PC GUI is a resource pack which works for version 0.16.0+. It changes the design of most interface menus in Minecraft Pocket Edition to look like the ones in the PC version of Minecraft. It’s similar to the Windows 10 Edition UI Addon except that this will work on all operating systems (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows 10) and won’t be limited to just Android.

Creator: DqqhN, Twitter Account
Updated: 29 October, 2016 (bug fixes)

Which interfaces have been changed?

Down below you can see which interfaces have been changed to look like the PC user interface. Besides total redesigns there is also a new type of drag-and-drop interaction feature for items.

Health and Hunger Bars


Horse Inventory


Brewing Stand


Anvil Interface


Enchantment Table


Furnace Inventory


Dispenser and Dropper


Chest Inventory




iOS / Android / Windows 10 / Other?
Click to download resource .mcpack
Click here if you want the .zip file

IMPORTANT/MUST READ: Make sure to apply the resource pack for a world! Applying it just in “Global Resources” might not work!

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Installation Guides

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195 Responses

4.51 / 5 (37 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    No offense mate, but the classic GUI is now available in vanilla Minecraft. It’s a very good replica though.

  2. Jaiden says:

    It won’t let me do anything

  3. Christian says:

    This texture is very useful but when the update came when i could change the gui to pocket or classic i did not need it i used this texture at 2016 but i commented just now……

  4. Kaleb says:

    Is it possible to remove pc GUI v6 addon from my minecraft pe?

  5. YourFriendBat says:

    Honestly why is dis a thing? There’s a option in game which allows you to do dis

  6. derpywerp says:

    You know that you do not even need a texture pack to get this right?! All you got to do is go into settings than go in video. After that you turn on “show advanced video settings”. Than
    where it says pocket tap it than tap on classic. And presto. Sorry but this texture pack is not
    even needed. I like the idea but it is useless.:'(

  7. idiot says:

    Can you fix this? When I use command blocks to make titles. The titles don’t appear.

  8. The Loler says:

    Best add-onn ever can you also do it for inventory too.

  9. Murthy_YT says:

    Will this work for 1.0.5?

  10. ShilohG17 says:

    I got warnings when downloading this:
    /private/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/77F02F01-70C6-4424-B616-6A85167DD1B8/tmp/Pc Gui v0.5.mcpack

    Provided ‘/header/pack_id’ element is not a valid UUID in pack manifest; Defaulting to ‘3c665415-2ae9-3af0-8415-0738fa8b10f8’.

    Provided ‘/header/packs_version’ element is not SemVer ( compliant in pack manifest; Defaulting to ‘0.1.0’.

    Missing ‘/modules’ element in pack manifest; Defaulting to resource pack.

  11. Harley says:

    You don’t need this mod pack to get the pic GUI if you go into advanced settings then you can go from poket to classic. Love this mod but don’t waste space in your phone

    • DatGuy/GirlOverThere says:

      Yea IKR. I found this out when i was stuck inside a dirt hut because it was night time and monsters were just outside so i wanted to pass some time and I found it out but i later found out that going to the settings does not pass time in-game of course.

  12. TheGamingFox9000 says:

    How do I get it

  13. Barry says:

    How come you can’t see how many items you have? And also I know that you can do this in settings, but I don’t like the crafting table

  14. Enity 303 says:

    You are is a beatiful addon👍😃

  15. Minecrafter says:

    Is there spectator mode?

  16. Alfi Craft says:

    Why I open Ender chest the game is Dorce close

  17. hanif says:

    Please make pc gui for ender chest because when open ender chest always force close

  18. Noah says:

    This is useless u can do this is normal Minecraft pe

  19. InnocentHaloMC says:

    But it doesn’t change the hotbar. That’s why they added this. And also they changed the position of chat now it looks cool and the menu too.

  20. DJN says:

    Srsly, for 1.0.0, you don’t need this anymore!

    Settings / Video / Advanced options / UI profile / Classic.

    Boom. You got your PC GUI compatible with gamepad.

