The PC GUI Pack changes the graphical user interface, block textures and sounds to be more like the PC version of Minecraft. It’s the most comprehensive pack currently available of its kind and it’s also regularly updated with more features. Give it a try and transform (to some extent at least) the way you experience Pocket Edition!

Creators: SirZeus (Twitter), Sprintermax (Twitter), Hawt Dawg Man (Twitter), CrizArt EX (Twitter)
Updated: 4 May, 2017 (read changelog)

What have been changed?

The start screen has a new logo and the buttons have been redesigned. The Customize button opens the skin picker page.

Here’s how the skin picker looks like in-game.

The observer, water and other textures have been replaced by PC textures.

An “Autocomplete” button is added to the chat interface. You can press this button to autocomplete commands.

There are many other things which also have been changed but those I will let you explore in-game!

All Features

  • Start screen
  • Fading Mojang logo
  • Chat screen
  • Containers look like PC
  • Autocomplete button for chat
  • Pause screen, hide and show player list
  • HUD screen
  • New texture for observer
  • Death screen
  • New icons
  • New effects icons
  • Water and lava looks like PC
  • PC Sounds
    • Villager
    • Zombie villager
    • You can hear squids underwater
    • TNT
    • Flowing water
    • Sounds underwater
    • Watersplash & swimming
    • Doors & trapdors
    • Lava
    • Chests
    • Rain
    • Thunder
    • Cave (behaves like music)
  • Inventory screen
  • Skin picker screen
  • Water looks like PC
  • Icon changes
  • PC splash texts
  • UI buttons (toggles and dropdowns)

Planned Features

PC GUI 7.0 Sneak Peeks



  • New skin picker screen
  • New settings sections screen (settings, world create, edit world)
  • New UI buttons (dropdowns and toggles look more like PC)
  • Added PC splash texts
  • Tweaks
    • start screen
    • pause screen
    • settings screen
    • Minecraft title resizes according to GUI scale
    • Command block screen
  • Bug fixes
    • Inventory fixes
      • Dual wielding button works properly
    • Removed drop button for a while
    • Fixed crashes occuring on pause screen
    • Pause screen buttons are now displayed properly
    • Chat screen fixed
    • 1.1 bug fixes
    • Leave Bed buttons functions properly
    • Credits screen fixed
    • Endermen have idle sounds
    • And more!


Recommended for 1.1 (other downloads further down):

  1. Download one of the following resource packs
    1. Without D-Pad Buttons (Recommended) .McPack
    2. With D-Pad Buttons .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings > Global resources > Activate the pack

Other Files

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Installation Guides

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436 Responses

3.21 / 5 (63 votes)
  1. Guest-7278167675 says:

    Wtf? There is nothing in ur inventory and u can’t even disable it until you wait for the game to reset the texture packs if u wanna disable it.

  2. Bait says:

    Don’t download. Messes up the entire game.

  3. Anonymous says:

    sure, deleting the whole com.mojang worked but it also deleted all my worlds. so dont apply this pack

  4. Angelo Gaming says:

    Go to files type (com. Mojang) find the Resource pack and hold it and delete Dont rage too quick if theres a way to delete or put it away

  5. BrineWolf1 says:

    Seriously how do you get this thing off your device I’m getting really PO,ed fix this NOW!

  6. Elliot says:

    Can someone help me make a Texture Packs

  7. VorteX says:

    Hey can i ask how did you add the exit button in this texture pack i have a Ui pack for my map but i want to add a exit button idk How plzz answer

  8. ExoGamer says:

    I hate this mod i cant delete it and i cant turn on the resource and behavior in my worlds you need to fix it cmon update it right now

    • kadvaru says:

      in case you still haven’t fixed this issue, it’s simple. just navigate to your com.mojang folder (usually found on the internal storage in the games folder) and go to your resources folder. there you’ll find this resource pack, just delete the whole folder and launch the game. you’ll see that the game reverted back to the default interface

  9. Raposagamed says:

    Notch win

  10. Jack says:

    This pack sucks!Im so mad!You can’t delete this Pack it’s like they want you to delete Minecraft so you have to restart!Any tips or solutions to remove this “Curse For
    You Pack” Because for now I can’t I’m on 1.120 (aka.the newest version) I’m on IOS

  11. FD1 Gamer says:

    This is outdate I can’t even remove because all there are no options in setting, I hate this so much!! 😡

  12. AlternativeFox says:

    Update please
    Some of textures are awfully glitched

  13. MISSINGYES says:

    one thing that works is breaking the game

  14. Anonymous says:

    You can remove it by going to the files app, and go to: Minecraft, games, com.Mojang, resource_packs, then long press and hold it, press the right arrow ➡️, the press delete.

