Parkour+ [16×16]

Trick your friends into believing that you’ve got mad parkour skills or use the texture pack to record a stunt movie. The texture pack makes the wither skeleton skull and vines invisible. You can then place down these objects to then walk on them and it will look as if you are doing really difficult parkour stunts, but in fact you are just standing on invisible blocks.

Creator: Blastcoby27

The download includes a map which can be used for showcasing the new parkour possibilities.

Here are three different images showing the differences in-game if the texture pack is enabled (left) or if it’s disabled (right).

parkour-plus-1 parkour-plus-2 parkour-plus-3


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7 Responses

  1. TheRedCrystal YT says:

    Make it a mcpack dude 😛

  2. Loling says:

    Lol i love this

  3. Therix says:

    It wont work on my phone (i have an android)

  4. SuperJonah123 says:

    I wanna get this but I don’t have a computer can you make a .mcworld download link please
    I would really appreciate it thanks! 🙂

  5. Yew Jie Ming says:

    How do you download this?

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