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Do you want ALL the particles smaller, or do you want the most obtrusive ones disabled? These packs are for you! The 'no obtrusive' option disables block breaking, mob potion, food eating, and explosion particles. The big villager particles pack is best for villager station connecting status

No Obtrusive:

When the particles are removed, you can see yourself and the mobs without any potion effects in the way. Note that this makes lingering potion Area Effect Clouds invisible, but not dragon's breath.

Destroying blocks example



I also disabled explosion particles which are sometimes oversized when wither skulls and shulker bullets hit the targets and walls. There is no screenshot preview for it though


Big villager particles:

This also changes the limit of how much particles can be present at once, it is at 2000 instead of 25.  


Tiny particles: 


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Added "Tiny Particles", fixed "No Obtrusive", and added "Big villagers pack"

Changed the title


If you want a .zip version, just download and change the file extension

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If you could just decrease the amount of particles it would be better
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Thx for creating this texture pack,i genuinely need this for my laggy phone :)
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