  15. Mateiab says:

    is a not ok

  16. FoxiTheArcticFox says:


  17. sweg says:

    broken dont get 0/10

  18. Mcpedlruinedmymcpe says:


  19. i like add-ons says:


  20. i like add-ons says:


  21. Bob Glidden says:


  22. DelTaco24 says:

    Sucks it’s so broken and glitchy and I couldn’t delete it because the button were broken and this happen o version 1.8

  23. EndLord says:

    This pack is broken in the current release version 1.7.1 Please fix it!

  24. Daniel says:

    I like the pack but I cant take it off.

  25. Anonomous says:

    When I activate it on my iOS 12 public beta 9, it crashes.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I can’t turn the texture pack off

  27. ninja says:


  28. RebootedGZ Killer says:

    Uhhh….. When is the next update??

  29. Anonymous says:


  30. Dragon Dude says:

    Very big problem! Can’t change anything like resource packs in global resource in settings and I really can’t change anything there! I might have to delete MINECRAFT!!! Can you at least try to fix it?

    • HawfHuman says:

      This pack is outdated. You can reset the resources packs by simply deleting the pack folder or just open and close the game repeatedly when the Minecraft appear on the screen

  31. Jeff says:

    Please help because I put the wrong resource pack/texture pack on and now I can’t get rid of it because theres things wrong with it so can you fix it?

  32. Clover says:

    This is so glitchy

  33. Anonymous says:

    I must uninstall mcpe because of this addon
    do not install this addon guys

  34. DeathBuilds says:

    This is horrible. In settings, it doesn’t allow me to edit anything. This includes my worlds. I can’t even get rid of it and it totally ruins the entire game. I have a city that I have poured my heart and soul into it and I can’t even delete my app. Please fix this

  35. Anonymous says:

    Why isn’t letting me open any of my settings? I’m on 1.4.2

  36. Plake says:

    It won’t let me create a world and I cant remove it #Buggy @Maker
    Fix it?

  37. Diamondblack2225 says:


    • Guest-7389431425 says:

      this pack was supported for 1.1 on minecraft, and was made years ago. it’s not going to be fixed and why did you even download this if it was outdated?

  38. Anonymous says:

    Will it work on iOS

  39. SomaticFrog3100 says:

    I can’t even play on servers anymore because of this. 0/5

  40. I hate PC GUI Pack says:

    I hate this pack just for all of you to now this has the most bugs ever pe players do NOT GET THIS PACK

  41. Dubstep Gutter says:

    How do you open your iventory?

  42. Anonymous says:

    There is a beta of the new version of PC GUI v7.0, the file just says beeetaaaaaa

  43. Torrance Rollins says:

    There’s a bug where theres no creative inventory. Can you please fix it

  44. Pooploopy says:

    update it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if not i will sue you

  45. MePlayMinecraft says:

    I had this in the versions before 1.2 beta and I loved it, though its sad that I cannot use it anymore because it is glitchy and does not work for 1.2 beta or higher… please update!!!

  46. VidmanPlayz says:

    Uhhhhhh how do I turn it off?

  47. MinecraftPro3333 says:

    This is awesome but How about Updating to 1.2 cause Modified Vanilla Made it to 1.2

  48. Anonymous says:

    Make The PC GUI pack Support 1.

  49. Jihad says:

    What is D-pad

  50. Adam says:

    Get a Update for the Addon because I can’t take away the resource pack without another update.

  51. GKRules64 says:

    Well when I got it when I tried it and went onto a world it made it look very weird so I wanted to get make it be not active anymore and I couldn’t

    • PC Gui Dev says:

      Well, it says that only works in 1.1 so…

      Try to open Minecraft when the logo Minecraft appear close it, do it until the pack get desactivated

  52. Choosykoala1888 says:

    Plz plz plz. Make it so u can get pc mods!!!

  53. NAME CRAFT says:

    Please Update PC GUI PACK

  54. Huu says:

    Where the autocomplete button i dont see it

  55. Cerega1827 says:

    How to change resource packs with this GUI?

  56. Fawfuls TNT says:

    Would you please update this for 1.2? A lot of thing changed with the gui.

  57. co8222 says:

    When i put it on i could not get it off and i had to delete minecraft and i lost everything but the pack was gone witch was good.

    • PC Gui Dev says:

      You can remove the pack just by opening Minecraft and closing it when the logo appears (multiple times).

      That happens because you didn’t read the pack description before you download it.
      It clearly says only 1.1

  58. mimi says:

    Can I send him to my world box for more fun?
    I’ll mark the original author

  59. True Gaming 784 says:


  60. True Gaming 784 says:

    It will not let me go on to the settings and disable the resource pack that I enabled.

