Parkour Masters [Parkour]

Parkour Masters is the ultimate map to see how far your parkour skills can get you. All six levels are equally difficult but each have a different and usually amazing design. After completing a level you will be rewarded with a trophy. If you can collect all six trophies then you can proudly enjoy your new title as Parkour Master.

Creator: StrikerTeam, Twitter Account


  • Don’t break blocks
  • Set difficulty to peaceful

parkourmasters5 parkourmasters2 parkourmasters3

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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12 Responses

  1. DanTDM says:

    i love this map even no im not recoding

  2. Ocean The Minecrafter says:

    I read the rules of the map and saw that the map has copyright. I was recoding when I saw this and I want to know if it is okay if I could record on this map without being copyrighted. Please let me know soon. – Ocean

  3. Jmc says:

    Can’t download

  4. Kaitlin says:

    Hey, how do you use dropbox! Please note: I have a kindle fire hdx and im not good at the downloading stuff

  5. Sean says:

    What is the seeds name

  6. Max111 says:

    Great map!Found all the secret trophies except the last one,here are their locations 😛 [SPOILERS]Lvl 1:Left hand side,in the leaves lvl 2:in one of the moss stone towers lvl 3:at the far end of the dropper lvl 4:in the grave at the left side lvl 5:at the side,at the drop lvl 6:ONLY ONE I COULDNT FIND

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