  21. Lightningbolt says:


  22. Redstonemaddness says:

    it has been added in the game😂

  23. michael says:

    Thx i get a pc for platform android

  24. Beano123 says:

    You can already change the setting in McPe for it. U need to go to the advanced settings. You don’t actually need the mod for it.

  25. CaptainScience says:

    this already exists in video settings

  26. Anonymous says:

    Can you update it so it shows the quantity of the items in your hotbar? Because right now you don’t know how many of that thing you have unless by looking in your inventory.

  27. Aztrozombey says:

    I installed it but it didn’t

  28. Ritik Patel says:

    There’s a bug that makes it that you can’t see how many items you have and durability. I’m on 1.1 right now

  29. Seth Angulo says:

    Pissed when I break Blocks that are the same it doesn’t show me how many I hAve and I doesn’t show me how much Heath I have i a weapons

  30. THE MANIAC says:

    Don’t download just go to settings on Minecraft,video, scroll down to UI profile and select the ‘Classic’ option it’s even better than the addon

  31. RoyalxSky says:

    Nice Resource Pack But. I Wish If U Can Edit Player Inventory It Will Be Awesome

  32. SirionzAwesome says:

    its Support / 0.17.0

  33. Raymond says:

    Can you fix the hot bar looking like a creative inventory

  34. Andrew says:

    I love this since it is just like the classic gui in version 1.0 but with the pocket creative menu, but it crashes whenever I open an ender chest, since this is not updated to 1.0. please update this to 1.0

  35. Templalchemist says:

    Can you fixed the absorption heart,and ender pearl glitch.The obsorption heart glitch in the hotbar

  36. GamerzBoi656 says:

    It just says file not supported can you fix this

  37. Samuel , Ho Tsz King says:

    I want PC crafting table,backpack and bed
    Can you teach me how to make pc gui?
    I want to make it more better

  38. TheWeirdedWeird says:

    Imma destroy your dreams…. PC GUI has been added in 1.0

  39. Jack says:

    I had to put it in Global resources :/ And there is no Player inventory Of the PC gui now if I want to split stuff to throw it to mah friend I have to get a chest SERIOUSLY? do the full player inventory and the full crafting of pc

  40. Joshua Fitzerald says:

    It works! Cool!

  41. jeioislife says:

    When I tried the new download, it didn’t show a pc gui for the survival and creative inv. Other than that it’s a great addon!

  42. Crew says:

    In minecraft I could not when I version 16.2 minecraft how?

  43. BigKGamer300 says:

    I’ve been having trouble installing the resource pack. Reply if you know why it keeps doing this.

  44. Voice Mail says:

    I downloaded the resource pack for the PC Gui and it’s not Working how can I fix this

  45. Cayla says:

    How do I take this add on off? I took it off of resource packs and global packs and it still won’t get off of my world. Can you please help me?

  46. GamerzBoi656 says:

    It says it’s not supported what do I do

  47. Super_451 says:

    How come the the inventory beacon trading and crafting table is not on PC GUI?

  48. No name says:

    I dont get it i downloaded it but i dont understand

  49. ??? says:

    You should add the crafting table

  50. MiguelTheGamer0 says:

    It worked me on global resources! But few suggestions! Can you add crafting and survival/creative like windows 10

  51. Pichu16 says:

    The hearts and hunger bar only moved and the rest is the same did I do something wrong?
    (I’m on iOS)

  52. CJMINER says:

    Can you update it so it works for 17.0 and please add an inventory and crafting one with this too please it will make me happy so please can you

  53. PolarNinja981 says:

    I have an iPhone 6s+ with Minecraft 0.16.2… I followed the rules and applied it to a new world and then everything was normal with the resource pack. I don’t know what happened but when I used it for my sister’s android device it worked…please fix bug 🙂 oh and merry Christmas on the 25th of December!!! 😀

  54. Ian Bowden says:

    This won’t work on my iPhone 5SE and I am running Minecraft 0.16.0. Nothing works and I want to get it working.

