PC HotBar Resource Pack

This resource pack changes the layout design for things such as the health and hunger bars. This is to make the user interface look more as it does on the PC version of Minecraft. It works on both 0.16 and version 1.0 of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Creator: XZ-Gamer, Twitter Account

What is changed?

All of the following statistic bars have been repositioned to be displayed above the hotbar slots.

  • Health bar
  • Armor bar
  • Hunger bar
  • Bubbles (when underwater)

If you’ve ever played Minecraft on a computer then you will see that it looks quite the same way. Personally, I think this is a better layout design as it keeps all of the statistics focused to one place only. I’ve only tested it on a tablet so I am not entirely sure how it looks on smartphones.

pc-hotbar-1 pc-hotbar-2


  1. Download Resource Pack
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings Global resources > Apply resource pack
  4. Restart Minecraft PE

You can get a .ZIP file for this resource pack here.

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72 Responses

4.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. juan gomes lusquinos says:

    Vocês podem me ajudar a instalar isso

  2. Myviolin999 says:

    I’m not a hater but u can just change it on the settings
    So u go on setting, video, find the UI profile and change it into classic.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Where is the update!

  4. ReggieDaQuill says:

    This needs updated The hotbar is extremely glitchy on Android

  5. Novex7 says:

    Why is it that when u eat a notch apple ur extra hearts go under the hearts not above?

  6. I'mLovinIt says:

    ImLovinIt get it lol but really I do

  7. Anonymous says:

    Does This Reduce Your Hunger Cause It Is Not Reducing To Me

  8. PeterTen28 says:

    Btw Just Reporting A Bug, In 1.0.5 On Ios (IPad Mini 4) I Had A Problem With Something And I Think It Needs To Be Fixed, When You Get A Command Block, And Put “/title @p title [text]” The Text Doesn’t Pop Up On Ur Screen When The “PC Hotbar” Pack Is On, I Removed It, And Tested It Without The “PC Hotbar” Pack And It Popped Up On My Screen, So Its Not A Bug In Minecraft It Self, Its Just Something To Do With The “PC Hotbar” U Have Here.

  9. Creeper girl says:

    Haha!this is useless now!the if u put in the settings classic in advance video settings it will turn your hotbar into pc!plus it works better!it doesn’t stack in the hotbar but in inventory it stacks so this is pretty pointless

  10. X_BlueMintLeaf_X says:

    This works so well omg!!!!!! (If u rly want to get the PC Minecraft vibe, go to ur settings and change pocket to classic)

  11. Templalchemist says:

    Dude the hotbar does not show the amount of item

  12. FBG says:

    I downloaded it, it works but the numbers dont show up for how many items I have in the hotbar. Anyway to fix that?

  13. Crafting gaming says:

    Did you know when you eat an golden apple you only see gold hearts

  14. Edoardo2 says:

    I cannot see the number of blocks

  15. Minigechito says:

    If i am with a texture pack and pc hotbar i cant see how many items i hace un my hotbar

  16. sailed says:

    This addon has a two bugs, the first one is that there is no item numbers in survival and the second one is eating a golden apple

  17. Rodi says:

    This addon has a two bugs, the first one is that there is no item numbers in survival and the second one is eating a golden apple

  18. JosephRockman says:

    can someone make this work with coordinates unlocker? (http://mcpedl.com/coordinates-unlocker-addon/)

  19. Reporter says:

    Eating a golden apple (enchanted or a potion that increases hearts) Is messed up, even using armor, i found this when im fighting the enderdragon, please fix it

  20. Yumson says:

    Fix everything that has been complained about please

  21. JackYT says:

    Well when i use it i cant see my tools bars and items number or how much there is can you fix it

  22. TheCannibull says:

    The number and durability in my hotbar do not show. Please Fix. Makes the game unplayable

  23. Chakithelazy10 says:

    I can’t see the number of items I have in my hotbar, but when I got in the inventory I can see it. This is also the case for durability. I know people already commented on this, but we still have no fix. I love this add on due to the fact it only changes hotbar which I LOVE! It looks way better then regular pe hotbar. Please fix:)

  24. Random dude on the internet says:

    Why do my item numbers disappear when this pack is active? Glitch?

