far they’re the best shaders i’ve used for mcbe win10 and i kinda miss them

  43. Axil says:

    Hey Idk how to get the shaders with the new method of modding on Xbox pls help

  44. Kraftoid says:

    Amazing to see sound packs on Minecraft. They are rare in numbers nowadays and I’ll be the first to download it!

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