PatarHD 100k PvP Texture Pack!

Official 100k PvP Texture for PatarHD!
Enhances visuals and overall pvp gameplay with a built in just too many items mod inside! This helps greatly with survival and UHC if your super competitive, check it out!


We reached a goal I never thought I would reach in my life… 100k! This means so much too me and i’m truly blessed to be making content for you guy’s everyday! A way to celebrate this goal is releasing a PvP pack that’s so good, it even comes with a built in mod made for UHC!

Pack Creator!


Pack Porters!

Bug Fixers!





Clean Home Screen

Java UI Pause Screen

Java Chat (Bottom Chat)

Creative Sword Design

Clean Armor Design

Clean Hotbar

Just Enough Items Mod Built In



Changelog View more

Changed the Thumbnail image!
Look so much better ;)
If there's any more suggestions let me know!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9


16x 32x

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19 Responses

5 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. sloth___ says:

    can you work on a heart bar on other players plz

  2. Zlzbub says:

    Hey Patar, I’m a huge fan,
    Congrats on reaching 100K subs!

  3. Zlzbub says:

    Hey Patar, I’m a huge fan!
    Congrats on reaching 100K subs!

  4. Call Of Nothing says:

    Pls Add Netherite Tools And Armor

  5. Goodfxgth says:

    Nice Texturepack

  6. Chicadoge says:

    You should call it PacktarHD

  7. CallMeSasuke79 says:

    Dude i absolutely love this pack but there’s a bug in server loading bar and i can fix it, Can i contribute my suggestion too?

  8. xSoulCoyote says:

    This pack is honestly so amazing! I can just tell that so much time was put into this, I also took some time and helped fix some of the bugs. The sword designs are amazing and I just love the lava and the grass texture, especially the armor! PvP on The Hive and every other server feels sooo good with the java ui and the amazing textures! This is the pack that I will be using for a loong time!

  9. Yoshi1632 says:

    this is the best pack i’ve ever seen

  10. GDproKid says:

    i forgot to rate

  11. GDproKid says:

    Wow, i’m really loving this built in JEI.

  12. JGKage says:

    The diamond sword and iron sword look the same so can you somehow make it make like they are different color sword just asking

  13. uuut1234 says:

    im mousegaming1 also on youtube

  14. uuut1234 says:

    hi patar. awsome lookng pack btw. im soo proud of you of 100k . . im herobrineplayerminecraftrethun on instrgram and uuut1234 and my first account uuut on discord

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