  55. AdventurMakerHQ says:

    this addon is so awesome i love the new chest interface, the furnace, brewing stand, horse, dispencer, dropper all the stuff but the one problem is that the crafting table and the inventory hasnt changed so soon can you update it so the crafing table and the inventory changes 😄

  56. TheKhakiMastaa says:

    Hey, can please update the add-on? Change the inventory menu and crafting menu, if so? This addon will be the best that ever is. I know u r working hard as u can to get this addon proper… But Im and inpatient dude and really want those new menus considering 0.17.0 will replace this addon but still, for us iOS users.. Ur making life waaaay easier for us! Hope u reply to my comment!! Thanks 😃

  57. Pro gamer says:

    Hey guys if u have a propels with installing the mod I will tell u so first go to resource pack then when it loads go to open in minecraft then go to an any world but don’t press play go to resource packs and go down and as u see u have it then press on it then it will go in the top then press play have fun c:

  58. Mood says:

    Inventory and crafting tables? Please update this add-on for the inventory and crafting tables ui.

  59. Kkhachie says:

    What is this mod really for, we already have all of the stuff the only stuff that is added is drag & drop so this addon is not that useful at all

  60. Ash says:

    Can you change inventory screen and crafting table!??!! Please!!!!
    Send to my E-Mail…

  61. Minmin says:

    Really cool but pc crafting table pls add that it will be the best add on ever

  62. ne 💜👸🏽 says:

    Hi I’m awsome dude in case you wanted to now

  63. Jordan says:

    Please Add the crafting i love this add-on

  64. Patricia Kaiserman says:

    Works on 0.16.1

  65. David90210 says:

    The pack works expect of player inventory and crafting ui do you know how to fix thx btw 🙂

  66. kyotee RED says:

    Why does it take for ever to download? Mine isn’t even done

  67. BasicallyImLegit says:

    For IOS you add it to your Global Resourses Close Minecraft and Go Back In the It should be added ^ ^

  68. Frostking104 (YouTuber) says:

    Please!!! Add the crafting table!!!!

  69. CrimsonixSlime says:

    ohhh man wron link its this one

  70. Park Min Hyuk says:

    To those that don’t know how to install this dowload the mcpack then rename the file from Pc Gui.mcpack to anything for example pcinterface.mcpack then tap it done

  71. Cyril James says:

    Its Really Great!! I Love this Add-On ….. It Looks Like Pc Ui yeah.Beacause its PC UI Add-On haha Thanks For This Add-On. But the Crafting Table doesn’t Looks Like in the PC ..Why???

  72. Kane says:

    Hey creator when I installed this it glitched my game out so now the PC GUI is on everything servers and even worlds when I don’t equip the thing how do I fix it I’m on iOS

  73. Charles says:

    Please add a survival inventory because it just doesn’t seem right. Also a crafting table GUI would be great. Good job.

  74. Junpac1 says:

    Help please, I am using an Ios device and am running latest version MC v0.16.0, and I cannot use this texture. This has happened with a few other add-ons I’ve tried as well. Like during an add-on I got through a .mcpack file, the add-on still worked but no textures like it’s suppose to show. I am having the same issue here, I installed this through .mcpack link given, and I activated through global resources and on the world I generated, but there was no change in the GUI at all. I also re installed the app and the add-on but am still experiencing the issue. I have found that friends that join can see the texture, but I still can’t see it on my own screen. Is anyone else having this problem? If so, is there any known fix?

  75. Spooderman says:

    Crafting Gui And My Inventory Not Changed!!!!, Help Plzzz!!!

  76. Kanhaaks says:

    Plese add a pc survival/creative menu and pc crafting table

  77. TrollerAgar says:

    When will there be inventory tweaks? Days weeks MONTHS??????

