YouTuber Head Parkour!

Hey, my name is CatAstrophe and welcome to the YouTuber Head Parkour Map! I have been working to bring you guys this map, which consists of 20 of our favourite YouTubers incuding Unspeakable, RageElixir, BrandonCrafter, LogZotZip, AGHQ and more! The levels of this map will get harder as you go further in the map. Do you have what it takes to win?

Each Head is 8×8 blocks with parkour around it, for you to jump and climb to the top, where you will press a button and be teleported to the next level! The map is situated in the middle of the sky, with a cloudy-themed lobby, where you can find a board of instructions so you know what to do. You can also play this map with your friends!

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New Update: Level 3 has been made easier, and level 7 too.

New Update: Level 5 and 6 have been fixed so that they are slightly easier.

New Update: The last block and level has been slightly changed so it is more challenging!

New Update: Levels have been made slightly easier, and you die quicker when you fall to save time and keep the pace of the game!

New Update: Bugs fixed, Level 3 had been improved for smooth gameplay.

New Update: Bug fixes, new thumbnail for the map too! Levels have been improved.

New Update: CatAstrophe and AGHQ Head levels have been changed to make it more challenging! Bug fixes also have been made.

New Update! New thumbnail, and easier levels around the map for you guys to enjoy and time yourselves on!

New Update! Bugs fixed and levels' looks have been improved!

New Update! Bug fixes and the heads look more like the YouTubers! The ending was changed slightly so it finishes more easily!

New Update! Levels have been improved and more bug fixes! The map should now run more smoothly!

New Update! Added a thumbnail to the McWorld file, and check out the map trailer too!

New update! Bugs fixed, less glitches and levels spawnpoints improved.

Some heads have been made easier, due to the persistent high difficulty in all the levels. We also fixed the teleportation glitch at the end.



Hey, DL! I have been working to make this map for MCPEdl for months, and it's been a very significant goal for me. I would really love for you guys to upload my map, it's all I've been working towards! Thank you for considering this.

I had to add the original file for you guys to be able to check it. The DOWNLOAD MAP HERE link is just an adfly link taking you to the mediafire link. Please remove the mediafire link, so I can use adfly!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.7 1.8 1.9

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44 Responses

4.13 / 5 (24 votes)
  1. Guest-1224267613 says:

    LINKVERTISE I NOT WORKING!!! please add a media fire link or a zip file!!!

  2. Shadowistic says:

    make level one easier pls i already am at 300 deaths 🙁

  3. Guest-5925200411 says:

    Where is Skeppy? Please take him in… he has 2,50mil about there .. i’m also a fan of Doni Bobes but hes there.. 👉☹️

  4. Ident12345 says:

    Pls add my youtuber head to the parkour pls im begging u creator

  5. Pillow says:

    Just saying, Grian doesn’t have yellow hair

  6. Kenneth says:

    Awesome parkour map

  7. Rosie says:

    Can you make a link to Media Fire i cant install it if you dont

  8. Crafterman says:

    Hi creator can you add pewdipie head in this map

  9. Crafterman says:

    I enjoy in this map

  10. Fire Forses says:

    there is no technoblade so i don’t recommend downloading

  11. Redstoneman says:

    Where’s MumboJumbo

  12. Ident Channel says:

    Make me a map of Ident Channel if youre updating this map pls 😭

  13. WHERES DANTDM?? says:


  14. K Rukus9 says:

    add Grian

  15. YoloCraft says:

    Not bad

  16. Classic Steve m says:

    Add classic Steve m

  17. ANONIMOUS says:

    Missing ElRichMC

  18. Iloveunspeakable19 says:

    Hey awesome map my favorite YouTuber in that map was unspeakable. I LOVE your maps there the best. Keep the good work man.

  19. Anonymous says:

    i’m seeing a severe lack of CaptainSparklez and DanTDM

  20. Lana says:

    Hello how do you make a map

  21. LAN alvla says:


  22. anonymous says:

    nice map bro

  23. David says:

    I can’t download the map bro.anyway I’m sure it is fun also you have tell me at discord @the eystreem team!

  24. I need help says:

    So, I’ve been wanting to download this map but it won’t let me? It takes me to a an unsecured website and doesn’t redirect me to the mediafire page. Any help?

  25. Rkekdnjdj says:

    Where is flamingo

  26. Anonymous says:

    I managed to finish it in 1 hr 30 mins. but I hate the fact that even in the first level, it’s already kinda hard to go through especially when the levels go even harder… I just wanna suggest you to make the map more “forgiving” so the players could enjoy parkour at least….

  27. JalThePlaya says:

    Hey CatAstrophe! Its JalThePlaya! What a cool map! The parkour isnt too hard, but it isnt way to easy! Good job man!

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