  61. teo says:

    lol this is long the cooments

  62. Ho Samuel says:

    Hey! Time to update this to 1.2!🙂

  63. Galaxy Kitten says:

    I hate it, you get it, you must keep it! I didn’t want to keep it and I had to delete Minecraft and re-install it!!!

  64. byan1453 says:

    Add for 1.2 Update Beta

  65. LoneWolfGaming says:

    Can there be a 1.2 version of this

  66. XDXD says:

    Yeah, hello um…I want the PC breaking block thing like when you’re breaking a block and it’s transparent in PC but not on pe

  67. Son Goku says:

    You can guide me how to the hide open inventory button to make my hotbar look more like pc, please

  68. Barry says:

    My Mcpe played a cave sound!! With this pack scared me

  69. Baked Lock says:

    Can I hire you guys to transfer a MCPC texture pack to MCPE?

  70. Yunakris says:

    For 1.2 pleaseee

  71. Christian says:

    How do I open my inventory without a keyboard?? Please help!!!

  72. Malachismash says:

    Plz add more this is amazing, I even made a vid on this

  73. reinhard says:

    May i suggest add a single player, multiplayer, Minecraft realms buttons for the home screen…….

  74. Ralph says:

    What else is being added? I’m still waiting for the new update for this. Not trying to rush though.

  75. BlueberrySans says:

    The game just crashes as soon as I get to the title screen. Could ya fix that?

  76. DeNoobizons1099 says:

    All textures goes to default one which is crappy. Please fix this because I am using a texture pack and it doesnt work well. Even if I restart.

  77. 11annguyen says:

    Why did you put the splash text “This message will never appear on the splash screen, isn’t that weird?” as a real splash text? It’s not supposed to be on the splash screen on PC. So why is it there? Is it a error from copying the code from the PC version or what?

  78. DJBoy124 says:

    I have an ipad 3 and it works (but i dont need the autofill button XD really) I AM THE MASTER OF THE PC GUI

  79. DJBoy124 says:

    Relax of not getting out of the chat its on the top right of ur screen dude

  80. JustPro says:

    I don’t see a button “Autocomplete”. Can anyone help me? (MCPE, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4)

  81. Kent Pascual says:

    What is with the Chest there is nothing on the screen I can’t exit the chest

  82. TheExtremeGamerMCPE YT says:

    Awesome Add-on!! It looks like minecraft pc well, that is the whole point of the pack. Lol

  83. Nadine1240 says:

    I LIKE IT! Just like on MCPC!! Perfect ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

  84. Jane Gozum says:

    Good ad-don

  85. Andres says:

    I am still fascinated by the effort you guys put in to this! I have some things i’d love to see. Health and Hunger Positioned above the hot bar, World selection screen, and World creation screen. 7.0 Hype!

  86. Pat says:

    I used to love using this but I used 1.10 version on accident now my game is too laggy and I can’t clear the lag!!! PLEASE FIX THIS!!! 😭😭😭

  87. BLUCUBIX2000YT says:

    This is cool, but when can be compatible with IOS 1.0.8? Does it have to be 1.1?

  88. PoizonGamerYTC says:

    You Can Change Your Inventory Just Go to Video and Scrolls down and you will see (i forgot what its called :p)and you can Chane To Pocket to Classic 😀

    Did I explain that well i hope so :p

  89. ParkourScientist says:

    The resource pack is great and all, it has everything textured just like the java version of Minecraft. The problem is, is that I’m a Windows 10 user. But for some reason I just can’t open my inventory and interact with chests, if I do press E to open my inventory the game just crashes. Furthermore, if I open a chest the GUI doesn’t show up for the chests. I really enjoy this resource pack, so I would prefer the creator fix this issue. Thanks!

  90. Pikachu says:

    Very cool i just need to know how do you get in your inventory?

  91. Liam says:

    Game crashes after press E to open my inventory. Using MCPE 1.0.8

  92. TheAwesomeDr says:

    It crashes every time I open the inventory in the no GUI version, if you could fix it soon I would love it

  93. Vircandyson101 says:

    Its very cool I like to use it some times because it always crashes my game and my kindel fire

  94. LOGSTER9999 says:

    The inventory button doesn’t work it crashes my game which makes it unplayable!

  95. Logan says:

    The inventory button doesn’t work which makes it unplayable!

  96. Frostbyte3YT says:


  97. Frostbyte3YT says:

    This is some nice pack!

  98. TheTechGuy says:

    I love this addon but there’s one big bug, whenever I press the inventory button it crashes.
    I don’t know if it’s that I have classic guppies on but can you tell the creator to fix it.

  99. BlazingIce says:

    I love this pack!

  100. Jk Rowling says:

    Chests don’t open. The ui for the chest doesn’t appear

  101. Seakitten3084 says:

    This same thing happened to me too!
    It looks really good, but when I open my inventory I crash!

