Published on June 30, 2021 (Updated on September 06, 2021)

Parkour Corridor

Be good at parkour to complete these 30 stages with specific theme and biome. And also we add some 1.17 features here. And we add some good features like music and more. This parkour is easy so you can pass and complete this. Discover some shortcuts(Easter Eggs) here to pass stages much easier.

An easy biome parkour with 30 stages and every stages has 16x16 size with a specific theme. This parkour map is kinda easy so you can pass through it.

Map is compatible in 1.17.10+

Here's the tour of the map.


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Here's some changes on the map.

  • Revamped some stages.
  • Added some details on some stages.
  • Some features on Parkour Corridor 2 was added here.
  • Finish part was revamped.
  • Some useless platform is now removed.
  • Adding ladders in some stages that has no ladders.
  • Map was updated to 1.17.10+


This parkour map was revamped on 1.17.10. This map is only work on 1.17.10+ 

Mediafire: After you download the file. Remove .zip by renaming it.

Dropbox: Press continue to browser then download the file.


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5 / 5 (4 votes)
I did a speedrun on this map.
You must try the bigger sequel of this Corridor Series.
- If you want.....

Is there a 1.16.5 version? pls make one
Can somebody help me download this?
The was so easy and the last one change the mode creative cus so hard 🤣🤣
GREAT MAP! enjoyed it! kinda short tho, but its really fun! theres some shortcuts idk if u purposely added them or just left them there but its epic! im gonna make a yt vid about this epic map! :-D!!!
HELLO, I LOVED YOUR PARKOUR TOO MUCH^^, I can say it is the best parkour I have ever done =)