  78. Coolbro458 says:

    How did you make it a .mcworld file without a world attached? Please do tell 😛

  79. CJMINER says:

    U should add the pc interface for the crafting table

  80. MAGICAL says:

    Does this work on cause i wanna make sure before downloading it 🙂

  81. Abdullah Enaya says:

    It doesn’t work for me I’m iOS it says updated but it’s the same it doesn’t work help

  82. Co-Mastah says:

    The Feature that work is just The Health Bar, Hunger Bar, Exp Bar, and Oxygen Bar.
    The other is not working

  83. TrollerAgar says:

    I’m on iOS iPad 4th gen and I put it to a world the pic GUI thing but it does not work and I’m not just putting it in global textures

  84. BlackFrite says:

    SUPER !!! I love this addons but can you make the interface of crafting table ? 😀

  85. DarK x Duke says:

    It would be good when you eat an golden apple, the golden hearts are not covered up by the XP bar and if the crafting table could look like the one on PC and the inventory.

  86. Kanhaaks says:

    And pc inventory

  87. Kanhaaks says:

    Add a pc crafting table GUI

  88. coodude says:

    Working fine for me on my iphone 6. Also working with my controller. Biggest issue is the quick move crash, otherwise great work! Make sure it’s at the top of your active resource packs.

  89. Anonymous says:

    Working fine for me on my iphone 6. Also working with my controller. Biggest issue is the quick move crash, otherwise great work! Make sure it’s at the top of your active resource packs.

  90. ReimarPB says:

    OMG!! Best addon ever!! I love it. I just wish the inventory and crafting table was PC gui too. But you’ll peobably add it later 😛 thanks for making this addon!!

  91. FreakyFP says:

    Not working on IOS (IPhone 6+) if i install it it’s bot there

  92. Mohammed Rowdi says:

    I downloaded the pack on my ios device following the instructions and tips in the comment section and the guide. The resource did show in the “general resource pack” menu, but wont change any thing if selected. The gui is the same as if nothing has happened.
    Any idea, tips or instructions shold i do?mr editor? 🙂

  93. [PlayMCPE0123] says:

    Oh, hi! Great mod! I’m gonna try this on Friday!!!! =D
    iOS 10.1 + iPad Pro + MCPE 0.16.0 + awesome worlds = Great for this mod.

  94. ainfoj99 says:

    Is this a WIP or is this the final version? Could you change the crafting and inventory looks?

  95. Carl says:

    So I downloaded, unzipped, and put the files in the behaviors pack but the minecraft app doesn’t show pc gui anywhere. If I add it resource packs it shows under textures but doesn’t work and adding under both doesn’t seem to help either.

  96. Sragterist says:

    Hi, why the addon does not work for me. I’ve tried the correct way of installing it. Pls help. Thx

  97. Anonymous says:

    OK so can u add some new blocks or a eleytra I would like that really nice

  98. joshua says:

    Can i ask one more question. Will you guys make an update for the addon which changes the inventory like the one in pc and windows 10. The chest, brewing potion, anvil and enchanting table etc. are okay but can you change the normal inventory like pc or windows 10 because it would be so much cooler.

  99. joshua says:

    Can you update it for please.

  100. Anonymous says:

    Also having the issue with crashing if I try to quick-move things into a chest with the Y button on the controller (using a Moga Pro if it matters).

  101. Smashelbow says:

    I instaled it and loaded it.
    First time I get in my world the app crashed.
    After that it became unloaded.So I loaded it again.
    It won’t crash now but it doesn’t work.
    It’s still PE UI.

    0.16 here

    • Editor says:

      Open a world in Minecraft and let me know where the health and hunger bars are located. If they are located above the hotbar then it is using the PC GUI. If not, it isn’t.

  102. Cosmin 36 says:

    Anvil is bugged. I can’t get the new item

  103. Emily says:

    Hello, i’d really like to Use this Texture pack it looks Awesome :3

  104. Somebody From The World says:

    Will this work on the latest iOS 0.15.10 update? It looks like they modified addons to work…
    Let me know… Have already tried on my tablet, it’s amazing!