  102. S4/\/\ says:

    Sad about not being able to use until 1.1 comes out, I tried it on 1.0.7 and it crashed (a couple times) when I tried to open the inventory.

  103. Itz_Lemon says:

    Love it! But can’t get into any worlds or servers at all. But still makes me feel like I’m playing on PC

    • Gamer of Minecraft says:

      Pls make this 6.4.6 compatible to my Minecraft pe v.1.0.8 cuz Iam an IOS user..pls make this compatible….

  104. It pretty aswesome but ever time since the resource pack was updated, ever time i tried to open my inventory the game crashes! I was on windows 10 when this happened please fix this bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. HaniharuGaming says:

    Its good, But one thing that is bad is the health bar and the food bar is just appearing as a straight brown line,PLEASE HELP.

  106. mark30098 says:

    There is no auto complete and no dual wielding why?

  107. HawtDawg says:

    What is Pingbacks?

    • Editor says:

      If someone links back to this page then I get a notification. That’s a pingback. It’s built in to this website. I normally don’t accept pingbacks as it’s usually spam which is trying to get a link from this website to point to theirs.

  108. Akioplazmcpe says:

    The invetory has a bug when I open it it lag out of the game so fix this pls

  109. joshua says:

    Hey if possible could you make it so that when mobs and everything else catch on fire it will look like the pc one.please, please.It would look so cool

  110. Foxy says:

    Every time I open a chest It doesn’t move it felt like my character was freeze

  111. TRUE TNT says:

    What is D pad button?

  112. HermioneXX995 says:

    I used to love this Addon a few months ago. Since the new updates for the Addon are made for high end devices, my iPad 2 keeps crashing. On the next update, can you make it a bit more device friendly? Or add a link for low end devices? Please, I really want to use this Addon

  113. Dimas says:

    Can this addon for 1.1.0.x? (sorry for bad english)

  114. Qwertyuiop says:

    What are pingbacks

  115. Andres says:

    You should make the thing that says NEW that tiny little blue/green thing you see on the realms button

  116. xMetrix says:

    wait what i wanted to say : P but it made this 😛

  117. xMetrix says:

    😛 production the pc and pe glass are the same

  118. :P Production says:

    Please add the pc glass texture

  119. Carson says:

    I can’t see where my controls are in game

  120. Daniel Liszewski says:

    So awsome- best resource pack- but I have some issues:
    -when you do autocompletion it stays on the typing screen forever(even after you do the command).
    – make cave sounds actually appear in caves.
    -the enderman doesn’t make its idle sound.

    Some suggestions:
    -please add coordinates on the top right corner(or anywhere)
    -make enderman have their angry/screaming sound.
    -add some of the in game PC music.
    -anything else.

    If you read this then thanks so much as it is the best resource ever…

    • 11annguyen says:

      Hey there is the PC music already and it’s made by Minecraft! All you got to do is go to the store and look at the bottom at its in the music section. It’s free!

  121. LanceTGM says:

    Can you update this in 1.1? I wanna use it in 1.1

  122. FilipinoSlugger says:

    There is a bug for 1.0.5 on the new version. The hearts, hunger bar, and armor bars thing just appears as grey bars. Is this supposed to happen? I’m using the latest IOS update with an iPhone 6s.

  123. Fawfuls TNT says:

    Please add the pc command block GUI, the pc create world ui, and the pc world selection screen.

  124. 04DanTDM says:

    T is working well on my 1.1 but there are some bugs:
    Invisible pause menu
    Things above the hotbare are messed up
    The Dual Wielding Button is removed

  125. Da Swag Lord says:

    FANTASTIC pack! I literally can’t use MCPE without this pack! XD However, I just downloaded the newest version of this texture pack (the one with buttons) and realized that if you type half a command, then close out the keyboard, the screen won’t allow you to click anything. I can’t make the keyboard reaper, and I can’t press the “Back” button on chat because the screen is still showing as if the keyboard was still there. I’m on iOS, with MCPE v1.5. I’m using this pack with another pack called “Faithfull PE”, which I applied below the PC GUI Pack. So, if you guys could tell me if there is something I can do on my end to fix this, or if this is just a bug, that would be great. Thanks! 🙂

  126. Caleb Sonnichsen says:

    The show players switch in the pause menu in game, does work.

  127. Da Swag Lord says:

    Acctually, I just checked again, but on a server. No matter what I type in a server’s chat, I can’t exit it. Could you guys tell me how to fix this? I really love this PC GUI Pack, and I would hate to have to turn it off because of a chat issue.