  25. Rowe_ says:

    I tested with the 1.0.0 and there is a bug with the action bar, we do not see the number of blocks we have. CAN YouTuber update plz ?
    PS: I am French, sorry if there are mistakes

  26. MC Wei says:

    Uh……..when you eat a golden apple it’s all weird. Please fix that, because when I tried to kill the Wither, I dont know how much health I have and panic

  27. Anonymous says:

    Seriously Pc Gui addon is MUCH BETTER!It changes the inventory of EVERYTHING except for your own

  28. Homata says:

    There bug well not big problem but still need to be fix the bug is you don’t see your item number when on survival and your weapon durability but if you look inv you will see item number and durability.

  29. Nigel says:

    When you eat a golden apple (Notch apple), the golden heart is over the red hearts

  30. Sherlock Holms says:

    I love this!
    But Sth wrong….
    You cant see count of items you have in hand(in survival) and you cant see (I dont know that you call it)the timer shade on ender preals after you throw it.
    Plz fix it soon!

  31. GamerzboyGamer says:

    This resource pack have a little problem that is the animal health not being able to be seen. It’s out of the screen. I only can see it if the animal have 2 sets of heart. I hope it can be fixed. 🙂

  32. Zero_h says:

    Fortunately this works with the pc gui addon. Thanks for posting this! I like to play like in the pc but in ipad 🙂

  33. Ev0_PhAnT0m says:

    This is working good thank you! Before with PC Gui it wouldnt show up on the bottom but now it will! thanks

  34. alejandro says:

    I found a bug, in my android when i have wood or what ever material, i cant see how many i have, but when i open the inventory i can see

  35. Jack says:

    I like addons its so good

  36. Caleb Sonnichsen says:

    I found a bug. And it is when you eat a golden apple, the armor bar goes over the normal red hearts

  37. S says:

    How did you test on an iPad?

  38. Rustelk2930 says:

    Is this supposed to work with the PC GUI addon?

  39. SteveesBTa says:

    It doesn’t work I’m using iPad mini

  40. SteveesBTa says:

    I’m scared to download it

  41. abcdguy says:

    Plz more lucky block mod for iOS plz!!!!!

  42. Arjav says:

    Works fine no crashes but ahow certain error in mcpe beta and the texture pack does not show durabilitt in hotbar but does it when the inventory is open

  43. ShirutoRivalMC says:

    Do its work for 1.0 too ?

  44. RageGamer12440 says:

    Its awesome

  45. Aspergerian says:

    There’s a weird error regarding the GUI;

    -The ‘golden hearts’ when eating the golden/enchanted golden apple hide into where the red hearts are at.

    -The jump boost bar when riding a horse, donkey, or mule is positioned awkwardly where the XP bar is.

    -The horse, donkey, mule or pig’s health appears at the top-right corner instead of above the hunger bar.

  46. coolsupermanx says:

    i want pc gui (crafting table)

  47. Prough says:

    Quick tip, make sure it also works for animal hearts

  48. Kyle says:

    Could u send a different addon, even though you already submitted one?(Did the one is send u work?It was the Christmas one)? Btw cool addon!?

  49. Pokemonmaster says:

    Guys guys guys we got pf gui add on so you can use that pic gui add on is better than that

  50. PeterTen28 says:

    Wow! This Add-On is so cool, good job

  51. WithyBarbcue89 says:

    This is actually from PC gui add-on.
    The creator of this stole this from someone.

  52. Mas0id says:

    Isn’t this the exact same thing as PC GUI but just with the hotbar? Why was this added when the same exact thing was already on?

    • Editor says:

      This one changes ONLY the hotbar. Nothing else. The PC GUI changes some other things too. This one is also confirmed to work for 1.0.

  53. Austin_gamers says:

    Editor it’s only the hotbar not all like “PC GUI” everything is changed

  54. NFCorp2016 says:

    This is not working on my iPod Touch 6th Gen. MCPE 0.16.2

  55. Adrian says:

    I tested on 0.16.2 on iOS and it works!

    • Editor says:

      Yup, you are right! I tested it on an iPad as well and it works!

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you completely sure?

      • Editor says:

        I am completely sure that it works on my iPad 4 mini and Nexus 9 (tablet), yes.

        To test if it works DON’T enable it in “Global resources”. Instead create a new world and apply the resource pack for that world only. Start the world and see if it works. If it does then you can safely enable it for all of your worlds in “Global Resources”.

        • Anthony.agn says:

          When eating golden apples while wearing armor, the heart bar bugged out (only the golden hearts showed up, the regular heart was in the armor slot)

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