Parkour Masters

Welcome to parkour masters in this map you will go through 11 levels and one bonus level your a traveler that’s traveling to find a gem there are 5 Easter eggs to fund to obtain a reward map makers are bothwinner2232 and didjey002

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Parkour Master came out YAy be prepared to do some parkour and get the gem that you earnded.




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4 Responses

  1. Guest-4479851443 says:

    The worst map of ever played! Parkour that is impossible, level 2 u can’t do. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!

  2. popote87 says:

    es malo aparezco en creativo y me puedo saltar zonas completas hay muchas barreras, y no esta terminado

    it is bad I appear in creative and I can skip entire areas there are many barriers, and it is not finished

  3. Guest-5618950894 says:

    very bad 🙁 the map its no completed yet and i spawn kn nowhere

  4. Guest-1631658152 says:

    I spawn un creative and the map not completed

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