  128. Caleb Sonnichsen says:

    The hearts, hunger and bubbles aren’t showing up on my iPhone 6

  129. JOSH says:

    HI I Seem To Cant Find The Resource Back/ Global Pack .. Can U Plz Help me I did the Installation steps thingy ;-;

  130. Juandabeast1360 says:

    It crash my game in 11.0.0 fix it please editor

  131. SteadySoldier18 says:

    I can’t see the Mojang logo when I start MCPE.. I don’t know why..(I’m on a OnePlus 3 with 7.0, if that’s relevant) Please help..

  132. RoboWriter says:

    Is this pack compatible for MCPE 1.0.5?

  133. bagginsofbilbo says:

    There are no health hearts! Plz help me get them back! Is this a bug or something? Plz respond!!!!

  134. Liam says:

    Game crashes when i try to launch a world with this plugin however the title screen shows the new gui, I just cannot load a world without the game crashing. Currently on 1.0.5.

  135. THE GAMER1000 says:

    Hi great texture It is amazing also can you fix a bug whenever i type title @p title “______” on a command block i cannot see whatever i wrote for the title this is a bug for 1.0.5

  136. Galax557 says:

    You lack more sounds
    Like the metal door, the rain, the pvp, the water, the chest, the portal nether etc … if you could stick when you love a thing or when the potions ends. But I loved your texture and effort, greetings 🙂

  137. Wrylevant777 says:

    How to open inventory with this???

  138. TheKillerBY34 says:

    trapdoor sound is wrong (no 1.9 sound)

  139. _xItzCoolDudex_ says:

    Wish you add the music that play on title screen and in-game like on PC

  140. SiLveRGuy says:

    Um you spelled trapdoor wrong(trapdor) 🙂

  141. Anonymous says:

    I want to have the hearts over the hotbar

  142. Yeremy says:

    Editor can you add a zip file NOT a mcpack file?

  143. CyberGen49 says:

    As a Minecraft PC player for over 2 and a half years, I took it upon myself to try this one out on my MCWin10 installation… and was extremely impressed!

    This pack brings thoes major PC vibes to the other editions very nicely! Thanks for the pack!

  144. TheHDCrafterYT says:

    “Show player”
    Button not working Please fix soon 😉

  145. Son Goku says:

    Thanks fot update :’))

  146. Heroraffie says:

    Thee is a big when i open the chat i zee purple lines

  147. Paragone says:

    Hey guys! Could you add cave sounds/ambience at some point please??? It would be really awesome…

  148. Frinzandrei P. Isidro says:

    Hey mr. creator can u fix the beacon effects and wat the heck where’s the crafting in the inventory

  149. Fawfuls TNT says:

    The latest update of this addon crashed me. 😔

  150. TheHDCrafter_YT says:

    In the chat ( already typed chat messages show up with a missing texture screen

  151. Qasem says:

    Can you please make the crafting table change to be like the PC and everything else in Minecraft, sorry if I am pushing too much on you

    • HawtDawg says:

      Thats already in the pack. Just go to settings then video then advanced video then ui profile
      And change it to Classic

  152. lyca499 says:

    Finally there is pc sound.I’ve want to make it for a long time, but I cannot find the sound.Thx, but I will not use your sound to make a recourse

  153. GameselotYT says:

    The mojang logo doesn’t work for me,is it because I’m from a different region??

  154. Dragon says:

    To make an zip file to mcpack
    Download es file explorer download a zip file of the addon/resource pack
    >then>rename it example to npc-addon.mcpack
    Then it shows a question mark file icon
    Make sure if you open the addon the files is there if its only one folder extract it first

  155. Jhin The Virtuoso says:

    Guys Guys!! Is it just me or I noticed that the heart textures for survival are bugged. It is pretty annoying but great pack anyways PLZ Fix the bugged textures for the hearts

  156. Arjav says:

    Bug -: Command block interface problems android mcpe beta .

  157. Cosmicpegasus34 says:

    There’s lines across the start screen. The customize skin is messed up, and the delete button doesn’t show on iOS.

  158. Mrhbyy says:

    i can’t close the camera Perspective PLZ fix!!

  159. maisong says:

    It seems that the texture is glitching for 1.0.4 (IOS). The title screen is not really appearing and the creative inventory does not have lines in between the blocks or items. I was wondering if you could update it to the newest version of mcpe. Or even have one that works for 1.0.5 and1.0.4. I hope you can fix that.

  160. ericwong1008 says:

    Where is the Redstone comparator. It is disappear in the creative mode gui

  161. TheHDCrafter_YT says:

    There is a Update that broke the health and some other stuff Please fix very soon!

  162. Son Goku says:

    update for mcpe 1.0.4, please

  163. JUN2795RovioHQ says:

    I can’t download it My MCPE is Version

  164. otayuah says:

    Can anyone make a ui texture about sword art online? Make the elytra like the wings on ALO and make the ui like the rpg hud. please? It will make the fans of SAO happy like me.