  105. MrXLMan02 says:

    Not working on Build 4 ( Crashes ), not working on Build 3 ( No changes ), WORKING on Build 2 ( Totally Fine ) WORKING on Build 1 ( but on survival, furnace result is strange eg. cooking raw fish turns to cooked salmon, cooking raw mutton turns to rotten flesh, smelting iron ore turns gold ingot )
    Best Result : Build 2

  106. Gabriel says:

    Works in Mcpe 0.16 B4???

  107. prOskillZ199 says:

    If its doesn work use ASTRO The tutorial are first download the texture pack and open astro go to download and tap the : and tap move and then go to games com.mojang if you already have resource_packs dont make another one and tap it and paste the texture pack and hold it and tap the : again and tap exract here and delete the zip and your done if it doesn work i dont know because i try it its work

  108. BasicallyImLegit says:

    How do I do it? I have 0.15.9 I put it out of the folder you give me then place it in resource pack folder but when I’m in the game I go to texture packs and it’s not there any tips
    Maybe I should get WinRAR again

  109. CJMINER says:

    make a crafting one for it and a craftjng table

  110. Best says:

    Did you forget to make pc gui for the inventory? Please fix this
    And update the texture pack

  111. EGaming2 says:

    Does it works on 0.16 build 4 ?

  112. TMG765 says:

    Is this updated for (Build 4)?

  113. Hekate says:

    New version of MCPE build 4 includes withers and nether stars also beacons will you please update it today

  114. Krishnanitej says:

    Please repair the anvil. It isn’t working

  115. benTheGamer999 says:

    I really like the texture pack very cool dont know how did you do it but why can’t you craft like pc? Thats the only thing that this texture needs

  116. Solar says:

    Nice TP me likeeeee

  117. EJGaming04 says:

    Hello, i really liked the textpack but can you add creative inventory? Like in the PC please.

  118. DanTDM says:

    How can i import it to the game itself?

  119. Rupert says:

    How to download it

  120. Yousef says:

    That’s good mod

  121. Hekate says:

    Can you update this every update like 16.0 will be released your works are wonderful I know that full well

  122. Anonymous says:

    Will this texture pack/ mod work with my MOGA controller?

  123. jake_17old says:

    This is super cool

  124. Micheal says:

    Very good for hunger games =)

  125. TrollFace says:

    Is it a texture pack or mod or add-on I tried to but it didn’t work! Plz help!

  126. Hema says:

    the anvil gui is crashed i cant repair or rename
    any things in this gui

  127. EthanMiner says:

    Great Mod Love it! 🙂

  128. sand says:

    cant get the repaired item on anvil. its shows but i cant click it to get so anvil is useless.

  129. Anonymous says:

    The health is good with pc gui beacuse now the chat do invisible the normal health bar (in servers)

  130. Anonymous says:

    I like this mod

  131. JosephCraft23YT says:


  132. PlatinumFrix says:

    This only works for 0.16.0……i tried it on 0.15.6 and it didnt worked….please make it to work it 0.15+!!!

  133. Liam says:

    What about creative mode inventory? It still shows the mcpe gui would love to see the PC gui for this to since its in Minecraft Windows 10 edition.

  134. Anonymous says:

    M8 this is a gr8 texture pack but u should add the armor inventory like PC but other than that it was brilliant keep up the good work ??

  135. ferrypurnomo says:

    Beat thing ever

  136. Jojo Garcia Coronado says:

    Does this wok for mcpe 0.15.6?

  137. Benita says:

    It’s not a .js file. How do I install it then? It was in a zip. So I extracted it.. It was then a normal file.

  138. TANTANITE says:

    make it that the crative/survival inventory has a pc gui too…… ?i would sooo much would like to see that???????

  139. Anonymous says:

    Really cool

  140. Anonymous says:

    Can’t transfer items from inventory to chest (fast move) while using Y button on Xbox 360 controller (instant crash) … Opening crafting table doesn’t go you on crafting menu(PC ui)..

  141. Anonymous says:

    Won’t me to Download it 🙁

  142. Wolf says:

    How do I take a stack of a item and divide it in half?

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