  165. Charles Mathew says:

    No mojang fading logo and no pc vibrate and not pc observer and it was dumb
    I read the description but it’s not the truth

  166. ILoveHambugers says:

    Add buttons to move please I can’t really see it and it’s hard

  167. john says:

    it was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. Zathuraboy says:

    Please always update this Texture pack i just loved it!!! im ready to pay for it please update it with every version

  169. MZ Gamez says:

    I love this texture pack. But in a future update can you pls do the world’s screen and the create world screen? But other than that I love it!

  170. MZ Gamez says:

    I love this texture pack! But in a future update can you pls add the world’s screen and the create world screen? But other than that awesome texture pack!

  171. GamerAA66 says:

    Please Make The Worlds Screen Different, that would be Ultra Cool! 😀

  172. GamerAA66 says:

    The Mojang Logo Dosen’t even show on my Kindle Fire ):

  173. GamerAA66 says:

    OMG Love It! Please Update More Often!

  174. GarrysGamingYT says:

    In the new update is bug the health and hunger is show like on pe not pc

  175. Joshua says:

    Could you make it so that the grass and sand look like the ones from PC.

  176. Son says:

    pls make bars look like pc

  177. McPiggy says:

    Cool but hard to control :3 oink OINK!! 🐷🐽🐷🐽🐷🐷🐷🐷

  178. Editor says:

    good now trading is not bugged out and al slots set to white

  179. AxeAndy21 says:

    Here Is a couple a suggestions
    • Have a Tap on block put it straight to the hotbar, long press for the drag action
    • Hearts and hunger bar by the hotbar
    • World creation menus to look like pc

  180. AxeAndy21 says:

    This is awesome, download this with the other PC GUI addon for the hearts and hunger bars by the hot bar

  181. Colejackett says:

    You should add a button on the hotbar that lets you drop an item so you don’t have to open up the inventory and do it. This would make it more like PC

  182. Fawfuls TNT says:

    There is a bug. The health and hunger bar are not affected!

  183. ChrisplayerTV says:

    The life and hungerbar are in the rong Placebo since this update

  184. Plaza says:

    My game keeps crashing every time I open a ender chests. Why is this happening?

  185. Sean says:

    Can u pls make one without the coordinates pls

  186. GAMEXXX638 says:

    I like it but deleted it

  187. GAMEXXX638 says:

    I don’t like it but this one is better on e
    last time I don’t work

  188. Leonidius says:

    The PC button realization was stolen from Modified Vanilla Console Addon. And start screen UI is very similar to my NextGen Interface Addon.

  189. Dark Miner says:

    What’s D pads? 😛

  190. Ethan says:

    Please add the pc create world ui and the pc select world ui.

  191. maisong says:

    How do you get the inventory? The inventory button Is gone?

  192. DankMemes says:

    How do I get to the inventory?

  193. Minigechito says:

    Waiting for Ioes mini4 bug fix

  194. Darlin s says:

    The armor hotbar is buged and i cant see them

  195. SomeRandomGamer says:

    How do u exit chat??? On iPad Air 1

  196. MCGarry says:

    Nice textures but there is bug armor icons and golden hearts are displayed under normal hearts and can you make in survival inventory player look to touch position like on pc to cursor

  197. LordPsicosis says:

    Armour bar is under hearts , Thats kinda wierd and i dont like it.. Can you fix it?

  198. Jacob says:

    Awesome job so far to the UI but please as soon as possible fix all those bugs and add the settings & world UI

  199. Edoardo2 says:

    I have ah iPhone 6 And i cannot exit the chat.
    Pls fix this

  200. OPOLO says:

    Editor please update the texture pack to add a (back) in chat cuz there’s no way to go back in chat please please fix that!

  201. Ya boi Shteve says:

    Please put the touch controls back on. Kinda ridiculous not to have them for phones and tablets..

    • Cheeriodude says:

      The pc has no controls which i think makes everything look much nicer, just memorise the controls like me, ive been playing since the beginning

  202. FusionClerk21 says:


  203. CLark Ayus 👾 says:

    Ouchi said it too soon. the menu and the chat button i cant get out and the other one is invisble. 🙁 is too soon!

  204. CLark Ayus 👾 says:

    this much better than the other Pc hot bar its nice 🙂 thanks for making this. i will use this 😀

  205. DeadAVS says:

    Its supposed to. But an update with d-pad button comming soon

  206. BugReport says:

    Fix this You Said planned Features ,,Bug Fixes” just fix this Little Bug BIG Bug it should be easy to fix .

  207. Juan says:

    what is the file name of fading mojang logo

  208. Cheeriodude says:

    How to get out of chat? I have iPad Air

  209. blacksheep says:

    It’s not a bad pack but it still has a few issues. For one thing, everything is low-res except for the Minecraft logo, which is SUPPOSED to be pixelated, and it still says MCPE 1.0.0 even though I’ve updated to 1.0.2. Also, “distribute” is spelled wrong. I don’t mean to be nit-picky, but it seriously bugs me. Otherwise, nice pack. One thing to consider would maybe be changing the settings menu GUI.

  210. Roboshadow says:

    No one can get out of chat

  211. Elite Boygamer says:

    Love it I made a video on my YT channel Elite boygamer

  212. Bella says:

    Hi editor can make an uptade of the chat screen because somehow I can’t get out of the chat screen can you plz fix it

  213. Radjablue498 says:

    Great idea, however it stays some glitches on iOS likes buttons which no appear but good job et don’t give up this work :p

  214. Duberined says:

    Can you please give some credit, I can tell that’s my observer texture because of the flaw I put in, the bottom pixel is slightly smaller.

  215. GG says:

    I know an old addon similar to it and working just write pc hotbar that one has some bugs need to be fixed.

  216. Edwin says:

    How do you quit the chat ( Im on a iOS iPad )

  217. Anonymous says:

    Why is there a pc GUI add on even though we already have pc GUI in 0.1.0

    • Helper says:

      Not that, thats ui profile it only changes the inventory (and else that i wont say) his changes the title screen, chat (broken), death screen,pause menu and the hunger and health bar is now top of the hotbar, much explain, much know now

  218. KyleBlitzYT says:

    PLZ fix the iPad mini 4 bug i need to play on servers wit this but how am I going to get out of chat

  219. Tsion says:

    For a beta this was very good. I only have a few problems with he GUI. I remember where my d pad is but sometimes it can be a hassle. And then with chat I can barely find the button to open chat and I need to exit using the back button.

  220. Daniel the 618th says:

    Known bugs for iPad Mini:

    Hide Button in the chat doesn’t work.
    Inventory Button is gone but outline is still there.
    Weird Pause Menu placement.
    Control Buttons are invisible.
    Pause and Chat buttons are invisible.
    When you go to settings/store, the fading Mojang sign appears again

  221. LloydTheZorua says:

    The armor bar appears below the health bar, and gets blocked from sight by the XP bar. I hope that gets fixed when you guys update this.

  222. Flame HQ says:

    I was just about to get the GUI resource but……
    I use iPad mini 4

  223. Sasha says:

    I can’t exit chat on iPhone 5C! If it’s possible, tell me how to do it!

  224. Guest says:

    I like how it is like pc but i cant exit chat in ipad air (1)

  225. Phong Nguyễn says:

    This pack operating resources on the 0.15.6

  226. Cutelix7Rowling says:

    You spelled “distribute” wrong in the title screen. You spelled it as “destribute”. Sorry but I have spelling ocd.

  227. Uromastyx1003 says:

    up date it the chat is too annoying i can not close it

  228. Noob766 says:

    Hey is can be use at 0.16.2

  229. Cyan says:

    Hello! I would like to suggest a feature though… something like a f5 button so its not hard to like third person back and front thanks!

  230. RageSquid says:

    Please fix the chat exiting. PLEASE I have an IPhone 7.

  231. LightPulse says:

    i can’t see the close button while in chat screen

  232. Sstratiss says:

    How can I go back in the game when I’m on chat? (I’m on iOS)

    • Editor says:

      It doesn’t seem to work. You can restart Minecraft PE though: Double press the “Home” button and slide the Minecraft app up to close it.

  233. Helper says:

    Using armor is messed up on hotbar

  234. BlockyTheEnderman says:

    Sirzues,since you remind me of a certain Greek god,can you make a Poseidon or Greek god addon?

  235. ZyroZ says:

    I’m on IOS IPad not mini and this take away the gui like I can’t see buttons or the jump one neither the back menu from chat fix the bugs I like it and would want it to work

  236. Mrhbyy says:

    good add-on

  237. Tyrese says:

    So awesome

  238. ItzTBNRblu says:

    This pack is really good I would recommend it

  239. TacosYum says:

    On iPhone 6

  240. Juan says:

    please reply me

  241. Juan says:

    please ada mediafire link because i can’t download it from adf. ly

  242. Jakery says:

    Could you add duel welding or that effect

  243. Somerandomperson says:

    Oh, AND you CANT throw items from your hot bar. You can only throw items when in your inventory. I am on iPad mini 4

  244. Aceattacker says:

    And also when I eat a golden apple and wearing an armor, the real armor icons show up in the bottom

  245. AJAWESOME065 says:

    On ios Ipad 3rd Generation you also cant get out of the chat
    PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!

  246. Mr. Meeno says:

    Kinda BIG bug with this addon

    There is no D-Pad or fly/crouch/jump button. That is pretty bad as it makes it very difficult to move. Another thing is there is no pause or chat button. There is also no exit button when on the chat menu. The hot bar “… button” for creative mode does not show up. Also the death menu is invisible. Developer, please fix these.

    Btw I’m on an iPhone 6

    • Helper says:

      They are suppose to be like that, cause pc doesnt have them but if you know the location of where the controls are, u can move
      Also, the hotbar on me is not buggy, not comaptible i guess

  247. EnderOfTheGalaxy says:

    From a person that uses Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4 with 4.4.2: Can you fix the game GHI when you’re playing? It would be VERY great. For now I’ll try it for my 5.0.1 phone

  248. DemonxPlumFTW says:

    Hi when I first saw this I fell in love because I love Minecraft pc but when I download this it ended up being very glitchy I’m on iPhone 5 iOS 10.2 it didn’t show any of the buttons when you where in a world. There might be a lot more glitches that I could find for you if you need help. Love it apart from the glitches of course.

  249. ErRoR SaNs says:

    Really good. good job!

  250. Keith says:

    How do you exit on the chat

  251. Seth Angulo says:

    How do you get out of chat

  252. NomicNize says:

    Btw I’m on IPad Air 2 so For the Known Bugs part Put IOS IPad Air 2 Too

  253. NomicNize says:

    Also where is the Button to Exit out of the Chat? I can’t Seem to find it… 😐 The Resource pack is cool but There’s something’s I can’t find or is Annoying…

  254. NomicNize says:

    PLZ Remove the Mojang a Logo that Appears every time after you click out the settings… Is that a Bug?

  255. OPOLO says:

    Editor if I talk how do I leave the massages if I talk I don’t see (back) I see only hide
    Please help me

  256. Anonymous! again... says:

    I Also Dont Like The Idea of hiding the buttons of the gameplay gui, i think its cool though for like youtubers.
    Plz Make A separate Download for gameplay and one for vids like youtube. the observer is a cool idea though, now i wouldn’t have to use the other resource pack! i really like this Addon/resource pack!, also one more bug to fix is it says in the bottom left corner; V (or version, dont really remember…) 1.0.0, or V1.0.0,
    i actually have 1.0.1… this one doesn’t really matter though :). i like you’re resource pack tho! keep up the good work ;).

  257. Benson says:

    How do we even exit the chat screen?

  258. CrenixVoid17 says:

    Nice texture packs

  259. John says:

    The touch controls don’t show up on the screen please fix

    • Helper says:

      They are suppose to be like that, cause pc doesnt have them but if you know the location of where the controls are, u can move

  260. Anonymous says:

    Download page won’t load please fix it

  261. Rodi says:

    Please tell me how to close the chat?

  262. Roko says:

    How to exit chat

  263. Cayennemia101505201 says:


  264. Somerandomperson says:

    Oh great. My ONLY device is the iPad mini 4. Can you please fix this? At least exiting chat. I don’t care if the inventory button is bugged, as long as the stuff works, I’m good.

    • Somerandomperson says:

      Please fix. It should be pretty easy. Other than that, I tried it and IT IS SOOO GOOD! I can tell you spent a lot of time on it, just PLEASE fix the exiting chat glitch, so everyone who has the iPad mini 4 can enjoy it! It should be easy, and I wish to see a fix at least by February! 🙂

  265. iOptimalz says:

    Cant exit chat on iPhone 7+

  266. Jean says:

    How do I get out of the chat screen? On IPhone 7

  267. Gavin says:

    I can’t exit the chat ether on IPhone 6s

  268. Super hot says:

    ow my godd

  269. MIGaMER says:

    1st comment! By the way, I can’t see the D-pad when I use the pack. Pls fix it

  270. Gavin says:

    I can’t exit the chat on IPhone 6s

  271. Next says:

    VERY COOL MAN!! But Can you make the controllers back Please at the next update

  272. InnocentHaloMC says:

    Pls update fix the bug I can’t exit chat it’s so cool but I can’t exit chat plsss fix soon thx

  273. DSMO23 says:

    Awesome addon, keep working dude! 😀

  274. mas0id says:

    Something is a little awkward…whenever I exit the settings screen it shows the weird mojang logo again then it fades…it is that a bug and are the creators working to fix it or think they are fixing it?

  275. TheDiamondDuplicator says:

    Can’t close chat for For iPad Air 2

  276. Seth says:

    You should fix the paude and chat button and invotory button so we know where they are and you could maybe do the furance thing and the pc invotory thing maybe.

  277. Cosmicpegasus34 says:

    There a bug that the Armor is under the hearts and under the hub. And when you eat a golden apple the golden hearts over the Armor stats.

  278. Mcmonkey says:

    Thanks I will be sure to use and can I edit this a bit then put it in my texture pack/city

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